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This is a guest post by Dr. Letizia Alto of Dr. Semi-Partisan. Dr. Alto is currently a part-time hospitalist in Seattle, WA. She and her hospitalist husband, Kenji Asakura, MD, began investing in real estate together in early 2015, and since then they have built a large portfolio that currently includes more than 70 properties.

How Much Do You Need To Start Real Estate Investing

How Much Do You Need To Start Real Estate Investing

Their goal is to help other physicians achieve financial freedom through real estate while they are still young enough to enjoy it (Fast FIRE).

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. The course is aimed at helping doctors and other high income professionals with no experience investing in real estate get to the point where they can invest in a safe cash rental. And it comes with CME!

If you’ve ever thought about investing in real estate, you probably know that there are many ways to make money by owning a rental property.

There’s cash flow (the money you keep in your pocket after expenses), debt owed by your tenants, market appreciation, rental appreciation, and forced appreciation.

You also use the power of leverage, so you make money from the bank’s money. And then you add in the tax loopholes just for real estate investors and your income becomes exponential! It’s no wonder that many of America’s wealthiest families made their fortunes from owning real estate.

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Most people assume that you need a lot of money to make money in real estate. The truth of the matter is that you don’t need as much as you think.

In this post, I’ll show you the path to financial freedom through cash-for-hire, if you don’t have a lot of money. I do this by choosing your options if you invest $50,000 a year so that you are aware of all the options if you don’t have a lot of money right now.

Those of you who are regular readers of Rich Mom MD know that Bonnie often discusses how your perspective on money determines whether you will be in control of your finances and become wealthy. Well, the same can be said about investing in real estate.

How Much Do You Need To Start Real Estate Investing

Mindset is key to being a successful real estate investor. If you can overcome your fears and free yourself from limiting beliefs, it doesn’t matter how much cash you currently have to invest. You will understand how to do it. You will find a way to succeed.

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So, before you do anything, make sure that you really understand why you are investing (why) and start challenging some of your limiting beliefs (I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough money, etc.)

Just doing this, no matter how much money you have in hand, will make a difference in what you can do.

Now, you may not want to touch any money you have (starter home equity, 401K, rainy day fund) or make the necessary changes to make more money (cut expenses, work more). close) or make some drastic sacrifice (sell your primary home, live in an apartment building you own) because real estate investing is not a priority for you right now.

Now, another problem has a negative net worth. We all know that this is an extremely common situation for doctors, especially when you are fresh out of medical school or residency.

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I understand that this is a difficult situation. I’ve been there myself! If you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, it can be difficult to decide whether to buy a property instead of aggressively paying it off. Paying off debt has emotional benefits for many of us, even if it slows our path to financial freedom.

So, I know that investing in real estate while you have student loans isn’t the right path for everyone. In the end, you should do what you feel most comfortable with and what aligns with your “why” and your goals.

But here’s why I still buy rentals: they help you pay off your student loans faster than just saving to pay them off straight away.

How Much Do You Need To Start Real Estate Investing

When we buy property, Kenji and I buy deals that give at least 10% cash back. This cash flow is tax-free. Then when you add in the value of the shares paid up and all kinds of appreciation (remember, you’re also making money from the banks using leverage!). And then you add in the tax benefits you can get from getting real estate tax professional status and reinvesting your property income into more properties while you invest…. Your returns will increase quickly.

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When we modeled the analysis using our minimum income, we showed a return of more than 25% of income per year. The actual return on our personal portfolio is even higher.

That’s as opposed to just taking your after-tax dollars and putting them toward paying off your debts (and saving a little on the interest you paid).

The truth is: if you invest in cash rent instead of paying off your student loans, you’ll reach financial freedom faster.

So, now that we’ve dealt with not having any money and having significant student loans, let’s look at what your options are if you only have a small amount of cash.

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If you only have $50,000, you actually have a number of options to start investing in cash rentals (note that I’m excluding passive real estate investment methods, including syndication and debt funds in this article).

One of the best options is to buy, renovate, rent, refinance or BRRRR the property. This is an interesting model because you can do it for free. BRRRR stands for Buy, Rent, Rebuild, Refinance and Rebuild. The goal of the BRRRR strategy is to get all your money out of the property quickly and reuse it for future purchases. The key to this strategy is that you need to buy a property that needs to be rehabilitated at below market value. You buy the property with your $50,000 cash. Then you renovate the property and rent it out. The bank will then use the new rent to determine the value of the property, allowing you to walk away with significant equity and all the money you originally put down. When you win BRRRR successfully, you have infinite cashback.

The second option is to do something called “hacking at home”. If you use this strategy, you can buy a multifamily property for very little money using an FHA loan. With an FHA loan, you must live in the property (and rent out other units) to qualify for their low down payment program (only 3.5%). Home hacking allows you to buy a much larger property than you would otherwise be able to and pay minimal or no rent on your unit and save money for a second purchase.

How Much Do You Need To Start Real Estate Investing

The third option is a standard buyout, which is a 25% reduction on a $200,000 multifamily property. Depending on your market, you can buy 2 to 4 units with this amount.

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In this case, if you collect 10% cash on your duplex deal, you’ll make $5,000 a year in cash, plus your tenants will pay $2,500 a year on their mortgage. It doesn’t sound like you’ve done much to change your situation.

Because this is when you roll up your sleeves and start working on increasing the value of the duplex so you can turn it into a bigger property… soon.

First, you can increase the rent. When we look for what we call “hidden value” in an investment property, one of the most common things we see is below-market rent. Ideally, what you bought is a $200,000 duplex that was renting for $1,800 a month, but should actually be renting for $2,100 a month ($300 a month rent).

Other resources you can use to increase your property’s income without a minimum cost include renting out storage units, detached garages, adding pet rentals, paying for parking spaces, and adding coin laundry. Let’s say you raise the rent by $100 a month.

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The second thing you can do to increase the value of your property is to cut costs. You can do this at no cost by paying a utility bill or letting your tenants cover the cost of landscaping. Let’s say you save $200 a month here.

Let’s say you own the property for that entire year. And, as a result, you’ve added $600 a month in rent — and about $120,000 in value to your property. Although this may seem like a lot, it is actually true


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