Crypto Wallets In The Pearl Of The Orient: Safeguarding Wealth – Safely schedule electric vehicle charging with an emphasis on cost reduction using blockchain and IPFS technology

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Crypto Wallets In The Pearl Of The Orient: Safeguarding Wealth

Crypto Wallets In The Pearl Of The Orient: Safeguarding Wealth

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By Seong-Kyu Kim Seong-Kyu Kim Scilit Google Scholar See publication 1 and Jun-Ho Huh Jun-Ho Huh Scilit Google Scholar View publication 2, *

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Original received: 15 January 2020 / Version accepted: 14 March 2020 / Revised version: 6 May 2020 / Accepted: 10 May 2020 / Version sent out: 14 May 2020

(This article belongs to the special issue Efficiency and Sustainability of Distributed Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems Based on Energy Internet, Blockchain Technology, and Smart Contracts)

Carbon credits will reduce environmental pollution and carbon emissions from the earth in the future. The carbon credit market will become a major topic from 2021, and carbon credits will be used across the system where individuals can trade. However, for these carbon credits to be exchanged between individuals, the corresponding carbon credit exchange is necessary. Policies, strategies and technologies are also needed to measure carbon credit trading. This article aims to make transactions more reliable by using blockchain technology to measure permitted carbon emissions. It uses blockchain to verify carbon emissions among the 17 UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). In addition, it recommends important dApps. In fact, we can protect ourselves from carbon emissions by using big data and artificial intelligence in the mobile cloud environment. Therefore, this article proposes a blockchain-based carbon emission rights verification system to learn more proof information using management system analysis and blockchain main network tools to solve these problems.

Crypto Wallets In The Pearl Of The Orient: Safeguarding Wealth

The Kyoto Protocol is a market mechanism that forms the framework of the international climate change response system, according to which the United Nations said to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the Organization to reduce the force. The Kyoto approach includes CO2 emissions trading (ET), the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the Joint Action System (JI); Specifically, carbon allowance trading (subsidy trading) refers to the market where greenhouse gas emission rights are obtained (subsidy trading). Where carbon emission rights include allocations and credits 1), subsidies refer to greenhouse gas emission rights paid to major sources of greenhouse gases such as power plants or factories. Emissions outside the reduction program (BAU-U, BAS-US, etc.) At the same time, “market” means that the price of carbon credits is determined by the supply and demand of carbon credits in the market, not by policy. This is done in a way that reflects the cost of producing goods or services that are the environmental and social costs of climate change [1].

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This is in contrast to a carbon tax, where the scale is fixed. According to the data of the World Bank, the CO2 emissions trading market reached about 10.9 billion USD in 2005 when the Kyoto Protocol was take effect and continue to increase at an annual rate of 108%, reaching 143.7 billion USD in 2009. Meanwhile, the growth Carbon trading. The market slowed slightly in 2009 as economic activity slowed following the global financial crisis. However, based on the outlook for global economic recovery, the global carbon market is expected to will reach about 669 billion US dollars in 2013. Subsidy trading market can be classified in many ways. First, according to the nature of carbon emission rights, it can be mainly classified into subsidy market and credit market. As shown in Figure 1, retail allows users to buy and sell goods, energy, etc. Using the carbon effect. In addition, Back-End also signed an electronic contract for Carbon Credit, which is a smart contract created by UserProfile, which can use trading rights for carbon transactions in all mobile applications, which is called Ecosystem. The credit market is often called the project-based market, which can be divided into primary and secondary markets. On the other hand, according to the transaction method, the carbon permit market can be divided into the OTC market (over-the-counter) and the domestic market. These carbon credits are increasingly being translated into transactions, and they are divided into 17 key categories in the UN’s future SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). To recognize these carbon credits, carbon credits are precisely measured using immutable blockchain technology and by extension, the SDGs of the United Nations (UN) proposed are environmental factors, schools are mentioned by the UN SDG [2].

The reason is that the management system used for carbon credits is based on the validity of the blockchain according to its stability, decentralization and reliability. To overcome these problems, hybrid blockchain has been proposed. In addition, we use blockchain to verify carbon emission rights in energy management [3]. This effort has been taken a little further in the blockchain verification system. Therefore, in order to prevent hacking and enhance security vulnerabilities, the existing blockchain network protocol will be used and changed into a blockchain network protocol suitable for a comprehensive greenhouse gas information center. In addition, this study provides scope for the purpose of verifying carbon emission standards by using blockchain to conduct transactions between individuals and transact carbon emission permits. This approach also aims to start blockchain implementation data, transactions per second (TPS), and to ensure the transparency and integrity of carbon credits for P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions in the future.

Part 1 discusses the issue of carbon emissions in the UN SDGs and AI blockchain to verify trading rights when future carbon emissions are traded between individuals. When we introduced this blockchain, we talked about how important consensus is. Part 2 presents recommendations on how to use blockchain in the UN SDGs from work done and specifically discusses information technology (IT) applications and blockchain applications for carbon credits and renewable energy generation. Section 3 describes the implementation of the UN SDGs and blockchain algorithms for design and implementation. Section 4 presents the configuration for performance comparison. A real-world comparison shows 15,000 TPS. Section 5 discusses future research directions and current issues. Section 6 concludes with a summary of research on the use of blockchain carbon credits.

Studies related to blockchain and energy trading have been carried out by several researchers. M. Andoni et al. published their research work titled “Blockchain Technology in the Energy Sector: A Systematic Review of Challenges and Opportunities,” while S. Wang et al. Launched “Crowdsourced Energy and Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in Blockchain-Enabled Smart Grids”. F. Luo et al. and K. Gai et al. Also released “Distributed Electricity Trading System in Distribution Network Based on Multi-Agent Consortium and Blockchain” and “Privacy Storage of Energy Trading Using Federated Blockchain in Smart Grid” respectively [4, 5, 6].

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Certified Emission Reductions (CER; Certified Reductions or Publicly Certified Reductions) refers to certification by the United Nations that a Clean Development System (CDM) program has reduced greenhouse gas emissions. These carbon credits can be traded in the market through an allowance trading system. If a developed country goes to a developing country to implement a program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nations will investigate and evaluate and give a certain amount of carbon emission rights. This program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is called the Clean Development System (CDM) program. Not only advanced countries, but also developing countries can implement CDM projects to get the right Release carbon, which Korea is doing. This means that companies in each country that fail to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions within a certain period of time must pay to buy rights from businesses that can emit emissions or plant forests. Under the Kyoto Protocol, parties are required

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