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This article is about the character “Belle” from the 2017 live-action film Beauty and the Beast. A mainstream version can be found at: Belle (Beauty and the Beast).

Belle From Beauty And The Beast 2017

Belle From Beauty And The Beast 2017

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Belle was born to Maurice and an unnamed woman, when she was still an infant, her mother contracted the plague and died from it, forcing Maurice to take Belle and flee Paris to safe havens, as she did not know how her mother had died. ; Something she hadn’t discovered in years.

Belle is a young woman living in a provincial town with her father, Maurice. She is also the love interest of a hunter named Gaston, although she does not like how he behaves. One day, Maurice gets lost in the forest and gets trapped in the Beast’s castle. Belle then comes to his rescue and offers to stay with the Beast. During this time, she gets to know the beast, which only gets better as time goes on.

Later, Belle and the Beast dance together while the song “Tale as Old as Time” plays. But later, she comes to her father who is ill. Meanwhile, Monsieur d’Arc takes Maurice away because he thinks the latter is mad, but Belle arrives in time to prove that her father is sane and the Beast exists. When she shows the Beast to the terrified town, saying that he is kind and friendly, Gaston, who wants Belle for himself, tells her that the Beast, who he refers to as a monster, has put her under a spell and that she cares. To him, Belle says the Beast is not a monster, and Gaston is a monster.

Gaston, enraged by Belle’s answer, turns the town against the Beast and forms a group to attack the castle before locking Belle and Maurice up. Fortunately, the servants of the fort get the information and they attack the villagers. Meanwhile, Maurice manages to free Belle and himself, and they rush towards the castle to save the Beast. Gaston then goes to the west wing of the castle, where he finds the Beast, who is sad because Belle left the castle, so he doesn’t try to fight Gaston. Gaston, taking advantage of this, attacks him, but the Beast regains his will and confidence after Belle returns to the castle, and he easily defeats Gaston.

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The Beast then grabs Gaston by the neck, preparing to throw him off the tower for the trouble he’s caused. Risking his life, Gaston begs for mercy, to which the Beast offends by coldly telling Gaston that he is not a Beast. The Beast angrily orders Gaston to leave the castle before pushing Gaston out of his sight and returning to the castle balcony to reunite with Belle. However, Gaston takes the gun and fatally shoots the Beast, much to Belle’s horror. However, Gaston’s brief victory is short-lived, as he falls off a bridge to his death.

Meanwhile, the mortally wounded beast succumbs to its wounds and dies. Belle then breaks down and cries over his dead body saying “I love you” in tears. However, a miracle occurs, and the beast is revived and transformed back into a human prince. Later, all the castle servants are transformed into humans. The villagers return to the castle with their true memories and reunite with their loved ones, and the prince and Belle are married and host a ball for the kingdom where they dance to celebrate the couple’s wedding.

Note: This incarnation of Belle is significantly more independent than the animated counterpart, headstrong, defiant, outspoken, assertive and direct.

Belle From Beauty And The Beast 2017

Despite Belle’s polite, respectful and well-mannered traits, she can be impulsive at times; To the point of being deliberately rude and impolite.

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