All You Need To Know About Wine – Wine Boom writer Evan Lorkin tells us everything you need to know about the Italian wines available in NZ. Video / Warren Buckland

A grain silo at the Champion Flour Mill in Morehouse Street, Christchurch collapsed on Sunday 7 January 2024, damaging a car in a nearby yard. Video / Craig Ashby

All You Need To Know About Wine

All You Need To Know About Wine

Fire and Emergency Services (FEMS) are responding to a series of fires threatening homes along a railway line near Kirwee, Canterbury – believed to have been started by sparks from a train passing through surrounding vegetation . Video / Warwick Morrison

All You Need To Know About Wine

Protests continue every week in Auckland’s Queen Street and people are still calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Grace Robinson talks about her collection of sex toys and gives her opinion on which ones are the best. Video / Michael Craig

After suffering a lot of personal adversity in the years leading up to the 2024 Olympics, surfer Sophie Watt is making amends by encouraging Kiwi schoolgirls to dream big and never give up. Video / Neil Reid

Police are searching for a second car believed to have been driven down a Christchurch road moments after a man was killed. Video / Sam Sherwood

All You Need To Know About Shiraz

Police continue to hunt down those responsible for a double shooting in Manurewa, Japan, earthquake rescuers race against time to find survivors and Tepati Maori say the new government is not acting in the best interests of Maori. Video / Newstalk ZB / NZ Herald / AP

Emergency services were called to a house fire in Tauranga Bay on Wednesday night. Video / provided

Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves provides an update on the Christchurch murder investigation, appealing for a white Toyota after a man’s body was found in Carisbrooke Street, Aranui. Video / Sam Sherwood

All You Need To Know About Wine

The cause of the fire that broke out in the meeting room in Takanini last night is under investigation. Video / Hayden Woodward

Tannins In Wine: What You Need To Know

An injured man entering a supermarket, a Japanese plane crash, and a fire in Takanini Hall. Focus Morning Bulletin, January 4, 2024

One person remains in Middlemore Hospital with serious injuries after it crashed into a Manurewa supermarket, a coastguard plane that collided with a Japan Airlines plane at Tokyo airport failed to take off and six fire crews attended the Takanini Hall fire last night. Video / Newstalk ZB / NZ Herald / Getty

Paramedics have been praised following Abbey Brown’s life-changing crash in rural north Auckland. Video / Sylvie Whinray / NZ Herald / Supply

In preparation for the delivery of the rig to Australia, the first operation of loading the equipment onto a semi-submersible vessel in Tasman Bay was completed yesterday. The delicate operation lasted 10 hours and required an exclusion zone of one kilometer. Video / Team Titles

Weird Facts You Need To Know About Wine

Members of the public brutally beat a beached shark to get her pups back into the water. Video / Cherry Smiley

Rescue continues after Japan earthquake kills 55, new consumer action group targets New Zealand supermarkets and new documents reveal NZDF plight. Video / Newstalk ZB / AP / NZ Herald

Japan Earthquake, Highway 25 Closure, Changes in Milk Exports to China Focus Bulletin Morning, January 2, 2024

All You Need To Know About Wine

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake has struck Japan, state highway 25 has been closed after a major disaster, and New Zealand milk exporters have duty-free access to the Chinese market. Video / Newstalk ZB / AP / Getty / NZ Herald

Obscure Things You Didn’t Know About Wine

Two people are fighting for their lives in hospital after a serious crash in South Auckland. Police said they were called to Addington Street in Manorova at around 3.20am. Video / NZ Herald

The NZ Herald’s Best Beach competition is back for 2024 and we want you to tell us your favourite. Here’s everything you need to know to be nominated for NZ’s best beach and then vote. Video / Molly Floyd

2023 did not lack memorable events. The NZ Herald video covers them all. Video / NZ Herald

Hail lashes Timaru as the North Island sees hours of heavy rain. Video / Chris Hyde

Know It All Wine

Former world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki talks about her return to the ASB Classic. Video / Dean Purcell

New Year 2024 honor roll, daily increase in covid cases and New Year celebration alert | Focus Morning Bulletin, 30 December 2023

The list of New Year’s awards 2024 has been released, the daily average of Covid infections has increased by 3.5% and warnings have been issued about the use of fireworks for the celebrations of the ‘new year. Video / Newstalk ZB / NZ Herald

All You Need To Know About Wine

Cairo Rata Patricia Olley was honored for her services to women, youth and the prevention of domestic violence.

