“engineering Solutions: Civil Engineering And Infrastructure Degrees” – As part of the I.B. Abel’s commitment to being a turnkey solutions provider, we have built seven business lines that address the electricity challenges our customers face. This approach ensures an efficient and hassle-free experience.

Our engineering department provides complete electrical engineering solutions for customers, from high voltage substation design to low voltage building design. Our other capabilities include energy rebate assistance, power system analysis, feasibility studies, equipment evaluation, troubleshooting, and 24/7 emergency support.

“engineering Solutions: Civil Engineering And Infrastructure Degrees”

I.B Abel’s engineering department often works with our other departments to produce design and build projects. By doing this, our team can effectively execute complex projects of all sizes in a simplified format. This provides high quality products and the peace of mind of dealing with one company.

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I.B. The Abel team is ready to respond to equipment issues – something our team is skilled at from our experience testing and investigating all equipment for safety and functionality.

This department takes the lead in responding to customer outages by supporting service technicians with troubleshooting, testing, and repairs to get customers back up and running.

Our engineering professionals stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry through continuing education, industry partners and professional associations.

We’ve shifted to cloud-based project collaboration, added staff, and implemented training to ensure seamless collaboration and a high level of expertise among our engineering teams.

Services And Solutions

By implementing strategic growth plans, I.B. Abel’s engineering departments are increasing their presence in the utilities, renewable energy and buildings divisions they serve.

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Efficiently defining and documenting quality technical solutions for complex construction projects can be difficult. Partner with us for clear and expert advice, easy access to relevant technical product data, and solutions designed to help you meet your project requirements in terms of safety, accuracy, cost efficiency and quality.

Our experienced engineers can help throughout the lifecycle of your project – from design, to installation, to building management. Our engineering competency center and project management office can assist with customized solutions, while job site support specialists can provide technical advice. Access our website for technical documentation or explore technical topics in the online Ask engineering forum.

Practical Engineering Solutions

Contact our engineering team Download product technical guide Download approvals, general notes, specifications and CAD details Prepare product shipment Visit Ask

Whether you’re designing anchors for concrete or planning an MEP installation, our design and modeling software can help make your construction project easier, safer and more productive. For further design support, our construction services range from engineering assessment assistance to on-site anchor pull testing.

Stay abreast of changing design methods and industry standards with accredited training courses designed to help you work more productively. We also offer webinars on technical topics such as anchor design, concrete strength monitoring, or eco-building on our online engineering platform Ask.

Innovation drives our technology, software and services. We run our own R&D centers in Europe, North America and Asia, and work with partners globally to develop solutions that help you meet or exceed the latest code requirements. Do you need help with product specifications? Use our website to quickly find key product information including technical guides, approvals, test reports, specification texts, and BIM/CAD resources.

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From reliable, code-compliant designs from post-installation rebar to firestop systems, we offer a range of application-specific solutions that help you meet your requirements for safety, accuracy, cost efficiency and quality.

Want to increase design efficiency and operational flexibility for your project? We offer modular fire suppression, anchoring and support solutions designed to accelerate your project at every stage.

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