Do I Need A Degree For Cyber Security – Cyber ​​security is a hot field at the moment. And it’s one of the few industries that has gotten a boost from the coronavirus pandemic. Since COVID-19 forced people around the world to work from home for more than a year, security risks have increased.

And now that more companies are adopting work-from-home or hybrid work environments, the security risk is growing rapidly! Not to mention, hackers are ruthless when it comes to breaking into systems or hacking sensitive data.

Do I Need A Degree For Cyber Security

Do I Need A Degree For Cyber Security

All of this means that there are more jobs in cybersecurity today than there were two or more years ago.

Best Cyber Security Degree Programs Of 2023

But do you need a college degree to work in cybersecurity? Can applicants without a degree work in cyberspace? If so, how do they do it?

We will answer all these and other questions in this article. We’ll also give some tips on how to get into cybersecurity if you don’t have a technical background.

Cybersecurity can be overlooked as a job field you can get into without an engineering or computer science degree.

But good news! Can you work in cyber without a degree? That said, you will need to gain some experience through career and certification organizations.

What Does A Cybersecurity Analyst Do? 2024 Job Guide

According to Brown University cybersecurity professor Deborah Hurley, getting into cybersecurity doesn’t necessarily require a degree in technology or cybersecurity.

“Whatever someone’s talent, whether it’s people, management, administration, education, technology, it’s almost certainly an aspect of cybersecurity that requires their skills and experience,” he explains.

This means that the notion that cybersecurity is too technical, or that only programmers and coders can enter the field, is more fiction than fact.

Do I Need A Degree For Cyber Security

But to get into cybersecurity without a degree, you need to do some self-motivation and earn a cybersecurity certification or two.

Master’s In Cybersecurity Requirements: A Complete Breakdown

However, searching for information on the Internet, however useful, will not land you in cyber security companies or as a cyber security analyst.

Companies need more proof that you know what to say and what you can do.

That’s where cybersecurity certifications come in. As for your claim that you know the field and tried to break into cyber security without a degree.

Here’s a list of cybersecurity certifications, by job level, that you should consider if you want to enter the field without a degree.

Getting Into Cybersecurity With A Nontechnical Background

If you want to work in cybersecurity but don’t have a formal or technical degree, the following certifications are a great place to start.

You don’t have everything. But you need to look at the benefits of each and the types of jobs it can help you achieve.

The following intermediate or mid-career certifications require at least 2 years of work experience in the field of cybersecurity.

Do I Need A Degree For Cyber Security

The following cybersecurity certifications are for senior and managerial roles. Most of the following certifications require at least five years of work experience with other certifications.

Why You Should Study A Cyber Security Degree In 2023

Unlike part 2 above, the following certifications do not come with specific requirements or work experience.

However, certain skills are required to enable non-technical applicants or those without a degree to enter the workforce.

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing and evolving field, which means any candidate – with or without a degree – needs to be proactive and constantly research and learn.

We’ve said that you don’t need to be technically proficient to get into cyber security. But cyber security is – ultimately – about technology, which means we need some technical knowledge related to cyber security.

Information Technology & Cybersecurity Courses Singapore

Cyber ​​security is no exception as it is a team field and work and is constantly evolving. Having strong communication skills will ensure smooth and efficient work for you, your team and the company’s customers.

Whether you come from a technical or non-technical background, as a cybersecurity analyst you need to have problem-solving skills.

To respond quickly and effectively to cyber threats and attacks, you need to be quick on your feet and able to analyze and deal with problems as they arise.

Do I Need A Degree For Cyber Security

You must constantly learn—whether from resources or people—and strive to excel in your career field.

Key Reasons To Study Master’s In Cyber Security

If you want to work in cybersecurity as a technician or engineer, here’s what you need to do:

1) Consider studying information technology (IT) first so that you have – at least – minimal IT experience before moving on to cyber security.

A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) in Egypt can range from a starting salary of 6,000 EGP to 13,000 EGP per month for a senior position.

