How Do I Know What Size Helmet I Need – Measuring the helmet for your head is important to make sure it fits. We designed the Lifer Helmet with safety in mind, and fitting it properly is important. It’s easy to do this with a soft measuring tape, but if you don’t have one you can use a cord or cell phone cord and then measure from a master tape measure or a hard measuring tape. You need to measure the circumference of your head and you want to wrap the measuring tape starting from the middle of your face above the thigh of your eye, then your head around your ears and the back of your head around your head in the middle of your face where you started. . Simply put you want to measure your head where your helmet normally sits or where you think your helmet should fit on your head above the thigh of your eye. Once you have your measurements compare the size charts on the Lifer Helmet product page to find the right Lifer.

It is important to note that our three helmets Mini Lifer, Lifer and Mega Lifer are 3 different shell sizes that we scale up and down by thinning and tightening the sizing straps.

How Do I Know What Size Helmet I Need

How Do I Know What Size Helmet I Need

If you’re ordering a hat for someone as a gift and don’t know their head measurement, it’s always a good idea to order a FITS ALL KIT to help the hat fit perfectly. The Fit All Kit comes with 7 different sizes and thicknesses.

How To Size Toddlers Bike Helmets

The Lifer helmet is available in 3 different shell sizes to accommodate different head sizes. We have the Mini Lifer which is the smallest shell, the Lifer which is the medium shell size and the Mega Lifer which is the largest size.

We measure each of the 3 different shells of the hat up and down by thinning and tightening the measuring tapes which are colored according to the size.

Fun fact: Most children ages 6 and under will fit into the S1 Mini Lifer Helmet. And 80% of people ages 7 and up fit the S1 Lifer Helmet.

If you’re buying a hat for someone and you can’t measure their head – follow this general rule of thumb. Ages 6 and under order the S1 Mini Lifer Helmet (and purchase the Fit All Kit for a perfect fit). Ages 7 and up order the S1 Lifer Helmet (and purchase Fit All Kits to fit the helmet).

Mizuno Mvp Series Adjustable System Two Tone Batting Helmet, Size No Size, Black White (9000)

It is very important that your S1 Lifer helmet fits correctly and is fitted properly. Your Lifer hat should be worn flat on the head and sit in the middle of your forehead. It is very important to always clip your helmet strap and adjust the strap to the correct length, allowing at least two fingers to be placed between your strap and your chin. You tighten the belt by pulling the excess belt through the helmet until you get the right length. The excess belt should be bent and secured using the rubber O-Ring. The flaps of the belt should be adjusted so that they rest below the eardrum. A properly worn hat should not be pulled back on your head, tied back or too low on your forehead. A well-fitted hat should be soft but not so tight that it gives you a headache. Your head should not move from side to side or back and forth. Once you’ve got the Lifer Hat in the right size and fit you’re ready to roll! If you have any questions about fitting the helmet or wearing instructions please email me or give us a call.

Enter your email below to request a new password. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. When it comes to cycling, prioritizing safety is essential, and a properly fitted bicycle helmet is an important part of your safety equipment. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a newbie, finding the right helmet can be difficult. This bike helmet size guide will simplify the process of selecting and fitting a bike helmet for optimal protection and comfort.

While many budget helmet manufacturers offer a one-size-fits-all design, they will offer a variety of sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Some industries use the head diameter (for example, size 52 to 56cm), while others use small/medium/large size.

How Do I Know What Size Helmet I Need

Understanding the importance of a well-fitting helmet is important. Helmets that are too big can slip, block your vision and provide insufficient protection. Conversely, a helmet that is too small can be uncomfortable and may not adequately cover your head, leaving you vulnerable to injury.

Helmet Size Guide

Regardless of whether you plan to be one of the first to join the district or plan to hang on to your traditional hat. However, we have created this guide to help you stay safe!

Once you have found your head size, compare it to the size chart provided by the helmet manufacturer or refer to the most common sizes used in the brands below. However, please remember, sizes can vary between brands, so it is necessary to check the specific manufacturer’s chart of the hat you are considering after using the hat size guide.

After determining the right size, try on several hats. It’s important to try different types and styles to find one that fits your head shape comfortably. The hat should sit flat on your head and be soft but not too tight. There should be no gap between the helmet and your head, and the chin strap should fit snugly.

When you find a comfortable hat, check the fit. The hat should sit flat on your head, with the front above your eyebrows. The back of the helmet should not touch the nape of your neck, and it should not be between the helmet and your head. The chin strap should fit and be secure.

Bike Helmet Step By Step Fitting Guide

Once you’ve found the right hat and adjusted it to fit, it’s important to wear it correctly. Make sure the seat belt is on and properly adjusted before doing any work. The helmet should sit flat on your head and not shift or shift during movement.

Over time, helmets can become damaged or worn, reducing their effectiveness in protecting your head. Replace your helmet if it has been involved in an impact or if it shows signs of rips and tears. In addition, helmets should be replaced every 5-10 years, even if they are not involved in an accident.

By following these steps in the helmet size guide, you can ensure that you are wearing the correct helmet size for your head, providing maximum protection during your activities. Stay safe out there!

How Do I Know What Size Helmet I Need

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Certified Eps Helmet

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to testing standards. It is well established that wearing a bicycle helmet increases head protection in the event of an accident. And this is backed up by decades of research. But not all hats are created…

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Size Matters: How To Fit Your Bike Helmet & Pick The Right Helmet Size

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How Do I Know What Size Helmet I Need

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