Beauty And The Beast 2017 Belle Dress – Emma Watson, as Belle, in a scene from “Beauty and the Beast”. Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran’s costume sketch, right, for “Beauty and the Beast.”

— The high-profile reimagining of “Beauty and the Beast” as a live-action film was a task made easier by the talented touch of veteran costume designer Jacquline Durran, who used her distinctive style to create a set of costumes. which refreshes the animation. classic

Beauty And The Beast 2017 Belle Dress

Beauty And The Beast 2017 Belle Dress

To bring Belle and the rest of the cast of famous characters to life, the Oscar-winning designer focuses on detail, a historical context and adaptation from mid-18th century France to create a more modern version of the story in the leading gown. actors Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (Prince/Beast).

Belle Costume Guide (beauty And The Beast 2017 Movie)

In the original animated film, Belle first appears in the city in a blue dress and corset. While Durran stayed true to the color of the dress, she swapped out a corset for a floral and lace one.

Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran created costumes for Belle set in the fairytale world of 18th century France.

“We didn’t want her to be a delicate princess but an active hero, so her clothes are designed with pockets where she can put books and things she needs,” Durran said during a question-and-answer session hosted by Belle provided explained. Disney. In this regard, Durran gave her shoes, rather than delicate shoes, “so that she could walk around the village,” she said. “Belle is very practical…she’s an inventor.”

“We saw a bunch of bright, colorful block prints at LACMA [Los Angeles County Museum of Art] in Los Angeles that gave us an 18th-century look at all the regional costumes of France,” she said. “They were absolutely beautiful, and they became our main reference for the crowd and the costumes of the group that represent the place and the geographical life and the life that we were creating in the center of France.”

My Cosplay Of Belle From Beauty And The Beast (2017)

To establish a regional context for the village setting, Durran looked to interesting historical details such as the strange shapes of the dolls, multiple costumes and costumes, like Belle’s.

Regarding the original classic yellow ball gowns, Durran said “my goal was always to reinterpret the original costumes, flesh them out a bit and give them some texture, but the starting point for Belle was specifically animation. was. We ended up creating a simple dress, because the most important thing was the movement of the dress.”

Durran’s soft structured design was painted with many meters of yellow silk organza fabric that was cut into a wide circular pattern to emphasize her movements. Attention to even the smallest details counts for Durran, who printed gold leaf on the silk dress as the magical character Garderobe pours gold onto the dress from the ceiling of Belle’s bedroom.

Beauty And The Beast 2017 Belle Dress

Belle’s gown at the end of the film, after the Beast’s spell is broken, is made from an 18th-century silk petticoat pattern that Duran bought when she was still a student. “We found an artist in England who took the flower motif from that drawing and turned it into a painted design,” she said. “The design was then drawn and enlarged by hand on canvas and digitally printed.”

Emma’s (“belle’s) Yellow Gown From Beauty And The Beast: A Costume Study

She played up that happy look and Belle’s floral print to create just the right ensemble for Prince as well.

“It’s obviously a fun event, so it only seemed right that Prince would be blue to balance out Belle’s floral dress,” Duran explained. “That was always the plan, even before we decided to dress the crowd in black and white, which forces the audience to focus even more on Belle and the Beast/Prince.”

Durran again sought historical accuracy, embellishing the Prince’s coat — in the film’s prologue — with Swarovski crystals, common for wealthy aristocrats at the time. The dress was also decorated with the Prince’s family coat of arms, including intricate details of a wild boar, dragon and lion.

In perhaps the most innovative twist of Durran’s re-imagining was her use of a sustainable and ethical costume design process for Belle’s clothes in one of the film’s extensive montages.

Emma Watson’s Belle Dress In Beauty And The Beast 2016

With the help of consultants at Eco Age, which aims to help the industry improve sustainability standards, the design team has linked a set of criteria that include natural colors, stripes, stripes and even sustainable leather.

“Everyone has to look at what they’re doing and examine what materials we’re using and find a way to make every step as ethical and sustainable as possible,” Duran said.

