How Do You Know What Size Lamp Shade You Need – You are shopping online. You come across the perfect lamp base. You can’t imagine life without it so you add to the cart and immediately push to purchase. It was a good decision –– one you don’t regret, but soon through that confirmation email you realize something, something big… It comes without a shadow. There is terror in your eyes and a pit in your stomach. How do you shade the lamp? What are the types of shades – what are the rules?

Don’t cry, this post is here to help you. And it’s not just for those of you in the particular picture I painted above (you should know by now that I like to be dramatic), it’s for those of you Who are sitting at home right now (*cough* everyone*cough*) looking around their house wondering how to add a lil’ extra flair and personality. I have an idea: let’s start with that “less interesting” eggshell-colored lampshade in the corner.

How Do You Know What Size Lamp Shade You Need

How Do You Know What Size Lamp Shade You Need

The sky is the limit when it comes to lamp bases and their colors. When done right, they can add so much to a room (as demonstrated 1 million times by the pleated lampshades in your Instagram feeds since last year, and yes, pleated shades will be included in this post). . We love a lamp, and we love it even more when its shade is cool, so let’s talk about what you need to know:

Inch Drum Shade. West African Ankara Fabric. Bright Blue And Orange

So I did a little research on the internet about what size your lampshade should actually be, and here’s the general consensus:

Your lamp shade should be about twice the height of the lamp base and about a third of the total height of the lamp. Need a visual? me also.

Hope this makes some sense to you… Now that we understand the rule, let’s talk about how to break it. After all, breaking the laws of reason means:

Who doesn’t love Athena Calderon aka Eye Swan? In my eyes, she can do zero wrong, so if she’s using an oversized lampshade (wow) and putting it in her kitchen (from DoubleWow and our 2020 kitchen trend predictions A) So maybe you should too.

Acrylic Lamp Shade Diffusers

This example of an oversized lamp shade is so good that I think I should stop here while we’re at the top… so let’s move on to the next section and I bet you’ll never guess that we Where to go next:

Now this is a difficult task, but it can be done and it can be done well. Let’s start with this example:

Chunky base, small lil lampshade. It’s cool, it’s vibey and honestly, it’s just perfect all around. Emily is also rocking the little lampshade thing and I have to say, I think I really like it:

How Do You Know What Size Lamp Shade You Need

Left: Our final room reveal Photo by sara ligorria-tramp | Right: Our budget basement is set up for sale. Photo by Sarah Ligoria Tramp

Comprehensive Lamp Shade Guide L Destination Lighting

Speaking of Emily’s latest living room reveal (pictured above left), please note that there isn’t a single lamp with a white lampshade (and no I’m not including the sconces because that is a completely different post) mainly female

So the point I’m trying to make is: vary the color and size of your lampshade, you won’t regret it. Heck why not even throw in a pattern for a real pop?

Now we encourage you to play around and break your rules, but if you need a starting place, we (of course) have 36 of our favorite lamp and shade pairings that will hopefully make your heart sing. will…

1. Moroccan cross lampshade and tripod floor lamp 2. Black and white stripe lampshade and tray table floor lamp 3. Burnt Orange Zigzag Lampshade and Window Pane Floor Lamp | 4. Cream Linen Knife Pleated Lampshade and Arched Floor Lamp Set | 5. Modern Half Dome Metal Lamp Shade and Mix and Match White Floor Lamp Base | 6. Buttercream Hard Back Empire Lampshade and Minimalist Tripod Floor Lamp | 7. Linen navy blue lampshade and faux wood floor lamp 8. Mustard Linen Lampshade and Isobel Floor Lamp | 9. Cream Linen Knife Pleated Lampshade & Pamela Floor Lamp | 10. Red Dome Fabric Lampshade and Medroot Glass Globe Floor Lamp | 11. Textured gallery, straight sided shade and standing floor lamp 12. Maradode fabric drum and rustic black metal Manvi floor lamp

Scandi Flowers Empire Lampshade, Scandi Style

1. Black linen drum table lamp shade and stacked marble table lamp 2. Navy Velvet Drum Lampshade and Mini Stick Table Lamp | 3. Nine pleated lampshade and gesso ring table lamp 4. Black White Kent Lampshade and Candle Matte Gray Ceramic Table Lamp | 5. Tufted Bungalow Lampshade and Angelo Rattan Table Lamp | 6. Dusky Pink Ivory Stripe Lampshade and Natural Wood Sierra Table Lamp Base | 7. Black and white stripe lampshade and small lamp base 8. Gallery Straight Sided Linen Drum Lampshade and Teak Table Lamp | 9. Linen Trim Drum Chandelier Shade and Delavan Tripod Table Lamp | 10. Metal lampshades and capon lamps 11. Rust Velvet Drum Lampshade and Terra Table Lamp | 12. River bed drum lamp shade and large ribbed glass LED table lamp

1. Nordic Gray Linen Knife Pleated Lampshade & Electa Table Lamp | 2. Buttercream Hardback Empire Lampshade and Rattan Table Lamp | 3. Navy Blue Mushroom Plate Lamp Shade and Small Lamp Base | 4. Black Chimney Empire Lampshade and Bennett Table Lamp | 5. Modern Half Dome Metal Lampshade and Ingrid Table Lamp 6. Cream Linen Knife Pleated Lampshade & Capone Lamp | 7. Gingham Buffalo Check Lampshade and Louis Ceramic Globe Mini Table Lamp | 8. Raffia Scalloped Lamp Shade & Glisan Table Lamp | 9. Linen Empire Lampshade and Asymmetric Mini Table Lamp | 10. Matilda Goad Signature Scallop Lampshade & Natural Acacia Wood Table Lamp Base | 11. Pink Knife Plate Lampshade and Pink Terrazzo Table Lamp | 12. Dark Blue Cone Shade and Margie Table Lamp

So did I make my case? What do you think about mixing and matching? Will you try this at home?? Share your thoughts and I’ll see you there 🙂

How Do You Know What Size Lamp Shade You Need

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Learning About Lamp Harps

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We love big lamps. While I wrote a post on choosing the right size lamp for your table or nightstand, the simple answer is 30″+ tall.

Edie Voile Lampshade (8

If you’re aiming for a lamp that’s thirty inches or more tall, you’ll have the proper measurements for the bed, couch, or desk that the lamp is completing.

The only exception to this is the mini lamp, which is my favorite thing to tuck into a small space. But I wouldn’t use a mini lamp alone on a desk or nightstand. It will be too short.

It’s worth noting that you may have a lamp shade size that’s too small or too large, so make sure you have the right size shade measurements.

How Do You Know What Size Lamp Shade You Need

Before shopping for a lamp shade, you need to know what type of fitting your lamp is designed to work with.

Trend Alert: Lamp Shades In Every Color And Style You Need Right Now

If your lamp has a harp, you will probably need a spider fitter. If it doesn’t have a harp, you’re probably looking at a bulb clip or UNO fitter.

While the possibilities are almost endless when buying lampshades, these are the most common lampshade styles.

With these, you can change the material, color, and pattern for a unique shade that makes your lamp shine.

The drum shed has top and bottom diameters that are the same width. They have straight sides and a contemporary look and feel.

Simple Rules For The Right Size Bedside Lamps Every Time

A tapered lampshade, like the one below, has a narrow top diameter and a wide bottom. However, it doesn’t have a slant as empire which is an exaggerated taper.

A tapered drum shade is a combination with a drum shade.


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