How Do I Know When I Need An Oil Change – Here, we are dedicated to making sure you have the healthiest and most beautiful eyelash extensions available. To achieve this, your lash technician will provide recommendations on the ongoing care and maintenance of your natural lashes and eyelash extensions at each visit. This includes identifying and recommending when a refill is needed and when a full kit is needed. Here are some of the things we keep in mind when making such recommendations.

Your natural eyelashes, like your hair, have their own growth cycle. Generally, the cycle of growth, maturity and natural shedding lasts 2-3 months. Since each lash is in a different stage of its cycle at any given time, you are constantly losing your natural lashes. Every time the eyelashes fall out, it takes the extensions with it. This is completely normal and regular and timely rotation of full sets and refills will ensure that your lashes always look their best.

How Do I Know When I Need An Oil Change

How Do I Know When I Need An Oil Change

In order for your eyelash extensions to look their best, it is important to keep your natural lashes as healthy as possible as they are the foundation of your extensions. As your extensions grow out, the point where the extensions bond to your natural lashes weakens. If the extensions have grown out too much, we recommend removing them and applying a new set to prevent curling and breakage to protect your natural lashes.

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Fillers are designed to fill in any obvious gaps that are left when the extensions naturally fall out. The area where your real lashes join the lash extension will weaken over time due to oil or other impurities. After about three weeks, the connection starts to become unstable and is ready to come loose. For this reason, we prefer not to refill after 3 weeks, as it is highly likely that a large number of your extensions will fall out within the next week.

That’s why we recommend that you attend a fulfillment appointment within the first three weeks after applying your new kit to get the most out of your extensions and get the best value for money. After 3 weeks, we recommend a new set to ensure your eyelash extensions last and always look their best.

When we apply a new set of eyelash extensions, we do it on clean, sticky and residue-free lashes. This is an ideal scenario for effectively linking extensions. When applying filler materials, we use glue on top of the already existing glue. This means that the bond is not as strong, and residue accumulates on the follicle, which is not ideal for the health of your lashes.

To maintain a full, soft and lush look, we recommend only 1 filling set (or in rare cases a maximum of two) between each full set. Think of it this way – if you apply hairspray too many times between washes, your hair will feel stiff and clumpy. Nobody wants lashes like that!

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Filling is intended as a maintenance procedure and not as a substitute for regular replacement of the complete set. The number of lash extensions used in the procedure is fixed and adds 50% to the amount of lashes in a full set – therefore this service costs less. The fillers are there to fill in any gaps caused by the natural loss of lashes between full sets. As long as you follow the timing guidelines between the full set and refill, your lashes should be 70-100%+ thicker than the full set after this appointment.

For best results, we recommend using the refill within three weeks of the original full set. Outside of this three-week period, the full package is better value for money.

Ladies ask us almost every day, “Why are my eyelashes falling out so fast this time?” or “I feel like my lashes aren’t as thick as I’d like…”.

How Do I Know When I Need An Oil Change

We are the eyelash extension specialist of choice serving the Brisbane/Logan area. Follow us on these social media platforms. Don’t panic if your plant needs a new pot. Regardless of the specific plant, most houseplants require repotting every 6 to 12 months. So how do you know when your plant needs a new pot? There are some signs that your houseplant needs a new pot, and depending on how fast your plants grow will determine how often you need to repot. I’ll walk you through the main indicators that your houseplant needs a new pot and give you some tips.

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My first piece of advice is to repot your houseplants in the spring if possible. The roots then actively grow into the new soil and this reduces the risk of transplant shock. What is transplant shock, you may ask? If your plant shows signs of stress after transplanting, it may be experiencing transplant shock. This can include wilting, so don’t overwater newly planted plants.

How often should you water the plant? Thirsty plants may indicate it’s time to repot, as the roots take up more space in the pot and there is less soil to hold moisture.

An easy way to tell if a plant is ready for a new pot is to look at the soil at the top of the pot for signs of roots. At the top of the pot, you can move or scrape the soil and feel the roots that have moved to the surface. Do you see roots growing through the holes in the bottom or showing on the surface of the soil? Roots appearing in these areas are a clear indication that the plant is potting and should be repotted as soon as possible.

Does the plant appear stopped or stunted? This is less obvious in the winter, but during the growing season when your plant appears to be stagnant or growth has slowed even with regular fertilizer and proper care.

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Container size. Do not put the pot in a container that is too large, as the plant may look unbalanced and the extra soil will retain the extra moisture

Sometimes you may find that the plant has been in the pot a little too long and is starting to root or has changed. In this case, it is definitely best to plant the plant in a pot and a half, which is up to 2 times larger than the original container. If the roots are really tied up, gently tease or cut them to separate them so they can grow into a new pot, I’d suggest you look up youtube for advice on that particular plant.

What material is the container made of? I usually choose light containers for my houseplants so that they are easy to move around when watering and taking photos. Terracotta containers can also help the soil dry out faster, so it may not be suitable for all houseplants. You can also buy special potting mix for terracotta containers.

How Do I Know When I Need An Oil Change

Another reason I repot my plants is because I want them to look good in my home! The color and style of the container should be your preference. The container should match the plant’s size, style, and your home decor.

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Often, when you bring a new plant home from a nursery, garden center, or wherever you buy your plants, it may need repotting. It is good to transplant new plants for several reasons. You can check the roots of the plants and see if they are healthy, free of root rot and disease. You can also ensure that the soil is free of bugs and plant your new houseplant in a premium potting mix to give it all the nutrients, fertilizers and trace elements it needs to continue to bloom and grow.

The soil used for transplanting is definitely an important factor. Special potting mixes are available for different houseplants and should be used whenever possible. Alternatively, a premium potting mix contains all the nutrients, fertilizers and trace elements for excellent plant health. When replanting, always add fresh soil to the existing plant soil. I do not recommend recycling the soil in case of disease, I add the used soil to the compost pile and garden.

If you follow all the steps above, you might as well fertilize your newly planted plant. A new pot provides room to grow, so feeding your plant with a suitable liquid plant food or slow-release fertilizer will encourage your plant to grow.

So now you know what to look for when your plant needs a new pot and what to consider when repotting. I will share the last rule for potting a plant. Always water your plant as soon as it is transplanted. This is important for two reasons: firstly, it stimulates the roots to grow into their new home, and secondly, it compacts the soil in the pot so you know if you need

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