“Expectations were high for all of Belle’s costumes, but we’ve come up with some beautiful costumes that reference the animated film yet are unique to this film.” We have a demand that our journalism is free, because we believe that everyone deserves it. to understand the world in which they live. Reader support helps us do that. Can you log in to stay free for all? x

Beauty And The Beast 2017 Belle Dress

The live-action Beauty and the Beast costumes are largely faithful to the 18th-century fairy tale world—with one major, telling exception.

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Actress Emma Watson (left) had a creative take on the version of Belle’s ball gown she wears in the live-action Beauty and the Beast.

At the beginning of Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, we see the Prince in all his glory: powdered wig, ornate vest and jacket, and a full face of makeup. It is flanked by paneled panels and clapboards, a pure 18th-century addition. In a quiet village, where the styles are simpler, but the mood is healthy: vests, blouses and jackets abound. We know who she is when Belle walks out the door in a very tight fit and a blue dress with a plunging A-line skirt and a bodice with no visible support or cleavage. But her anachronistic clothes beg the question: What is she doing here?

Princesses are such a high-profile subset of Disney characters that they influence everything from the company’s movies to entire sections of its theme parks. And maybe none of the new generation of princesses is as powerful as Belle.

Beauty And The Beast’ (2017) Review: Pretty But Superfluous

In addition to being the only Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature, Beauty and the Beast led the way to a gangbusters direct-to-video blockbuster and record breaking this year; Disney World’s Magic Kingdom recently opened a Beauty and the Beast land, with Tokyo Disneyland planning one of its own. Request for

The experience this spring is so high that Disneyland’s Pinocchio Restaurant has been transformed into the Red Rose Tavern.

Belle is the jewel in Disney’s crown, and her success is so important that even the costume design around her won’t get in the way, even if it doesn’t make sense for the setting or the character. Belle’s iconic outfits — especially her blue daywear and oversized gold gown — are huge for the brand; they are more anxious for the story.

Beauty And The Beast 2017 Belle Dress

Until now, Disney’s live-action re-enactments have balanced their aesthetic against the latest cultural rush of Disney princesses. The results were different. In Maleficent, the younger Aurora had medieval silhouettes so different from the original that the comparison was deliberately useless. 2015’s Cinderella was steeped in Adrian’s inspired Victoriana fantasy that bridged the gap between the animated film and the 1950s theatrical remake. Designer Sandy Powell came under fire for cinching Cinderella’s waistline in a blue dress (all 270 yards of it), but the dress was so beautiful that it earned her an Oscar nomination.

Disney Just Released *the* Belle Dress To End All Belle Dresses

Costume designer Jacqueline Durran was more faithful to the look of the animated original than the live-action princess film that preceded it; its 18th-century costumes bring real-world detail to the animated offerings.

But Belle doesn’t look the part, and of course she was never really meant to. She was designed from the ground up as a princess, dressed as a brand rather than a character – making her a living glimpse into the Disney nostalgia machine.

Like a gothic romance with the flair of Jean Cocteau. Belle’s daywear featured panniers, and her outfits ranged from the 1650s to the 1780s, including a forerunner of the now-iconic gold number. But then

One of several volleys by Disney’s animation division to turn the business around – it hit big at the box office

Luxe Belle Ball Gown 2017 Petticoat Or Pettiskirt Add On

A revamp took place: Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale were brought in to direct, Howard Ashman and Alan Menken were asked to turn it into a musical, and Belle became Disney’s next big hope in creating a second generation of dysfunctional — and marketable — princesses.

Andreas Deja’s original concept art for Belle and the Beast. A story as old as time: The Art and Making of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

As the story changed, Belle’s original aesthetic changed to one that featured clean, slightly anachronistic lines that differed from previous princesses. Belle’s familiar blue dress was simpler than Aurora’s and Snow White’s, but the color also set her apart –

Beauty And The Beast 2017 Belle Dress

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