How Do You Know What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need – If you’re preparing for an adrenaline-pumping day on the go-kart track with TeamSport, safety should be your number one priority. Making sure your helmet fits properly is paramount.

In this guide, we’ll explore helmet sizing, how to measure your head for a go-kart helmet, and everything you need to know about choosing the perfect headgear from the TeamSport line of helmets so you can stay safe and enjoy trucking .

How Do You Know What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need

How Do You Know What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need

DON’T GUESS YOUR HELMET SIZE – helmets need to fit snugly and securely to protect you. Finding the right helmet size starts with accurately measuring your head. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Motorcycle Helmet Measurement Guide

Make sure it sits right over your ears. Hold the tape in place, take the measurement and note it.

Once you’ve measured your head, compare it to a helmet size chart. We have provided the detailed helmet size chart below for your reference, making it easier to determine your ideal size.

The measurement you made in Step 2 will be your key to finding the right size on the chart. Please note that helmet sizes may vary slightly between different brands, so always refer to the specific chart provided by TeamSport when racing at one of our locations.

Now that you have your head measured and understand how to read the helmet size chart, it’s time to choose the perfect TeamSport helmet for your next go-kart adventure.

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We’ll supply you with everything you need for a great day when you get to the track, including protective suits and helmets. For this reason, you need to know your helmet size when you arrive. You won’t be able to try on many helmets to find your fit.

There are a few additional factors to be aware of when preparing for your success on the slopes.

To maintain high standards of hygiene and grooming, wearing a balaclava is now mandatory when competing with us. You can buy a disposable ball from us when you arrive on site for just £1 or go green with one of our reusable cotton balls for £3.79.

How Do You Know What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need

If you are an experienced karter you are welcome to bring your own race gear and balaclava, subject to approval from our track team.

How Do I Determine My Correct Motorcycle Helmet Size?

You can also purchase a ball prior to your arrival at the time of booking your event—just let us know and we can include a disposable or reusable ball with your booking so you can simply pick it up on arrival.

When you’re going for gold and riding to victory, securing a helmet that fits is key. Loose helmets run the risk of slipping off during a race and becoming a distraction, or worse, coming off during a crash and potentially injuring you and your friends.

Conversely, a helmet that is too tight can lead to discomfort, making itself an obstacle to victory when it distracts you from a fight.

Helmets are the first line of defense when you hit the go-kart track. They protect your head from impacts and ensure you are safe during high speed racing. A well-fitting helmet not only enhances safety but also contributes to your overall performance and enjoyment.

How To Fit A Motorcycle Helmet

At TeamSport we stand for safety on both petrol and e-kart tracks. In the world of karting, safety should always be your first priority.

Finding the right helmet is a critical step in protecting yourself while enjoying the thrill of the track.

By accurately measuring your head and referring to the provided helmet size chart, you can ensure a secure and comfortable fit. So get ready, follow these instructions and get ready for an unforgettable karting experience with TeamSport.

How Do You Know What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need

Remember, when it comes to go-karting, safety and fun go hand in hand, and a well-fitting helmet is your key to both. As you drive the streets of Vietnam, you’ll get the impression that any helmet goes! The helmets come in a variety of shades and for about $5 you can take one home. This piece of plastic is as useful as any helmet.

Irh Helmet Fitting And Sizing Chart

Some of the best motorcycle helmet choices in Vietnam are: BELL, LS2, Yoho and Andes. Andes is made in Vietnam and can sometimes be easier to find than other brands. For these options, you will need to look for reliable motorcycle equipment suppliers. Saigon has a few quality gear shops and online shopping for a motorcycle helmet in Vietnam just got easier.

The biggest problem you will face is supply. With heavy import taxes from the government and low local demand for high quality products, the supply is not always there.

Buying a helmet is more than just looking at prices and choosing a paint job. Helmets have become highly technical pieces of equipment that can literally be the difference between life and death. Modern designs feature safety features such as impact-absorbing MIPS technology, which supports your head in the event of a fall, in line with the comfortable ventilation design and weight savings. If your cap isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to wear it, and even the safest motorcycle helmet in the world won’t help you if it doesn’t fit properly.

To help you navigate endless head protection options, we’ll break down helmet styles, sizing, fit, and how to find the best helmets in Vietnam.

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The style of motorcycle helmets you choose to wear is often dictated by the motorcycle you ride. Backpacking Vietnam on a scooter and riding to and from the beach, you’ll probably be fine with an airy, open-faced cap. On a dirt bike like the Honda XR150, riding mostly singletrack or the muddy trails just outside of Saigon, a light and well-ventilated dirt helmet is good. Full face, modular and dual sport helmets are generally for adventure riders who split their time between the roads and backroads from HCM to Hanoi. As for the half shell, it’s for brainless people for protection! Just kidding, but really, get something better than that.

Half Shell: The kind of helmet you wear to cross the street. If you ever have an accident where your head really needed to be protected, this Skull Cap isn’t going to do much for you.

Open Face: A step up from the Half Shell, an Open Face helmet is good for overall head protection, but still isn’t going to do much for your face. An ok choice for low speed riding or scootering.

How Do You Know What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need

Modular: A folding or modular helmet is similar to a full face with one additional option. The helmet unlocks from the chin and lifts up to reveal your face when NOT riding. The positive side of this is that the rider can easily lift the face of the helmet and talk to people or enter shops without removing the helmet.

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Full Face: The most protection you’ll find in a road helmet. Full face helmets wrap around your entire head, cushion the cheeks and have a visor to protect the eyes. As long as the helmet fits properly, this is the best protection you have against head injuries in the event of an accident. LS2 have a good range of full face helmets in Vietnam, see some examples of full face helmets currently available.

Dual Sport: Slightly different from a full face helmet, the dual sport helmet usually has the visor area cut out large enough to accommodate goggles. Also, there is an additional peak on the top like a dirt helmet to help with sun reflection. For the dual sport rider, this is a popular and versatile choice to use. When buying a dual sport helmet for Southeast Asia, make sure it is well ventilated.

Dirt Helmet: Typically the lightest helmet in every category except for the Skull Cap, a dirt helmet is designed for off-road use. These helmets are intended for lower speeds, are very well ventilated, and usually come in a variety of bold colors. Wearing one of these lightweight and ventilated dirt helmets available in Vietnam to tear up the singletrack is a good option.

Knowing your head shape helps you determine which helmet fits you best. For the most part, people fall into three main shapes: round oval, intermediate oval, and long oval.

Ls2 Ff353j Rapid Mini Plain Helmet

The easiest way to determine your head shape is to take a photo of your head from top to bottom. Have you ever seen the top of your head?

Most everyone is one of these three head shapes. Knowing what shape you are will help you choose your helmet.

Knowing your head size makes it easier to pre-select and buy motorcycle helmets online. Most major manufacturers will have online size charts for their helmets. Once you know your head size, you can narrow down your helmet choices even better. For this, you will need your friend again.

How Do You Know What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need

Tip: Don’t do it yourself. You can’t see the back of your head to know if you really have an even measurement all the way through.

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Before you commit to buying a helmet, you’ll want to wear it as much as possible. If you know someone who has a similar helmet to the one you want to buy, great. Wear it for at least 20 minutes, an hour is better. Watch TV, work on yours


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