How To Determine What Size Curtains You Need – This topic is very popular with us this year! Understandable… figuring out window treatments can be frustrating! As a complete visual learner, I’ll be sharing a tutorial on how to hang curtains, as well as examples of various window treatment tips and best practices for scenarios you may be stuck with!

I’m not big on design ‘rules’, but I appreciate general guidelines or formulas. Consider this a guide rather than a set of rules. There are always exceptions and variations, but that’s what almost always works out well for standard windows! I have made many mistakes over the years when hanging curtains, due to poor measurements, rushing to hang, or doing the job at the wrong length. I hope this helps save you from making the same mistakes!

How To Determine What Size Curtains You Need

How To Determine What Size Curtains You Need

In our last house, I left several windows facing the trees open without blinds or curtains. Nothing compares to natural light coming in! But I love what curtains can do to a room. Window treatments have practical benefits, such as saving more heat in the colder months and preventing too much direct sun from heating the house in the warmer months. Of course, it also has a visual advantage! Curtains and shades can add height, character, warmth and elegance to a room.

The Do’s + Don’ts Of Curtain Placement

If you have arched windows or a combination of arched windows, try one of these options. Curtains hanging higher and wider than the arched windows do not take away from the design, but add a lot of color warmth and functional use.

Shades and curtains for rectangular windows and shades only for arched windows. I love how this unit doesn’t take away from those stunning windows, it brings them to life.

Drama can be a good thing when it comes to curtains. Not sure what to do with those rooms with windows and high vaulted ceilings? Raise them high and dramatic! About 8-12 inches above the window and just touching or sweeping the floor will give a wall with higher ceilings much more height and visual balance.

If you have full-wall windows or doors, pulling back the curtains can be difficult! I love all the above examples of tall and wide curtains that add coziness to rooms while serving the practical needs of privacy and light blocking when needed.

How To Measure For Curtains? Custom Made Curtain Size Vs Window Sizes

This nursery corner by Ginny McDonald is a great example of boxed window shades. With bookshelves on both sides and a windowsill below, the woven shades were the perfect solution.

Is the window close to the wall or wall moldings? Try slider-style curtain rods and drapery arrangements. I love how Sarah of Room for Tuesday used a brass rod and rings on either side of her bed to hang curtains over her corner windows. They can easily slide to one side or the other without blocking too much window light.

Is there a window behind the bed frame? Try enclosing a curtain rod that is taller and wider than the window frame. Using rings on curtain rods can make it easier to slide the curtains back and forth along the rod as needed.

How To Determine What Size Curtains You Need

I personally love the style and practicality of both woven shades and curtains together. This allows you to direct more light into the room and is a great option if you want your curtains to be more decorative. Woven shades and blinds come in a variety of materials and qualities, but these days there are also a number of bells and whistles! You can choose custom size, wireless, remote, etc.

How To Hang Curtains: An Easy 4 Step Guide With Styling Tips

The roller blinds we have in Chiara’s room are by far the best quality. I felt much better having a more secure wireless option in her room and they are very easy to pull down and up. Custom shades can be a pretty penny, but there are some budget-friendly options that will work just fine!

ONE // TWO // THREE // FOUR // FIVE // SIX // SEVEN (in our dining room) // EIGHT

THIRTEEN // FOURTEEN // FIFTEEN // SIXTEEN // SEVENTEEN (we’ve used these curtain rods many times and love them!)

This is a roundup of curtains and shades from various locations and at various prices. I have used a few of these and am very happy with them in our home!

Curtain Size Calculator: The Right Size Can Make All The Difference

Unfortunately, there aren’t many size options in the field of curtains. WHY are there only a few standard sizes? And

Are they rarely the right length for regular homes? (These are random questions that I’m sure no one thinks about at 2am when they can’t sleep.) Size options seem to offer either too-short, swim-or-sink options for curtain lengths. Unless you’re ordering custom length curtains, you’ll typically have a 63 inch, 84 inch, 95 inch, or 108 inch size. I’ve rarely had the 84″ panel just nailed for the room, and often hang the curtain rod a few inches higher to accommodate the 95″ (or 96)” length. However, I have successfully used hem tape on IKEA curtains when you need a quick and easy seamless length correction!

The girls room is an example of going higher than I would normally recommend due to the length of the curtains. I found these curtains that I love and are 95 inches long. I used a total of 4 panels and really didn’t feel like they were all changed by a few inches. Since the room has high ceilings, we decided to raise them a few inches until the bottoms brushed the ground.

How To Determine What Size Curtains You Need

When determining the length of the curtain, always check the height of your walls! (Says someone who loves to guess the queue and has paid ten times for it.)French Fold and Custom Fold Style Panels have 2 to 2.5 times the fullness built in, so if you order a French Fold or Custom Fold Header Style, you should order panels that match the width of your window (rod). They cover your window with nice fullness.

Things You Need To Know About Air Curtains

Ripple pleat style curtains also have built-in fullness, with the full width of the drape being rail width. You can order the Ripple pleat style from the Custom Curtains page.

To ensure that curtain panels look full when closed, their combined width should be 2-2.5 times the width of the window/rod. The total width of the drapery should be at least 2 times the width of the window/rod. If you are hanging curtains just to frame the window and do not intend to close them, you can round up to 1.5 times the width.

Stack back is the amount of space the curtains take up in the fully open position. We made a stack back calculator for your reference:

Curtain rods/rails are usually 4-6″ above the top of the window. To make the ceiling appear higher, they should be closer to the ceiling. Curtains usually start below the rods/rails.

Choosing The Perfect Curtain Rods: A Guide To Size, Material, And Style By Kanika K

Tracks look best when installed directly on the ceiling. They work great with full height curtains. The rods are usually installed between the ceiling and the window. If you are having trouble deciding where to go. Follow the rule of thirds.

All linen fibers stretch over time. We recommend a stagger (1-3 inches) to cover any possible differences in the length of the finished curtain.

The Inverted Box Pleat is a really good option if you want the curtains to cover the track/rod when the curtains are closed by lowering the hooks on the back of the pleats.

How To Determine What Size Curtains You Need

I couldn’t be more pleased with my recent order. I ordered four pairs of Flow white Double Tailored Pleats for Dining and Great Room windows. Great room drapes beautifully scale the adjoining floor to ceiling windows. We hung the curtains straight out of the box – no steaming or pressing required. Really top notch custom look, stunning! We have received so many compliments. These custom curtains are very well made. I wouldn’t hesitate to order again. Special thanks to Justin/Customer Service. Her help in measuring the look I wanted was very helpful. Justin’s courtesy and professionalism are greatly appreciated.

Curtains For Bedroom: Best Ideas For Your Home

My experience has been wonderful. The website is easy to follow and the instructions for measuring are very good. The support staff is very helpful. I asked for a piece of tape to be sent with my samples as I already had the existing curtain rod and wanted to make sure it all worked. Samples arrived immediately. Custom curtains took about 3 weeks to arrive. The quality of work is amazing. They are perfect. I highly recommend Loft Curtains. If only everyone in our world worked like their business! Thank you for your honesty and quality.

Great, they were helpful with any questions before ordering and the curtains are absolutely beautiful – made our room! Quality product and customer service is just as good. Thank you for everything. There is a lot to think about when choosing window treatments for an interior design project. Although color and


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