Canvas: All You Need To Know About Italian Wine

The Avondale Jockey Club fire, the national violence strategy and the US aid package for Ukraine Morning Focus Bulletin, December 29, 2023

Fire crews battle a morning fire at the Avondale Jockey Club, more resources and support are needed for the National Strategy on Family and Sexual Violence, and the United States is offering up to $250 million in weapons and equipment in the its latest aid package to Ukraine. . 2023. Video / Newstalk ZB / AP / NZ Herald

These gliders were manufactured by the American company Regent and brought to New Zealand by Ocean Flyer. Regent successfully tested a quarter-scale prototype and launched a full-size prototype. Video / Supplies We often think about the color and character of the wine in the bottle, but not so much about the bottles themselves. Maybe you think they are all more or less the same? The bottles we drink are far from uniform in every type of wine, they have their own characteristics with different designs, colors and materials. Here’s how to store wine in bottles and how they can be different from the wine inside.

By the early 18th century, the shape of the modern wine glass had become standard. This coincides with the discovery that there are many benefits to keeping wine with you. First, they kept the wine in contact with the cork, which was important because it prevented the cork from drying out and cracking, thus creating a poor seal at the top of the bottle. It also saved space and looked neat (as many store owners today can attest).

Itc & Bkwine: Per Karlsson In Ukraine — Almost Everything You Need To Know About Wine Tourism

There are many amazing bottles that can be seen all over the world. Of course, the most elegant and important glass (at least for our purposes!) is Burgundy glass. Popularized in the 19th century, its curved sides are immediately recognizable and easy for glassmakers to produce in large quantities. The elegance of the sloping shoulders of the bottle truly reflects the elegance and quality of Burgundy wines. (There are also Burgundy wine glasses from Elden Selections that use a similar elegant shape to capture the aroma and flavor of Burgundy wine).

Other French wines may be available in different bottles. There is the Bordeaux wine glass, which is thought to have evolved after the Burgundy style and has higher shoulders. Presumably, these were intended to collect the sediment from the filtration process in the old Bordeaux wines. They also distinguish the bottles from their burgundy counterparts.

Another style of glass became popular in Alsace. Here you will find long and narrow glass without backs. Immediately recognizable, the shape may also have historical and practical reasons. While Burgundy and Bordeaux traveled to Britain and further across the ocean, Alsace wines were mostly transported along the Rhine in small boats, meaning less room for broad-shouldered bottles. Since the waters were also less turbulent, they could use thinner and thinner bottles.

All You Need To Know About Wine

Finally, for sparkling wines (Cremant in Burgundy!), you can notice that the glass seems thicker. This is to strengthen the glass to withstand the enormous pressures under which the wine is stored – typically between 70 and 90 pounds per square inch, or two or three times the pressure of a car tire. They also tend to have a deeper pit – the name given to the depression at the bottom of a wine glass. This is to increase the strength, but also to help collect the bottles in storage and sometimes catch the sediment. Interestingly, you will almost never see a hole in a bottle of Riesling.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Five Facts You Need To Know About The World’s Favorite Wine

You may be wondering what role, if any, the color of the glass plays. It also serves a purpose. Most red wines are stored in dark green or brown glass to protect the wine from the damaging effects of UV light, which can affect color and taste over time. White wines are usually kept in clear glass, as well as rosé, because this helps bring out the subtler colors. Blue glass is mainly used for wines such as Riesling or Muscat.

Not only the color of the glass is important, but also its thickness. A bottle usually weighs between three and four kilos. Weight is a very important factor. For the consumer, a heavier bottle can be overwhelming

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