How To Earn Profit In Intraday Trading – Trading in the stock market always comes with risk and if not done with proper research and caution can lead to huge losses, if you know the right strategies and proper analysis you can earn good profits on a daily basis but it Learn how to make a profit. Trade is important.

There are different types of trading and investment strategies but here is the question: Is Intraday investing profitable? Investing in the stock market is like an ongoing and uphill journey where you must be patient and strategic in your approach. At the same time, trading is a downward spiral that can benefit you in the short term if you apply the right strategies and maintain discipline in the stock market.

How To Earn Profit In Intraday Trading

How To Earn Profit In Intraday Trading

Unlike investing, intraday trading is the strategy of buying and selling shares on the same day of the stock market. It is also called as day trading and its main purpose is to earn profit through market index.

Intraday Trading Guide Tips Meaning Strategies Examples What Is Options

Intraday trading is not done for investment but with the aim of making quick profits by predicting market movements. This type of trading can be done in almost all types of stocks.

A stock price is 500 in the morning and by evening (3:15-3:30 PM) it increases to 550. You have already bought 1000 shares of that stock in the morning and if by evening (3:15- 3:30 PM) you sell all those stocks, then you will get a profit of 50,000 in just few hours. This is how intraday trading will work.

Although Intraday Trading may look like an interesting money making opportunity but can government employees do intraday trading? According to Section-16 of the Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964, Government servants cannot trade intra-day.

Intraday trading has its share of risks as a trader trades in a volatile market while executing orders in intraday trading. So here are some best tips for intraday trading that help a trader to make money in intraday trading.

What Is Intraday Trading

1). Moving Average: Most of the stock traders depend on the daily moving average (DMA) of the stock. This moving average which is one of the best indicators for intraday trading is a line on the charts that shows the behavior of the stock for a certain period of time and these charts show the opening and closing rates of a stock.

Therefore, with the help of this minimum average line, intraday traders get an idea of ​​the average closing rate and fluctuation in the price of a particular stock which helps them to make the right call regarding the stock.

2). Bollinger Bands: This band consists of three lines which are the upper limit, lower limit and moving average. Whenever the trading range of a particular stock is analyzed, it becomes easier to find price variations and act accordingly.

How To Earn Profit In Intraday Trading

3). Momentum Oscillators: Momentum oscillators measure how much stock prices have changed over time and help intraday traders predict whether stock prices will go up or down.

How To Make Money In Intraday Trading?

It ranges from 1-100 and helps traders decide whether to buy a stock based on the stock price movements between 1-100.

4). Relative Strength Index: Also known as RSI, ranges from 1-100 and graphically shows at what price point shares should be bought or sold. It is a linear graph that indicates recent stock price movements and helps traders determine whether a stock is in an overbought zone or an underbought zone.

If the stock price is above 70 then it is considered to be in overbought zone while if its price is below 30 then it indicates oversold zone.

These are some of the best indicators for intraday trading that can be called the best friends of an intraday trader because they give traders periodic updates on profit and loss so that they can make profits and avoid losses. Therefore, to be a successful intraday trader, understanding all these indicators is very important.

How To Learn Intraday Trading?

An intraday trader has various intraday trading strategies up his sleeve, based on which he is able to minimize losses and maximize profits. Some of these top internal strategies are:

1). Scalping: It is one of the important intraday trading strategies by which an intraday trader is able to multiply small profits in a single day due to small changes in stock prices. With the help of scalping, a trader can increase his profit if he executes the exit strategy well.

To implement a scaling strategy, a trader relies heavily on technical indicators such as candlestick patterns and the MACD, Supertrend, and RSI indicators. Learn in detail what scaling is and how it works in the trading world.

How To Earn Profit In Intraday Trading

2). Range Trading: With the help of range trading, day traders identify the range of buying and selling stocks in a short period of time. It is a popular trade that helps traders identify oversold and overbought zones of an asset (also known as resistance and support zones).

Effective Last Hour Intraday Trading Strategies

Intraday traders identify these zones by analyzing indicators and buying assets during oversold or resistance periods and selling them during oversold or resistance periods.

3). High Frequency Trading: This is a type of complex algorithmic financial trading that is used to transact many orders in a fraction of a second. This trading strategy uses complex algorithms to analyze multiple market conditions and place orders based on them.

With the help of this strategy, companies place multiple orders in seconds which creates liquidity in the market and allows them to.

4). News Based Trading: In this trading strategy, with the help of multiple news sources, traders try to identify events that can affect stock prices and make profits from them.

Traders Lose Money| Intraday Trading| Equity

For example, if traders learn from news sources that Company A intends to acquire Company B, such news may cause volatility in that particular stock and traders will use the news to their advantage. I can benefit.

These are some of the best intraday trading strategies that an intraday trader can use to make a profit from the stock market in one day.

You can become an intraday trader by using these successful intraday trading strategies, and now that you are interested in becoming an intraday trader, you will want to know how to pick intraday stocks.

How To Earn Profit In Intraday Trading

The most important and most important step in intraday trading is how to choose intraday stocks that will give you good returns which is the ultimate goal of an intraday trade. So it is important to keep these things in mind while selecting stocks for intraday trading:

Is Intraday Trading Profitable

1). Choose high volume trades: In the long term, changes in stock prices do not affect the profit margin of traders, as for day traders, the overall volume of trades is made up of high volume.

While selecting stocks for intraday trading you should go with stocks with high volume trading which are highly liquid like large cap and blue chip stocks which are shares of well known companies.

2). Pick the right stocks: It is always advisable to avoid relying on random recommendations from unreliable or unverified sources. It is always better to do your own research and analysis before trading.

You should avoid volatile stocks. Instead of investing your money in stocks that you see as volatile, you should identify stocks that are stable and invest in them as they will help you liquidate your position.

Secret Formula Of Intraday Trading Techniques

3). Pick maximum 2-3 stocks at a time: You should keep in mind that during day trading you should not pick more than 2-3 stocks in a day as more shares can be difficult to track.

4). Decide the price: As a trader, you decide a price at which you want to buy or sell a stock and choose those stocks in which your entry and target prices are clear. At the same time, you should also set a stop-loss order, so that your risk is minimized.

Stop-loss is an advanced order to sell a stock, where a stock is automatically sold when its price reaches a certain threshold. Stop loss can be an important strategy in reducing your losses. Learn what a stop loss is and why it is important to traders.

How To Earn Profit In Intraday Trading

5). Monitor your progress: You should monitor your order after placing it and once your order reaches the target or stop loss level, then you should exit.

How To Earn Rs. 5000 In Intraday Trading?

It is important to understand that the entry level is related to the buying price and the exit point is related to the selling price. The target price is an estimate of the future price.

6). Choose your trades according to the market trends: During day trading it becomes important to choose your trades according to the market trends because mostly those stocks which are trending will give you profit.

7). Always start trading after proper research: The most important thing to remember while trading intraday is that you should always trade after proper research and analysis as a trade.

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