How Do You Know What Type Of Turtle You Have – Although it may be common knowledge to some, others may end up draining the turtle or drowning the turtle. I met a woman who didn’t give water to a red-eared slider because she thought it was a turtle, and turtles don’t need water. So let’s clear the air and we will cover these words easily. I’m not going to cover any scientific groups blah blah blah, what they mean and what they agree with using these terms.

Scientifically, ‘Turtles’ are an all-encompassing group. Be it land or water or ocean, they all come under the group called ‘Turtles’. BUT in the same understanding, the word ‘turtle’ usually refers to those that can swim or that like water. This includes the common Red Eared Slider that we see in pet stores.

How Do You Know What Type Of Turtle You Have

How Do You Know What Type Of Turtle You Have

Turtles are hardy, legged and do not swim. They are no longer legal in Singapore so this term, unless you are at a zoo or looking at your child’s animal charts, probably doesn’t apply.

All About Box Turtles

Terrapins are semi-aquatic turtles, meaning they are a hybrid of land and water animals. Simply put, they are between a tortoise and a turtle. So let’s summarize it in commonly understood terms.

Of all the turtle species in the world, for some reason, only two species are allowed in Singapore. It’s your five dollar Red Eyed Slider and the rich man’s turtle, the Malayan Box Turtle.

In this site, when I say turtles, I am talking about the Red Eared Slider, NOT the Malayan Box Turtle. How come? Because if you were to drop $150 on a Malaya Box Turtle, chances are you’d have done your research. If you have any other types of computers, the original security instructions still apply.

Because this site is for Singaporeans and not a referee for a final research paper, I’ll skip the high-tech and scientific jargon and simplify the facts about red ear slides for you.

Sea Turtles On Maui Facts

Most people have no idea how big a turtle is at the time of purchase. Because of this, many are not prepared for the commitment required to care for such animals. How they grow depends on their gender. Females will grow larger than males.

When we measure size, we are talking about shell length or vertical carapace length. A male turtle grows up to 23cm (9 inches) and a female turtle grows up to 30cm (12 inches). Your 50 cents sized terrapin will grow to be a dinner plate, keep that in mind when preparing the shelter. How long it takes for them to reach maximum size depends on feeding. If you feed them, they grow at a faster rate which has consequences for their health. Otherwise, it will take 5-10 years to be given the right nutrition.

Unfortunately, no one can tell whether a turtle is male or female. Males and females can only be identified when they reach 10cm (4 inches) in length.

How Do You Know What Type Of Turtle You Have

Have you ever met someone who lost a turtle due to old age? Never. Because your turtles will be there when you get married and have children. If you already have a child, your turtles will be there at his university graduation. Because the turtle is known to live for 20-40 years, it is closer to 40 years for terrapins in captivity. To put things into perspective, a hamster’s lifespan is 2-3 years, a dog/cat’s lifespan is 10-15 years and your child’s lifespan is about 21-25 years.

Tortoise, Turtle Or Sea Turtle

Maybe. Each turtle, or any pet for that matter, has its own personality. Some are ambivalent while others are humble. It also depends on you as the owner. If you continue to provoke the turtle and enter a safe place, it may bite. I have never been bitten by a turtle myself, but I have heard of others who have had little turtles that have been bitten. Their bite is not gentle and they are persistent, often piercing the skin. I tried feeding a baby terrapin by hand and its bite hurts even for its size.

Yes and no. In their native areas of the United States and northern Mexico, they bloom (mostly freeze) during the cold season. This means that their jobs will be greatly reduced, this is their way of survival. But in Singapore’s conditions, they will never go into an explosive state due to our hot climate. Taking care of the Turtle is therefore very straightforward here. However, because they do not sleep, they grow quickly. Turtles are reptiles in the order Testudines, which is one of four orders of reptiles, the others being crocodilians, squamates (lizards and snakes) and rhynchocephalians (tuatara).

On this page we look at the 30 most common species of tortoises, from the desert tortoise world.

