Everything You Need To Know About Kittens – The arrival of a new kitten is an exciting time for every family. Cats can be wonderful pets for the right person, but it’s important to be as prepared as possible.

If you are thinking about getting a kitten, make sure you are truly ready to take on the responsibility. Make sure you can meet your new pet’s welfare needs and think about:

Everything You Need To Know About Kittens

Everything You Need To Know About Kittens

You can read more about everything you need to think about before deciding to get a kitten on our pet care page. You can also download our complete list of ways to get a furry friend.

Bringing Home A New Kitten

Once you’ve decided to get a kitten and found the best place to keep it, you can start preparing for its arrival:

Once your kitten comes home, it’s important to get him into a routine. Cats like consistency, so try to feed them at the same time every day. Initially, use the same food and litter as provided by the breeder or shelter and change them gradually. If you manage to get a blanket or towel that smells like the breeder’s house, this will help your new kitten feel safe in the first few days in a new home where everything is different.

Even if you plan to let them in and out of the house, keep them in a few rooms first so they don’t get overwhelmed and you can keep an eye on them. For the first few days, let them explore at their own pace and don’t disturb them too much – stay close but let them come to you. Make sure to play with your kitten to keep him active, but let him sleep if he gets tired. Once they feel more confident, you can introduce them to other rooms in the house.

It’s best to have him checked by a vet immediately after bringing him home. Before introducing your kitten to the outside world, make sure he is vaccinated and neutered. It’s a good idea to put a microchip on them, because if they get lost or lost, you have a good chance of meeting them again. Castration can be done from the age of four months. This helps prevent unwanted litter, as well as protecting cats from certain cancers and reducing the risk of fighting with other cats.

What Do Cats Think About Us? You May Be Surprised

Our advice covers everything you need to think about before buying a new kitten – including where to get one.

Our veterinarians will provide advice on how to maintain your cat’s ideal body weight and how to identify your cat’s body composition.

Want to buy supplies for your new kitten? In our online shop we sell everything from food and toys to health products for cats.

Everything You Need To Know About Kittens

Get a Free Food and Exercise Guide Give your kitten the best start in life by reading the best exercise tips and nutritional advice from veterinary experts! #WeighUp Did you know that spring kicks off a phenomenon called kitten season? That’s right, it’s kitten season and it’s here! Depending on how you feel about cats, kitten season seems to be the best time of the year. Sounds like lots of candy, a round cat belly, and playtime all day long! Unfortunately, kitten season is not very intense, especially for the kittens and the people who decide to care for them. (There’s a lot of sweet stuff in there.) Here are answers to frequently asked questions about kitten season:

I Found Kittens What Do I Do? — Fresno Humane Animal Services

What’s cat season, you ask? As winter ends and the weather begins to warm, many unaffected female cats will go into heat. After sixty days, they begin to give birth to kittens. From March to October, many shelters are full of unwanted kittens, so if you are considering adopting or fostering a kitten, visit your local animal shelter. Kitten birthing season usually occurs twice a year, or once a year in cooler areas. California is unique in having an average cat season twice a year due to its warm climate. Cats are more likely to have kittens at other times of the year.

Kitten season usually coincides with a cat’s estrus period. November, December and January are the coldest months and cats usually overheat when the weather is nice.

When a cat is in heat, she is ready to meet her mate and conceive kittens. There are only certain times of the year when cats are in heat and this depends on the weather as explained above.

The number of kittens a cat can give birth to in one litter. On average, a cat can have 4 to 8 kittens. A cat can give birth to an average of 4-8 kittens per pregnancy and although a cat can become pregnant several times a year, the cat population is growing faster than the dog population. This is why spaying or neutering your cat is so important.

Munchkin Cat Breed… Everything You Need To Know At A Glance!

A cat can give birth to more than one litter in one pregnancy. During the average 7 day period when a cat is in heat, cats can meet and be inseminated by multiple males, as well as having multiple kittens at the same time – meaning they can soon give birth to kittens with different fathers!

Shelters and cat rescue organizations are always in need of donations and foster parents during kitten season. Adopting or caring for a kitten can provide you with hours of fun and entertainment. Of course, a kitten’s favorite toy is another kitten, so it’s worth considering adopting a second cat. Two kittens growing up together will be more social and interested in exploring new things. See more about why two kittens are better than one! Curious what it looks like? Read first-hand accounts of raising kittens. If this isn’t for you, check out organizations in your area that need items like litter, food, blankets, and toys. The thought of caring for juvenile kittens overwhelms many organizations. Their vulnerability, the time commitment required to keep them alive, and the fear of a bad outcome add to the stress for workers who have to deal with many daily tasks. (Seeing someone walk into a shelter with lots of newborn kittens can trigger an anxiety attack!)

But we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to panic about newborn kittens. This toolkit is designed to help any organization build a prepared, educated, and confident team ready to guide young children through the system when a box full of kids shows up at their door.

Everything You Need To Know About Kittens

While it’s not yet the time for newborn kittens to wander outside your home, it’s a good idea to let your community know what to do when they find babies that appear abandoned. Best Friends offers infographics in English and Spanish that you can download and share on social media.

Things You Should Know About Postnatal Care For Cats

There are also many great campaigns that emphasize leaving kittens where they are, such as the Don’t Nap Kittens campaign run by the Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS). (The JHS website also has a Friends video showing what to do if you find a kitten!)

Keeping cats is always easier if you don’t have too many. If your shelter has not implemented spay-neuter-return (TNVR) and return-to-field (RTF; also known as shelter-neuter-return or SNR), now is a good time to take steps to prevent: multiple pregnancies Possible. Our Community Cat Program Guide helps organizations get started with solid TNVR/RTF programming.

Once you start receiving calls from community members looking for kittens, it’s a good idea to prepare a list of basic questions for them:

Gathering this kind of information is useful in determining whether the kitten is comfortable where they are or needs help. In the latter case, instead of encouraging the kitten to be taken to a shelter, now is a good time to turn the finder into a foster. For more information on how to do this, see the “Tips and Tricks for Recruiting Poster Parents” section.

New Kitten Essentials Checklist — Woofpurnay Veterinary Hospital

Once newborn kittens begin arriving at the facility, the first 24 hours are critical to charting a path to success. Assessing the kitten’s age and health is the first step to take upon arrival.

Newborn kittens require very different care than two-week-old kittens, who have different needs than four-week-old kittens, which is why it is so important to determine the exact age of the kitten. Having a cheat sheet handy for recruiters can simplify the process and eliminate confusion about the steps to take during the entrance exam. Alley Cat Allies and Best Friends have produced a great guide with detailed photos and information about each growth stage.

Assessing your kitten’s health begins by measuring its basal temperature after ingestion. A kitten’s ideal body temperature is between 100 and 102 degrees. If they don’t fall into this range, they need to

Everything You Need To Know About Kittens

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