How To Calculate Stop Loss In Forex – Stop Loss and Take Profit orders act as insurance, they are actually reversal orders. If, for example, a pair is bought, when the Loss of Money or Take Profit is initiated, a reverse trade is made (selling), profit locking (if TP is activated) or Loss (if SL is activated) .

Stop Loss (SL) is a protective order that limits a trader’s potential loss on an open position. It automatically closes the trade when a certain level or amount of loss is reached. Stop Loss is placed to limit loss or close profit. In the last time the order has been placed in a profitable position.

How To Calculate Stop Loss In Forex

How To Calculate Stop Loss In Forex

Take Profit (TP) is an order that takes profit without the trader participating. The order automatically closes the trade when the price reaches a certain level.

Trailing Stop Orders: Definition, Example

Both Stop Loss and Take Profit should be placed in accordance with the trader’s strategy. For your trading to be stable and successful, these orders are mandatory. Stop Loss minimizes losses and improves risk management.

Almost all trading strategies involve the use of Stop Loss and/or Take Profit. Each trader has their own money management method (MM) that tells them how much money they can afford to lose on each trade. This is the strategy where SL and TP are placed.

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The trader explains how much they stand to lose, according to MM, if something goes wrong. The strategy tells them where the Stop Loss should be.

How Do You Stop Loss In Forex Trading

A trader uses the Pin Bar strategy. At the top of the upward momentum, a Pin Bar pattern has been established, and the trader plans to open a sell trade. In this case, the Stop Loss will be placed after the maximum value of the candlestick signal. The Take Profit mark is the nearest support level. The ratio of possible profit and loss in this case is 3:1. In the first picture, you can see where the SL and TP should be placed in the trading strategy.

The Stop Loss is usually calculated in points from the entry of the trade, calculating the total loss that can be bought, expressed in the base currency of the deposit. The trader must calculate the price of the point and set the volume. For example, the Stop Loss is 40 points, the available loss is 100 USD; 100 USD/40 pips = point price is 2.25 USD. Therefore, the trade size is 0.25 lot.

With risk management, a trader can control risks. For example, if they receive a signal with a profit loss ratio of 1 to 1, the trader should think twice before entering this activity. The correct ratio of profit to loss is not less than 3 to 1.

How To Calculate Stop Loss In Forex

In the picture, we can see the complete Pin Bar, and if we calculate the trading strategy, we will see that the closest support level is as far as the Stop Loss, which gives a ratio of 1: 1. Therefore, we can filter this signal as it does not correspond to the MM.

Stop Loss And Take Profit

For the next example, let’s take a simple strategy based on Moving Averages (MA) and two Fractals. A trader receives a sell signal after the intersection of two MAs; then, after the trade is opened, a Stop Loss is placed. The target area of ​​SL here is the big fractal (that way you can ensure the trade from spurts and false movements). The trade should be closed at the time when the MAs cross in the opposite direction. As long as the crossing point is not known at the time of opening the position, the trader needs to move the Stop Loss manually, to keep it at a certain distance from the price.

If there is any doubt that the price will be able to go to the required area at least 3 times further than the distance to the Stop Loss, such trades should be better skipped. You should never place the SL lower than planned due to lack of funds or the desire to enter in large volume as this may involve foolish losses. The trade may be closed early, before the price moves in the desired direction.

Trailing Stop is a system that automatically moves the Stop Loss after the price at a certain distance from it. In the MT4 terminal, this function is launched by right-clicking. Then set the number of Trailing Stop points. As the profit in the open increases, the SL will automatically move. Remember that for the correct operation of the Trailing Stop the terminal must be opened.

In contrast to Stop Loss, Take Profit is rarely used. In such cases, the position is transferred to breakeven. Passing to breakeven means placing SL in a good position, and if triggered, the position is closed with profit, even though we did not use TP.

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Currently, there are many programs for the trader to live easily. While before the Stop Loss and Take Profit were set manually, and if it was to be changed, the trader had to make a modern order in several steps, today, things have become much easier. It is enough to left-click the order on the chart and drag it to the desired price level. Depending on where the order was shipped, SL or TP will be placed.

There are scripts and expert advisors that automatically set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels according to the set conditions of each new order. On the Net, you can find an advisor called Auto-MM with a short user guide, which calculates trading volume and automatically sets Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Many traders ignore the Stop Loss. To try to close the losing position personally, they begin to feel the trade and hope that the market will reverse in the direction they want. As a rule, such actions lead to great losses and reductions. Meanwhile, a properly placed Stop Loss helps limit losses to an affordable level according to MM.

How To Calculate Stop Loss In Forex

The use of Take Profit prevents the trader from making more profit in certain situations. The reason for this is that it is placed at a short distance from the level where the position was opened and it prevents the price from seeing its full potential for movement. In order to use protective orders correctly, a trader must study his strategy well and decide on the risks of the trade before he starts working.

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How To Calculate Stop Loss And Take Profit In Forex

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How To Calculate Stop Loss In Forex

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