Do You Need License For Car Insurance – Whether you’re just commuting to work, or cruising around town, your driving behavior and etiquette matter every time you get behind the wheel of your car. As a driver, you should know that the Singapore Traffic Police has a system in place to grade all drivers based on their illegal driving behaviour.

This system is called the Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS) which keeps a record of the traffic violations of all registered drivers in Singapore. However, it is important to note that this points system is only used to punish repeat offenders – although this is necessary to ensure the safety of all road users. But, it also offers tangible benefits to responsible drivers, such as a discount on car insurance premiums.

Do You Need License For Car Insurance

Do You Need License For Car Insurance

Here are some quick notes on the current DIPS rules and rewards, and how you can use a Certificate of Merit (COM) to save big on your car insurance.

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The Certificate of Merit is a document issued by the Singapore Traffic Police as an award for driving safely in Singapore for at least 3 years or more. As a low-risk driver you are entitled to a ‘Safe Driver Discount’ from most car insurance companies, including . What’s more, this discount is added to your no-claims discount (NCD) for extra savings!

All drivers with a valid Singapore driving license and a demerit-free driving record of 3 years or more are eligible to request a COM from the Singapore Traffic Police. You can check your eligibility on the Singapore Police Force website before submitting your application.

To qualify for the Safe Driving Discount when buying car insurance, your driving record must be free of traffic violations for at least 3 consecutive years before signing your insurance policy. Therefore, new drivers who have just obtained their driving license are not eligible for the certificate.

No, you cannot transfer your Certificate of Merit to another driver. This is because the merit is given based on individual driving behavior as well as adherence to safety rules on Singapore roads.

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The same applies to your car insurance policy; you cannot claim a discount based on the Certificate of Merit of your parents, spouse, children or other designated driver. If you are the main driver, your basic car insurance policy will be adjusted according to your driving profile. In other words, only the primary driver’s Certificate of Merit is considered when purchasing car insurance.

A Certificate of Merit application can be made through the Electronic Driver Data Information & Inquiry System (EDDIES).

It is important to note that most car insurers in Singapore have access to your COM through EDDIES, so you should truly confirm your eligibility when purchasing your car insurance.

Do You Need License For Car Insurance

Most car insurers in Singapore ask for Certificate of Merit eligibility during the insurance quote process. For example, there is a section that asks about the main driver and their entitlement to a Certificate of Merit, as part of their quick online quote process (image above).

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Alternatively, you could contact your insurer to confirm your Certificate of Merit, so they can process any discounts you are eligible for.

Car insurers in Singapore may offer a wide range of discounts to drivers with a Certificate of Merit. Usually, you can expect a discount of up to 5% with COM.

And if you are eligible for COM, it means that you have demonstrated 3 years of good driving behavior and probably have not made any previous car insurance claims. Therefore, you would have accumulated at least NCD30 as well. In this case, the total discount you will be entitled to on your car insurance premium is 35%!

Basically, the Safe Driving Discount will be calculated in addition to whatever No Claims Discount you are currently entitled to.

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Safety should be every driver’s top priority. After all, you have a responsibility to do your part to keep the roads safe for yourself, your passengers and other road users who may be affected by traffic accidents.

And if you want to save money on car insurance, remember that good driving behavior can qualify you for discounts. Whether it’s a Safe Driving Discount for driving safely on the road and getting a Certificate of Merit, or a No Claims Discount for not having any insurance claims on your vehicle for over a year. if you have a valid foreign licence, you may want to use a friend or relative’s car when visiting them, or traveling around the UK. Getting a temporary car insurance policy for a non-UK resident is the perfect solution. It is a separate insurance policy that only covers the driver who is not licensed in the UK while they are using the borrowed car. Cover periods start from one day, but you can choose the preferred cover period, two days, three days, a week, a month, up to three months of cover under a foreign license if you are visiting the UK for a longer period long. Most short term insurance providers do not offer insurance to non-UK residents, and those who do not have UK driving licences. That’s why we’ve created temporary car insurance for foreign drivers in the UK.

We are there to provide you with temporary car insurance even if you are not normally resident in the UK. Maybe you are visiting friends or family or even on a business trip and need insurance to drive for a few days. With our temporary foreign license car insurance policies we have you covered.

Do You Need License For Car Insurance

We understand that not everyone is a UK national, and not everyone lives in the UK all the time. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need temporary car insurance.

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So whether you have an EU license or an association licence, you can get a quote here and see if we can offer you the temporary insurance you need.

We let you choose, so it’s exactly the insurance you need, when you need it. Visiting the UK from abroad can be quite expensive, so we make sure our policies are there so you only pay for the insurance you need, when you need it.

Visiting the UK for a holiday? Visiting family and friends in the UK? Do you need car insurance to get around but have a foreign driving licence? they can cover you under a temporary insurance policy for drivers with foreign licences. You can buy a standalone policy, separate from the car owner’s own policy, which also avoids any risk to their No Claims Bonus they may have earned on that policy.

Simply get a quote and buy cover in a few minutes, and you’re insured to drive in the UK. You will need to;

Driving In Ireland With Uk Licence

Temporary foreign license car insurance policies cover most EU Driving Licenses and some Commonwealth Driving Licenses – the licenses must be full licenses and must be valid for the full period of cover required. The full list of foreign licenses accepted is below:

The full list of foreign license types that we can offer car insurance cover for will be displayed on the drop down page of our quote page. If you have any questions, please contact our support team via the Live chat facility or by email at [email protected] .

You can use our temporary car insurance policies for many reasons, but listed above are some of the common ones for Non-UK residents, and how this policy can help make your travels easier.

Do You Need License For Car Insurance

So whether you live in the UK and don’t have a foreign licence, or are visiting on a temporary basis, we have the perfect temporary car insurance for you. Because why would you need or want an annual policy, if you don’t need insurance for the whole year? Temporary insurance for as long as you need it, wherever your driving license comes from.

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Yes, you can become an insurer in the UK with a Foreign Licence. offer daily insurance to cover you when you borrow someone else’s car. The policy will be in the name of the holder of the Foreign License and will not have effect on the owner of the vehicle’s own insurance policy, as these are separate independent policies.

Yes, you can cover a Non-UK Resident to drive your car, but you may need to take out a separate temporary insurance policy in that driver’s name, to cover them while you drive your car. offer temporary insurance policies to Non-UK Residents. They are seen as ‘additional’ policies, like adding to the existing policy, which specifically insures the driver with a foreign or domestic licence. You do not need to contact the car’s primary insurer, as this policy is independent and the foreign license holder’s cover is with the insurer.

A Foreign Driver who holds a License from a foreign country can drive in the UK under that license for 12 months, if they now live in the UK. After 12 months they must transfer the license to a UK licence. they can cover UK residents who previously held foreign licenses from other countries and are still within that 12 month transition period. Our temporary policies accept drivers who are still using their foreign

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