Best Way To Invest Money In Philippines – Well, it’s time to discover that investing is for anyone who wants a passive income. It is for those who will get a financial breakthrough.

You don’t have to be filthy rich. There are several ways to invest your money; you only need a few thousand. Most Pinoys are risk-averse. Their goal of maximizing their net worth is met with the fear of losing their savings.

Best Way To Invest Money In Philippines

Best Way To Invest Money In Philippines

Do you want to know where to invest small money in the Philippines? Choose the most suitable for you from the list below.

Gcash Ginvest Now Open To All » Yugatech

Banks are safe places, and having your money there gives you reassurance. Money in the bank is not like keeping your money in your pocket as insurance. A bill can easily turn to ashes if caught in a fire. It is almost impossible to get it back if a thief breaks into your home and takes it.

In addition to cash security, savings accounts have benefits that can grow your savings. However, they do not have high interest rates compared to others on the list. Savings bank accounts have interest rates ranging from 0.1% to 0.25%.

Saving your emergency funds in a savings account is a good idea, especially if you’re just starting out. Your money may grow but not as fast as other investments.

Higher interest rates from a savings account will have less risk than other investments. The interest rate can be from 0.25% to 1%. This will depend on the maturity period of the deposited amount, thus the name “term” deposit.

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Unlike a savings account, you cannot easily withdraw your money if it has not yet reached its maturity date.

Term deposits have lower returns compared to risky investments. Returns or gains in the time deposit are still subject to a 20% tax.

Treasury bills are government securities with a maturity of less than one year. There are 3 tenors: (1) 91-day bills (2) 182-day bills (3) 364-day bills. These numbers are used by banks to ensure that bills do not arrive on a weekday.

Best Way To Invest Money In Philippines

You can access Treasury Bills through major banks in the Philippines, such as BDO, BPI, Metrobank, and PNB.

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Commercial Treasury Bonds are medium to long-term investments and are part of a Philippine government program that provides securities for retail and institutional investors. Its fixed interest rate is higher than other investments. You can easily sell it on the secondary market.

A mutual fund is a company that pools the funds of many people. Your money in mutual funds is managed by a professional fund manager. However, a professional fund manager can change without prior notice and affect the performance of your investments.

UITF is a selective investment offered by banks, while mutual funds are from mutual fund companies. Individual and private investors pool their money and select a fund manager who will make investment decisions.

In general, UITF may be popular for positive returns, but it is not free from risk. All investments have risks. On a positive note, UITF has a higher return than savings accounts and time deposits, which banks offer.

Smart Way To Invest Your Money

The stock market involves great risks, and there is no guarantee of future returns. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to study how it works and which companies you plan to invest in.

You can participate in free seminars on how to start investing in the stock market, strategies to use when investing your money, and choose which one to buy.

Now you know where to invest money in the Philippines. But it’s up to you to find out what you can do the most. However, it is important that you choose a legitimate investment in the Philippines.

Best Way To Invest Money In Philippines

Naturally, Filipinos will make safe investments in the Philippines with high returns. These companies have more security of return. That’s why many Pinoys prefer to invest in things that can be sold eventually, such as jewelry, real estate, and life insurance. Less than 1% of us invest in stocks, bonds, and other financial investments.

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The best and legitimate investment in the Philippines is in financial education! Whether you are wealthy, an entrepreneur, or working for minimum wage, you have the choice to invest your money and save more for the future.

Whatever your financial situation, you should invest time, effort and a little money to learn how to manage and save your money. There are books written by financial advisors to help you budget, save and invest. Also, blogs teach people how to get rid of debt, regain financial stability and grow their money.

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Complete Guide To Mutual Fund Investing In The Philippines

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Best Way To Invest Money In Philippines

Technical storage or access is required to send user profiles to send advertising, or to track users on one website or on several websites for similar marketing purposes. It’s been almost a year since GCash’s GInvest – the e-payment service’s investment platform – has been launched. its first cash-flow funds in a move that brings investment closer to Filipino households. Like its flagship investment products, GInvest’s premium fund is available on the GCash app and is managed by the mobile wallet’s partner fund managers.

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Tried our hands on this fund to see if it is possible to earn passive income from GInvest. Check out our GInvest review below!

At the time of writing, GInvest has one mutual fund – the ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund – from BPI Investment Management. According to GInvest, this fund “aims to provide sustainable liquidity and generate long-term capital growth.”

This is the first feeder mutual fund in the Philippines and as such, it “invests at least 90% of its assets in one collective plan.” These investments include “equities, related securities, fixed income convertible securities, collective investment units, cash, deposits and money market instruments.”

The ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund is accessible through the GCash app. On your website, click on the following:

Consumer Spending, Public Investment To Support Philippine Economic Growth In 2023, 2024 — Adb

The minimum investment is P1, 000. Processing time for purchase orders takes four business days, following the next business day price date. The price date refers to the date on which the Net Asset Value Unit (NAVPU) is based.

For example, if you place your order on October 3, 2022 (Monday), GInvest is expected to complete your order by October 7, 2022 (Friday). Meanwhile, the NAVPU of your order will be based on the October 4, 2022 price. From personal experience, processing and completing orders can take as little as three business days.

GInvest will send you a text message that your order is being processed. You can also view your pending orders in your GInvest portfolio.

Best Way To Invest Money In Philippines

After your order is completed, they will send another text message, including the applicable NAVPU, the number of units purchased, and the updated value of your portfolio.

Smart Ways To Invest Your Money

Want to withdraw your funds? Processing time for sales orders is eight business days, following the next business day price date.

Since October 24, ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund is down 8.42% with a NAVPU of 43.9097. To clarify, our investment of P4, 000 is now only worth P3, 857.47 or a loss of P142.53 since our first purchase order is in December 2021. Remember that your gains and losses will not only depend on how much you invest, but also when you invest.

But here’s the good news: Despite the paper loss in our fund’s value, we’ve been making monthly payments. In equities, dividends are paid to shareholders in the form of stocks or cash. In the ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund, the funds are calculated by:

Our investment of P4, 000 in September had a monthly payment of P19.07. ALFM will send you the allocation information by email in the second week of the month. The amount will usually be credited directly to your GCash account after three business days.

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