Do You Need A Degree To Be In Cyber Security – About 5 years ago there was a complaint about one Ruth Omopariola-Bolarinwa, who previously answered to Ruth Idi Okpoto and who graduated from the University of Ilorin in 2009 as the best student in her faculty, albeit an exceptional one. The graduate student said in an email to Education Review that he had tried every possible way to get a job, but they had all produced fruitless results. He also appealed to the government to help him overcome the obstacles that unemployment has caused for his family.

Even in this period there are other good graduates like Mrs. Ruth whose certificate did not bring them luck. Let’s talk about how some Nigerian universities give away yam tubers and live chickens to their best graduating students, while others give away audio to their best graduating students, most of whom refuse to receive the money after much checking and warnings? It’s a shame, don’t you think?

Do You Need A Degree To Be In Cyber Security

Do You Need A Degree To Be In Cyber Security

And this brings us to an ironic question: why would anyone spend millions of naira to get a degree, when after all, all he can get for a good job is a piece of paper that cannot prove his employability. Degrees from any company/organization/company that will strengthen their skills in the field and ultimately make them successful in their chosen career path?

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Without further ado, I think it’s safe to conclude that getting a bachelor’s, master’s, or similar degree is not and can never be the only thing that makes someone successful. Attaining a tertiary education is certainly not as important as today’s society believes it to be. As Erika Anderson noted in a much-discussed 2012 Forbes article, “A college degree doesn’t guarantee success, and not getting a college degree doesn’t guarantee failure.” If you ask me, I totally agree. Being formally educated is not a prerequisite for success. At this point, I must point out that “success” itself is not a one-size-fits-all package, as it means different things to different people.

As a result, you cannot measure a person and conclude that (he or she) is (not) successful based on your measurement. With that said, let’s get back to the topic at hand.

While some professions require a degree or certification that shows you have studied a certain level and achieved a level of proficiency in a particular subject, many others do not. Therefore, for a successful adult life, a college degree may not be worth the price, because most of the time graduates don’t even get a job in their field of study (I’m a perfect example, and I think you are too).

Yes, because lifelong learning is very important, and getting a formal education or going to university is one of the foundations to start this process. In college, experience, feelings, meaning and purpose in life are not very important. For these highlighted reasons, people who didn’t go to college may think of themselves as bad because their degrees are overestimated. Lack of confidence can hinder success, ignorance only hinders infinite success.

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No, because intelligence, insight and wisdom do not correspond to the number of years a person spends in school, and therefore going to college cannot be a determining factor of success. University only teaches you how to learn but not how to apply what you learn, i.e. learning is good but doing is better. For example, if a graduate does not work in your field of study, it may be better to attend an educational institution. (I’m sitting comfortably at this table. Lol!).

It appears that illiteracy or lack of formal education is not an insurmountable barrier to success. Take the time to study some famous and famous people in Africa and around the world, you will see that not everyone has earned their first degree to talk about earning their second or third degree. One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, announced that he left Harvard University together with Microsoft; Nigerian Seun Osewa, owner of Nairaland, is said to have never completed his studies at Obafemi Awolowo University; hip-hop star Eminem, who dropped out of high school at 17 and never went to college; Cosmos Maduka, the founder of the Coscharis Group – the exclusive distributor of BMW in Nigeria, left primary school without a degree when he founded his company. This does not negate the fact that these people have gone back to school or taken a short course

So my conclusion is: go to college if you can and if you want to do something you need the kind of education you get in school. But if you can’t afford college, don’t beat yourself up about it. You can still learn, grow, and create an amazing life for yourself and be an inspiration to those around you. I have always believed that to be successful in life and earn a lot, merit plays an important role.

Do You Need A Degree To Be In Cyber Security

My parents and teachers also taught me that study hard, get good grades, get a higher education and professional degree and then you can do something meaningful in life.

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Many college graduates earn less over the course of their careers than college dropouts. And some people who never finish high school make a big impact and make a lot of money.

Examples like Mark Zuckerberg, Dhirubhai Ambani, Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Thomas Edison and many more are successful and even without a college degree, a professional degree should be ignored.

I’m not saying degrees are worthless or useless, just that they are not essential to success.

Learning is very different from education. Education fills our heads with information, while learning transforms our intelligence applied to our lives and the world.

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The pillars of success such as hard work, attitude, passion and persistence are not learned from textbooks and classrooms.

In the real world you learn by facing challenges and understanding how things work.

So give it your all, follow your heart and passion, give 100%, whatever it takes to succeed.

Do You Need A Degree To Be In Cyber Security

She is a great example of a person who follows his heart and believes that “dreams come true” and so she began her journey from “Financial Professional” to “Entrepreneur” to make his dream come true. Before we get into it, I won’t. I want your comments if you want to argue about it. Life is short and I don’t mind having that combination. Find a blog post or your free Facebook group to tell me why I’m stupid.

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There is a difference between an interior decorator and an interior decorator. I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and I’m the first to say that some people are very passionate about this topic.

Some interior enthusiasts with street cred take great pride in their degrees, certifications, licenses and hate it when interior decorators call themselves interior designers. Some people look down on interior decorators and give them nicknames like “decorator carts.” I think people take pride in their own accomplishments, but putting others down is completely pointless.

When I went to college I thought it was the only way to have a career in the industry. I had no idea that I could follow my passion without graduating. I never liked what I did from a work point of view. So yeah, if I could go back and finish that part of my life, I wouldn’t go to college and rack up debt to pay off forever.

I also have some credibility, but I believed that hype when I was young and I don’t encourage anyone to go that route anymore unless you want to go into commercial interiors or a corporate or something like that. You want to play an important role in the construction end of a project. But with the residential part, you may not have that option if you work with a bad architect or the county.

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The answer to the question also depends on the state in which you live. There are crazy laws, different in every state, where they can say you need a college degree to get called or work as an intern. You can thank companies for promoting this nonsense.

Companies call it “life, health and safety”. I don’t believe it for a minute, but if you do, get a degree and a license.

You see, once you get an indoor degree, the fun doesn’t end there. If you want to be super cool and lanky, you will learn

Do You Need A Degree To Be In Cyber Security

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