There are 356 species of turtles (including tortoises). Together, turtles only account for 3% of all reptiles; There are around 10 times as many species of snakes, and 20 times as many species of lizards, than there are species of turtles.

Weird And Wonderful Turtle And Tortoise Species

There are two main types of turtles: “Turtles-necked side” of the suborder Pleurodira; and “hidden-necked turtles” of the suborder Cryptodira; just over two-thirds of turtles are soft-necked turtles. Well-known species of turtles include tortoises, which are ground-dwelling turtles of the family Testudinidae; terrapins, which are usually small, aquatic turtles; and sea turtles, which are seven kinds of large sea turtles.

Below is a list of turtle species from around the world. We included turtles that are often kept as pets; two of the seven sea turtle species (you can see more on this page: Sea Turtles); North American turtles such as box, musk and turtles, and interesting turtle species from other parts of the world…

The African helmeted turtle is a small, side-necked turtle found throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and in Yemen in western Asia.

How Do You Know What Type Of Turtle You Have

Also known as “crocodile turtle” and “marsh terrapin”, this semi-aquatic animal can be found in both permanent and temporary bodies of water, but shows a preference for standing water such as ponds, swamps and rainwater above rivers.

Hawaiʻi’s Sea Turtles: Common Questions & Easy Solutions

The African helmeted turtle shares its habitat with African animals such as crocodiles, warthogs, hippopotamus, buffalo and rhinoceros. In recent years, it has been documented that some of these large animals benefit from a turtle that eats parasites from their bodies.

Unlike other members of the Pelomedusidae family, the African helmeted turtle does not have a hinged plastron, and therefore cannot enclose its head and forelegs in its shell by closing its plastron.

The Alabama red-bellied cooter is a member of the turtle family, Emydidae. It is found only in Alabama, USA, and is the official animal of that state.

This species is named after the orange-red color of its plastron. Females are slightly larger than males, with a maximum length of 35.5 cm / 14 in, compared to males’ 30 cm / 12 in.

Turtle Soup Disappeared Because People Ate Too Many Turtles

You can see more North American reptiles on this page: North American Reptiles List with Pictures & Facts

The alligator snapping turtle reaches a maximum weight of 100 kg / 220 lb., and has a carapace length of more than 80 cm / 2.62 ft., making it one of the largest freshwater species in the world. Only the softest Asian species of the Trionychidae family reach similar (or larger) sizes.

Named for its highly folded shell’s resemblance to alligator skin, the alligator snapping turtle is found in the southeastern United States. It lives in rivers that flow into the Gulf of Mexico.

How Do You Know What Type Of Turtle You Have

The alligator snapping turtle has an unusual way of feeding. The mouth of its tongue is like a worm, and by sitting motionless on the river with its mouth open, the turtle pulls the fish – attracted by the “worm” – into the cracks of its powerful jaws.

Ornate Box Turtle

The turtle will also eat a variety of other animals, including birds, snakes, mammals and even other turtles. Its powerful jaws can cut off a human finger.

The Arrau turtle is a large large-necked turtle, and the largest non-marine turtle, found in South and Central America. It is a member of the Podocnemididae family.

People of this species usually reach a carapace length of 90 cm / 35 in and a weight of 60 kg / 130 lbs., although the cases of Arrau turtles reach 100 kg / 220 lbs. it happened.

Although it is primarily herbivorous, the giant river turtle is a carnivore capable of eating decaying flesh and small animals when given the chance.

Meet Texas’s Strangest Turtle

The Arrau turtle used to be common along the banks of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers, but recently its population has declined significantly. It is widely hunted by local residents for its meat and eggs, even in areas where this practice is illegal.

The Asian giant softshell turtle is a member of the softshell turtle family, Trionychidae. Like other members of this family, it has a smooth carapace without scutes (bony plates), giving it a smooth, leathery and relatively “soft” feel. Adults are usually olive green, while juveniles are green


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