This means that the average monthly salary of a CEH is around EGP 9,000 per month or EGP 108,000 per year.

Cybersecurity Analyst Salary Guide: How Much Can You Make?

However, salaries for ethical hackers can generally vary depending on their experience, skills and their location.

“Skill level is the single most important factor in determining salary,” explains As with any job, the more experience a candidate has, the higher the expected salary.

A CEH with 2 to 5 years of experience is expected to earn an average of EGP 9,500 per month, which is 32% higher than any cybersecurity or CEH candidate with less than 2 years of experience, according to

Do I Need A Degree For Cyber Security

Meanwhile, reports that the average annual salary of a certified ethical hacker is around EGP 120,000 to EGP 200,000 per year, which means an average of EGP 10,000 to EGP 16,600 per month.

What Kind Of Degree Do You Need For Cyber Security Work?

For other cybersecurity jobs, here are the average monthly and annual salaries based on data from

Often referred to as a white hat, an ethical hacker is a security professional whose job it is to penetrate computer systems to discover security flaws and potential threats.

It’s worth noting that unlike black hat hackers, who have malicious intentions when breaking into computer systems, ethical hackers are used to spot cyber attackers and uncover security flaws to help support a company’s network systems.

More than 1,000 cyber security incidents across more than 5 billion records were reported in 2021, an 11% increase over incidents in 2020, according to UK government IT data.

Can You Get A Master’s In Cybersecurity Degree?

In addition, the increase in the number of people working from home increases security concerns. Companies should stay abreast of the latest industry developments and educate employees on cybersecurity tips for working from home.

What it means: The need for cybersecurity is growing worldwide. There is a shortage of qualified candidates to fill these positions.

To meet this shortage, many companies are starting to hire candidates without a technical background. This means there are opportunities to find a job in cyber security even if your degree wasn’t in programming or operations.

Do I Need A Degree For Cyber Security

So, if you are considering entering the cybersecurity industry without a degree, you should start by acquiring some IT knowledge, relevant certifications, and experience in the field.

The Need For Cybersecurity Education In Undergraduate Programs

Are you interested in cyber security? Currently offering a free cybersecurity program for recruits with no experience in information security. Apply here for countless reasons why a cyber degree is worth the investment. In fact, with one critical weighting metric, there are 3.4 million accounts—the estimated number of cybersecurity jobs that need to be filled. And salary requirements match the average salary for a cybersecurity professional, which reaches $128,000 – with some salaries much higher.

Why do so many cybersecurity jobs fail? And why does this fast-growing industry pay top dollar for top talent? According to a Forbes article, cybercrime will cost $10.5 trillion a year by 2025.

The bottom line: The threat is dire, the stakes are incredibly high, and there aren’t enough skilled and skilled workers to meet the demand. That’s why companies pay high salaries for well-trained cybersecurity professionals, and why getting a master’s degree in cybersecurity can be the best investment you ever make.

Cyber ​​security professionals are in high demand in various industries. A recent search for cybersecurity jobs on LinkedIn revealed the following companies hiring for these types of positions:

How To Become A Cyber Security Analyst

He needs some help. Here are some top industries for cybersecurity job seekers:

There are costs for individual certification exams that may add up, depending on how often you need to renew and how long you live.

As awareness and concern for cyber threats to organizations, governments, and individuals increase, many universities and colleges have created graduate programs in cyber security.

Do I Need A Degree For Cyber Security

While many of these programs are still in their infancy, others, valued by farmers, local and national stakeholders, and industry leaders, aim to train cybersecurity professionals with lifelong learning skills and the ability to overcome theoretical adversaries. as well as strategic perspectives.

Top 15 Cybersecurity Degree Jobs

Most employers today look for a combination of experience and education, and while not all jobs require a master’s degree, according to Tripwire, the benefits of earning a master’s degree in cybersecurity include higher wages, job security, and

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