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Costume Of Belle In Beauty And The Beast

Costume Of Belle In Beauty And The Beast

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Historical Belle: My 18th Century Inspired Beauty And The Beast Costume

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The live-action Beauty and the Beast costumes are very faithful to the setting of the 18 story story – and one big, telling one.

Belle’s Yellow Gown Gets A Fashion Y Update In ‘beauty And The Beast: A 30th Celebration’

Share all sharing options: Belle’s clothes don’t match the ongoing Beauty and the Beast, but they do live up to her name.

Actress Emma Watson (left) contributed to the design of a version of Belle’s famous ball gown that she wore in Beauty and the Beast.

At the beginning of Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, we see the Prince in all his glory: powdered wig, embroidered waistcoat and jacket, and full face makeup. Covered by courters in panniers and lace-trimmed sleeves, it’s pure 18th-century style. Cut to a quiet village, where the styles are simple but the attitude is right: coats, blouses, and jackets abound. When Belle comes out of her door in a change with very tight sleeves and a blue dress with a thin A-line skirt and a bodice with no visible support or lacing, we know who she is. But her anachronistic dress invites the question: What is she doing here?

Costume Of Belle In Beauty And The Beast

The princesses are a low-profile Disney stable of characters that influence everything from the company’s film slate to entire divisions of its theme parks. And perhaps none of the new generation of princesses is as powerful as Belle.

Sparkly Belle Costume Beauty And The Beast Inspired Disney

In addition to being the only Academy Award nominee, Beauty and the Beast made its way into the gang of straight-to-video sequels and record-breaking repeats; Disney World’s Magic Kingdom recently unveiled a Beauty and the Beast land, and Tokyo Disneyland is planning one of its own. To want

The experience is so high this spring that Disneyland’s Pinocchio restaurant has been transformed into the Red Rose Taverne.

Belle is the jewel in Disney’s crown, and her success is so important that no amount of costume design around her will stand in her way, even if it doesn’t make sense for the setting or the character. Belle’s glamorous outfits – especially her green day dress and her sparkling gold ball gown – are right on brand; they are more difficult in the story.

Until now, Disney-action remakes have balanced their aesthetic against Disney princess culture. Results vary. In Maleficent, the young Aurora had ancient silhouettes so different from the original that the comparison was made deliberately irrelevant. 2015’s Cinderella was full of Adrian’s Victoriana-inspired imagination that bridged the gap between animated movies and 1950s theater. Designer Sandy Powell came under fire for cinching Cinderella’s waist in a teal ball gown (all 270 yards), but the dress was embellished enough to earn an Oscar nomination. Echunchan Princess Belle Cosplay Dress Long Yellow Dress For Women Custom Costume (male Xl)

Costume designer Jacqueline Durran is more faithful to the original animated look than the live-action princess film before her; her 18th-century draped dress brings real-world detail to the animation’s hints.

But Belle doesn’t look the part, and she certainly wasn’t meant to. She was designed top-down as a princess, dressed as a symbol rather than a character – making her a living embodiment of Disney’s nostalgia machine.

Like gothic romance and Jean Cocteau flair. Belle’s day dress had panniers, and her ball gowns spanned a period likely from the 1650s to the 1780s, including the predecessor to the current gold number. But then

Costume Of Belle In Beauty And The Beast

One of the many volleys by Disney’s animation department to transform the industry – a huge hit at the box office

Belle Costume For Girls, Official Disney Beauty And The Beast Princess Belle Dress, Toddler Size Small (2t)

Got a makeover: Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale were called to direct, Howard Ashman and Alan Menken were asked to turn it into a musical, and Belle became Disney’s next big hope in establishing a second generation of indelible – and commercial – princesses.

Andreas Deja’s original art for Belle and the Beast. A Story as Old as Time: The Art and Making of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

As the story changed, Belle’s initially conceived aesthetic morphed into one that featured clean, slightly anachronistic lines that differed from previous princesses. Belle’s blue dress was lighter than Aurora and Snow White’s peasants, but the color also set her apart from them – and everyone else in her small town. The golden ball gown she wore in her dance with the beast was lifted out of time, with crinolines and a neckline a century removed from the movie’s vague rococo trappings.

Within the context of the animated film, Belle’s clothes are often uncomfortable; Despite the throwback to the 18th century setting, enough of this silhouette remains elsewhere that we can tell her wardrobe has been pushed forward in time to everything around her. But like character design, that dissonance hints at Belle’s forward-thinking relationship to the strange. And like the brand’s markers, they work: whether she’s wearing a blue dress or a ball gown, it’s easy to spot Belle across a crowded Disney park.

Disguise Women’s Disney Princess Beauty And The Beast Belle Deluxe Adult Costume, Yellow, Small (4 6)

Not that parks have an easy time dressing him up. Aligning the animated design in three dimensions proved tricky for Belle especially. Every Disney princess in the parks is updated periodically, a concession to the Disney princess brand as a living thing; every new parade is an excuse for a different outfit, and occasionally “special edition” updates give kids (and collectors) a brand new line of merchandise to buy.

But some designs are less stupid than others. Snow White is very closed, but Belle has passed at least half a dozen. (Previous versions are closer to the animated movie; her current iteration looks remarkably like a butter sculpture of Scarlett O’Hara.)

The Broadway musical took a few cues from early 18th-century ideas. Miguel Angel Huidor’s stage versions of the blue Belle dress include a conical bodice with ribbon lacing, a long-sleeved blouse, and full skirts; The gold ball gown has la française elbow sleeves and pant legs. Both looks are well-known Belle Disney princesses, but also Belle in her time.

Costume Of Belle In Beauty And The Beast

(His commitment to the 18th-century scene is so clear that he even manages to tear a caraco jacket from Belle’s wardrobe for those chilly evenings.) But other than that, Belle’s design seems unconcerned about being part of the movie around her. ; it is designed to start and release the Belle logo.

Womens Beauty And The Beast Belle Blue Dress Costume

She’s undoubtedly under a lot of pressure to live up to Disney’s greatest princess by giving the familiar and new, universal but distinctly Belle. It is also under pressure to deliver a princess that can appeal equally to two generations. (Cinderella’s live-action ball gown was sold to girls, while her wedding dress was sold to the bride.) It’s a level of self-awareness that invites criticism: Belle’s “party dress” is so clearly modern that it’s hard to think of it as anything.

The design of a limited edition wedding dress; surely no one is wearing it trying to evoke the 1780s – a little Belle for all.

But Disney knows the conundrums of reliable entertainment now, and Belle’s lack of visual impact in a live-action film just means they have something other than cost-effectiveness in mind. Belle’s live-action appearance can be dangerous to create: In contrast to the CGI Beast with many costume changes, Belle is a walking uncanny valley, and the many details increase the gap between real-world duds and computerized duds.

But it was difficult at the Disney parks

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