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Welcome to the club: proud, passionate people who love a little extra power in their frames! If it’s your first time, we’re here to help. Follow the step-by-step guide to get the most out of your readers!

How Do I Know What Strength Reading Glasses I Need

How Do I Know What Strength Reading Glasses I Need

STEP 1: DON’T BE NERVOUS. Click here to print our handy zoom chart. For accuracy when printing, set the option to ‘print to size’ rather than ‘scale to paper’! Doovic 4 Pack Computer Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking Anti Eyestrain Flexible Lightweight Readers For Women Men 3.0 Strength

Hold the printed chart 14 inches away from your face. Go ahead and wear corrective contacts if you have them – but no glasses, it’s cheating! Start reading from the top row and work your way down. The blurry first line shows your ideal magnification on the right.

Department store! This is the fun part. Now that you know your magnification, browse our site to find the perfect Reader for you!

If you ask us, they work to make you look amazing and give off an air of inexplicable wisdom. If you ask your eye doctor, they may say that reading glasses magnify all the information you see, making it easier to focus on close tasks like reading, writing, or playing solitaire (during work hours) on your computer screen.

Simply put, reader power refers to the +1.00 to +4.00 magnification intensity your lenses require. You can ask your eye care provider for help determining the right strength for you or take our convenient reader strength test.

Dayfarer Black +3.0 Strength Reading Glasses

The power of your reading glasses is measured in units called diopters. The higher the number, the stronger the magnification on your lens. If you choose strong reading glasses that don’t fit your eyes, you may experience side effects such as blurred text, headaches, and eye strain—all of which are suboptimal conditions for enjoyable reading. You deserve readers who can’t wait to open the book, and you look great doing it.

Our readers start with +1.00 as a lower power, and increase +0.25 to +3.00. We also offer the +3.00, +3.50 and +4.00 for those readers who need a little extra oomph in their power. As a rule of thumb, if you need a little boost to focus on something, you’re closer to +1.00. If the words look like inkblots on a Rorschach test… you may need a more serious strength like +4.00.

We’re not people to overgeneralize, so remember that as with any recipe, the reader’s power is in your eyeballs and yours alone. Although most people use readers with powers between +1.00 and +2.50 diopters, the power you need will inevitably evolve with your vision.

How Do I Know What Strength Reading Glasses I Need

Yes, indeed – unfortunately, nothing can stay gold, and that includes your close-up. It’s always worth building up your readership because you’ll have many years under your belt. Good thing you get some new eye candy out of the deal, right? Although the power of reading varies from case to case, most eye care professionals agree on some sort of age-specific guideline. 40 to 49 year olds generally require a reader power of +1.00 to +1.50. People between the ages of 50 and 59 typically use readers with a power of around +2.00, while those over 60 often need readers with a power of +2.50. It usually starts in the late 30s, early 40s, but the fine print is hard to read. It gets worse as time goes by. Don’t worry, this is due to a normal process called presbyopia.

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It goes without saying that the best prescription glasses for you are the ones your eye doctor provides.

However, you may find yourself in a situation where you can’t afford prescription glasses, but you still need something to help.

This article discusses the use of over-the-counter reading glasses known as “cheats.” These are available over the counter, but it’s up to you to decide what “strength” or “strength” you need. So how do you determine the strength of reading glasses you need?

Read this article carefully to get the latest prescription for your glasses. Now, let’s begin!

Reading Glasses Test

Eyeglass prescriptions can be tricky to interpret if you don’t know how they are written. I’ll be as detailed as possible here, but for more information on this you can read the article I wrote about how to read a prescription for glasses.

This is usually specified somewhere in the recipe. Generally, whether the prescription is for reading glasses, distance glasses, or both (bifocal/progressive glasses) is either written in the notes section of your prescription or listed on the lens options checklist.

If your doctor feels you need glasses for reading but not for distance vision, your prescription may be written that way.

How Do I Know What Strength Reading Glasses I Need

Alternatively, if your eye doctor has determined that you need separate glasses for distance vision and reading, you may have a prescription that looks like this. Hotjojo 3 Pack Reading Glasses For Women, Metal Half Frame Blue Light Blocking Computer Readers, Filter Uv Ray/glare/blue Ray Women’s Eyeglasses With Pouches (100 Magnification Strength)

If you have determined that your eyeglass prescription is specifically designed for reading, you can proceed to the section called Calculating the spherical equivalent of your eyeglass prescription.

However, if your prescription is for both distance, reading glasses, or progressive glasses, that is, if you have any numbers in the “ADD” section, you will need to calculate your reading prescription.

What we’re doing here is using the information on your prescription to determine the strength of your prescription.

It’s common to mistake the number in the “ADD” column for what the power of your reading glasses should be, but for the vast majority of people, that’s not the case. In fact, for most people, it’s not even close and will make your vision much worse!

Strength Assorted Reading Glasses

To find the correct power for your reading glasses, you need to add together the ‘ADD’ number and the ‘SPHERE’ number for each eye.

Note: Be very careful with the signs! The “SPHERE” number is preceded by a + or – sign. An ‘ADD’ number is always preceded by a + sign. When adding the two, make sure you are comfortable adding positive and negative numbers together if necessary.

Your prescription may or may not have any numbers in the “CYLINDER”, “AXIS” and “PRISM” columns. If there are any numbers here, they remain unchanged and are part of your prescription for reading glasses. Consider another example. Let’s say these are the numbers in your recipe.

How Do I Know What Strength Reading Glasses I Need

We arrived at these numbers by adding the number of ‘SPHERE’ to the number of ‘COŞMA’ in each eye, keeping the ‘CYLINDER’ and ‘AXIS’ equal. The calculations were as follows:

What Reading Glasses Strength Do I Need?

If you still have questions about this part, then ask me in the comments section of this article.

Now that we know the reading recipe, we need to deal with the number “CYLINDER” and “AXIS”. These numbers show how much astigmatism correction your prescription has.

Non-prescription reading glasses never include astigmatism correction. So we want to boil the reading recipe down to a number. This is called getting

, you can read the article I wrote about the spherical equivalent of your prescription.

Highly Strength Reading Glasses +6.00 7.00 8.00 9.00 ~+15.00 Readers Tr Square B

If you do not see any numbers in the “CYLINDER” and “OX” columns of your prescription, you are done with this step and go to the next section called “Accounting for differences between eyes”.

Likewise, if you see -0.25 in the ‘CYLINDER’ column for both eyes, you don’t need to do any calculations. A -0.25 in the “CYLINDER” column is not strong enough to affect the “equivalent circle” and it is simply dropped from the prescription along with the “OK” for that eye. So, if the “CYLINDER” of both eyes is -0.25, then proceed to calculate the difference between the eyes.

However, if the number in the “CYLINDER” column is -0.50 or higher, a calculation must be performed. to calculate

How Do I Know What Strength Reading Glasses I Need

Note: “CYLINDER” numbers are always (except in some rare cases) negative, so remember the signs. If you’re not comfortable using equations, follow the next few steps to arrive at the same number.

Know Your Reading Glasses Strength

Step 1: Look at the number “CYLINDER”. Does it end with a “0” or a “5”? If it ends with a “0”, go to step 3. If it ends with a “5”, go to step 2. Step 2: Subtract 0.25 from |CYLINDER. (absolute meaning of “CYLINDER”). This means ignoring the negative sign in front of the “CYLINDER” number for this step and subtracting 0.25 from that number. You must end with a number ending in “0”. For example, -2.75 → -2.50, -6.25 →

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