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If diners were to divide seafood into punch categories, Maryland would come in at a heavy weight. It hosts some of the most famous crab restaurants located around the country

Best Seafood Restaurants In Baltimore Inner Harbor

Best Seafood Restaurants In Baltimore Inner Harbor

Maybe all over the world. Served steamed, fried, chowder, and whatever your stomach desires, crab spots around the country have some of the freshest seafood around. Surrounded by picturesque waterfront views, Chesapeake Bay and the Eastern Shore are home to some fine seafood restaurants, but only locals and frequent visitors know the best. way to dive to find the most famous food of the country. Here are the top 20 restaurants to help you book your Maryland trip in no time.

Things To Do In Downtown Baltimore: Inner Harbor And Beyond

An East Coast crab hunt wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this cozy and beloved shack in this sprawling, family-run, big-hearted place. Old Salty’s serves giant fried crab cakes made entirely of pure ground beef with no fillers. While showing the spoils of this waterman community, it is magic how they made this classic dish. The warm and delicious combination of crab, mayo and cheese from Crab Imperial is simply the perfect beach dish. The fresh-from-the-oven scones are delicious, the baked pineapple is a favorite side, and the homemade meringue pies complete the Chesapeake dream.

This quaint little town on the east bank of Town Creek has a laid-back restaurant with shaded porches and bright interiors that the locals rave about. Grilled or grilled, Capsize’s generous crab cake sandwich satisfies this favorite request of locals and out-of-towners alike. Watched by boaters around its dock, this restaurant is quintessential Maryland and delivers that magic with an Old Beach rimmed Bloody Mary.

The Philips crab deck will make you feel right at home, whether you are a seasoned crab collector or just starting to break and eat the kitchen. This restaurant has been making handmade crab cakes in the heart of the Inner Harbor since it opened. Committed to safety, the team of crab harvesting experts believes in monitoring the quality of seafood from harvest to the moment it reaches your plate.

It’s a far cry from the Baltimore crab kitchens of yesteryear, but this prominent South Baltimore seafood restaurant handles the local concept authentically. The results are truly unforgettable. Crab lovers should put soft crab powder in corn at the heart of the flavor. Cocktail lovers will fall in love with the safe and creative moves behind the bar, while brunch lovers will go crazy for Minnow’s epic bottomless brunch.

Best Restaurants In Baltimore

Considered one of the nation’s largest, a narrow, fluorescent-lit landmark in downtown Annapolis packs flavorful jumbo crab cakes to match. Grab a stool at the counter for a bird’s-eye view of Chick and Ruth’s incredibly friendly and hard-working staff, but don’t forget to leave room for the cake. The sweets are prepared daily in our bakery, and all are handmade without preservatives.

Bertha’s in Place Point is famous for its many delicious variations of steamed mussels. The highlight of this seafood menu is prawn soups, clams and steamed crabs. All you have to do is listen to the restaurant’s catchphrase, “Eat Berta’s Mussels,” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

For a traditional lobster feast, wait in line for an outdoor table at Cantler’s Riverside Inn, a venerable lobster house located on Mill Creek outside of town. Try it all (steamed crab, crab dip, Maryland crab soup), enjoy the company of dedicated locals, and don’t miss watching the sorters work by the water. Only quality seafood will be served at Cantler’s Riverside Inn, as experienced operators inspect each catch.

Best Seafood Restaurants In Baltimore Inner Harbor

Locals come to this waterfront restaurant for the delicious crabs, which they like to eat straight from the butcher’s paper spread on the table. Located on the Maryland Crab and Oyster Trail, Captain Billy’s Crab House offers a beautiful view of the Potomac River. Immerse yourself in the history of the country in this picturesque place.

Restaurants Near Inner Harbor In Baltimore, Md

Near the mouth of the Potomac River, this little-known spot serves freshly caught sea bass and crab. The family restaurant has become a tradition for visitors and vacationers. Don’t let the casual face fool you. Courtney’s & Seafood Restaurant offers the fresh catch of the day.

Ocean City is home to some of the best crab cakes on either coast. The Original Crabcake Factory serves crab in a variety of dishes, including macaroni and cheese, pita pizza, cheese fries and Cuban sandwiches. Crab is their specialty, but you decide how best to enjoy it.

Davis’ Pub, a cozy local bar, adds to the traditional crab cake by making it with crackers instead of breadcrumbs. This place is known for its combination of special seafood and traditional pub food. There’s something for everyone at this local establishment near the boat-filled marina in Back Creek.

Family owned and operated since 1886, Fidley’s Seafood offers delicious crab cakes and meats that you can purchase and enjoy at your leisure. This place allows you to eat standing up at the Lexington Market counter. Crabs, shrimps and other fresh seafood, famous as a cultural and touristic destination, give you many reasons to come back.

Restaurant Review: Mo’s Seafood In Inner Harbor Baltimore, Maryland

Water Street Seafood Restaurant, formerly Price’s Seafood, located along the Susquehanna River offers unique varieties of crab. As the restaurant’s signature dish, Chesapeake Fondue is a blend of Maryland’s finest spices, lobsters and other cream cheeses. The crabs will be fresh when each dish is steamed to order.

Painted red, the building began its life housing chickens. These days, steamed crab rules the roost. Prefer not to dig into this armored flesh? Move on to the fried seafood plate, which includes a delicious crab cake.

Enjoy all-you-can-eat boiled blue crab sitting at the open-walled bar on stilts above Asoman Bay. Recorded reggae music drifts lazily in the wind. You’d think a summer on Maryland’s Eastern Shore couldn’t be more perfect. You are right. Order the crab cake if you are not in the mood to tear the crab meat from the shell.

Best Seafood Restaurants In Baltimore Inner Harbor

Marylanders know their crab cakes. So this strong company, which is part of a chain of four restaurants, is doing something right. appeal? Softball-sized meatballs, lightly stuffed, with meat so fresh it tastes like a whole new food group. You can also get crab on nachos, sandwiches, chowder, stuffed with fish, and even on a soft pretzel. Another local specialty is rockfish, which is lightly fried and served with buffalo wing sauce and cheese sauce.

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You’ll want to savor every spoonful of the rich crab bisque before the seafood-studded devil’s eggs arrive. Michaels. With white tablecloths covering the Sunday brunch tables overlooking the harbour, Town Dock is at the posh end of the dive spectrum. We also love the fluffy red and green pepper brownies.

This restaurant is a classic Chesapeake Bay crab joint on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It is completely pretentious, so the emphasis remains on the classics. From traditional Maryland crab chowder to steamed blue crabs, Waterman’s Crab House has all your favorites on the menu.

This laid-back spot in Baltimore’s funky Flats Point neighborhood has it all: fantastic fish and chips, excellent craft beer, nautical decor, and an air of elegance that has become essential. The craft beer selection changes frequently and includes beers from the best microbreweries. The Wharf Rat offers a real pub.

You can’t go wrong with any form of machine crab at this classic crab house on the northeastern tip of the Chesapeake Bay. Try the crab cake sandwich. It is meaty, creamy and delicious.

Destination: Baltimore, Maryland

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Welcome to Inner Harbor Charm City, a bustling seaside destination known not only for its seafood, but also for its historical sites and beautiful scenery. Among the many famous seafood restaurants in the area, Philip’s Seafood is a longtime favorite. However, as the restaurant scene continues to evolve, 2023 will see the Inner Harbor offer some fantastic dining options for seafood lovers.

Best Seafood Restaurants In Baltimore Inner Harbor

Located on Key Highway,

The Top Things To Do In Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

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