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Tips for calculating your roof area so you know how many bundles per square meter you need to cover your roof area

How To Figure Out How Many Shingles For A Roof

How To Figure Out How Many Shingles For A Roof

Therefore, you need a new roof, whether to spruce up your newly built home or replace an existing roof. Like most North Americans, you made the smart decision to go with asphalt shingles, in large part because of their wide variety of styles and color mixes. Like most of your neighbors, you plan to have your shingles installed by a professional roofing contractor who will handle all of the material calculations; however, the following information will help you understand how to estimate the amount of shingles and accessory materials needed for your roof.

How To Install Roof Shingles

Calculating how many shingles you need for your roof is very similar to calculating how much carpet you need for your floors or how much wallpaper you need for your walls; simply determine the area of ​​your roof and divide by the area covered by each package of shingles.

Sounds simple, right? The only hard part is getting the actual measurements, and there are several ways to do this. Most likely, the roofer will physically get on the roof and use a good old-fashioned measuring tape to measure the area of ​​all the different roof sections and add them together. Of course, if the house is new, these values ​​can be easily obtained from architectural drawings.

Another rule of thumb that can give you a rough estimate of the roof area of ​​your new roof is to look at the amount of plywood used for the roof deck. Each piece of plywood measures 4 x 8 feet or 32 square feet, which, coincidentally, is almost exactly the same coverage as a bundle of traditional three-panel shingles. If this is a re-roofing project and you have access to the original files from the last shingle installation, this may help show the roof area.

Some roofs have simple shapes, such as the long gable roof of a bungalow, with a large rectangle at the front of the house and a similar sized rectangle at the back. Simply measure the length times the width. However, there are also complex roofs with a combination of shapes, planes and surfaces – rectangular, triangular and perhaps “for better measure” trapezoidal. No matter the shape or complexity of your roof, the goal is the same: measure the area of ​​all surfaces and add them together to get the total area.

Everything You Need To Know About Designer Shingles

Another option is to measure the square footage of your home’s top floor, or more accurately, the attic. If you use this method, you need to consider the slope of your roof. For example, a very steep roof on a 1,000 square foot attic will require more shingles than a lower pitched roof on an attic of the same size.

Your roofer will know that steeper roofs use more shingles than lower-slope roofs for the same home size, and the established slope multiplier factors make the calculation simple (see table below). Using this value and accounting for the additional roof area overhang at the soffit, you can get an approximation of the roof area without reaching the roof.

To use the table, simply multiply the projected horizontal area by the conversion factor for the appropriate roof slope. The result is the actual area of ​​the roof.

How To Figure Out How Many Shingles For A Roof

With recent technological innovations, newer roof measurement options involve satellite and/or drone imagery that, if calibrated correctly, can produce accurate roof area measurements. EagleView Technologies offers one such service. Roofers can use these tools to save time preparing roof area estimates and even export the information to homeowners in the form of job quotes.

The Right Stuff: Factors That Determine Roof Thickness

In the roofing industry, roof area is often expressed using a term called a “square,” which is 100 square feet of roof area. Although the area can also be measured in metric units (square meters), the imperial square foot unit is most commonly used and is only referenced in this blog.

Asphalt shingles are usually packaged with this in mind, but if a package of asphalt shingles covers the entire 100 square feet, it will be too heavy to handle. Therefore, most popular shingles are sold in such a way that it takes three bundles to cover one square meter of roof area. But be careful—not all shingle brands package three bundles into a square! Read the label carefully as some brands require more than three bundles to cover a square. Specialty shingles like Armourshake are heavier, so they are packaged in bundles of 20 square feet, or five bundles per square foot.

You can’t tell just by the number of shingles in a bundle, as shingle size and coverage vary by brand. For example, if Brand A has 20 shingles in a package, but Brand B has 26, Brand A’s bundle may cover more area. The key dimension you need to look at is the area covered by each bundle. By law, this information must appear on the shingle wrapper so consumers know how much product they are getting.

The chart below shows the average coverage area (in square feet) per bundle for all shingle brands.

Roofing Shingles Ultimate Guide With Price List In India

Now that you know how many bundles of shingles you need, you realize that there are other roofing materials to consider. While shingles are measured in area (square feet), most roof accessory products will be measured in length (linear feet). Therefore, your roofing contractor will also need to pay attention to the other roof dimensions selected, such as the total eave length, the total length of all valleys, and the length of all ridges and ridges, in order to properly calculate accessory roofing materials for the entire job.

Linear feet of eave length are required to provide an adequate roll of eaves protection film. For most roof structures, self-adhesive eave protectors are applied in one width of material, so the linear dimensions of the eaves are sufficient. For materials order, one roll of ArmorGard[tm] or StormShield[reg] ice and water protector is 65 feet long.

The total eaves length can be added to the total length of all rake edges to obtain the total linear feet required for drip edge. The same measurements can also be used to calculate the number of starting shingles you need. Leading Edge Plus[tm] shingles are ideal starter strips and can cover up to 123 linear feet in a bundle.

How To Figure Out How Many Shingles For A Roof

Once you have determined the number of eaves, simply subtract the area the eaves will cover from the total roof area to calculate the total area of ​​the underlayment. Since today’s synthetic roof underlayments (such as StormTite[reg]) are packaged in roomy 1, 000-square-foot rolls, two to three rolls should handle most roofs.

How To Find The Best Type Of Shingles For Your Home

Depending on the geometry of the roof, there may be valleys in the roof, and if so, the total linear feet of the valleys will need to be measured so that adequate valley flashing can be provided. Since eave membranes are recommended for valley applications, the requirements for valley membranes can simply be added to the requirements for eave membranes.

While only some roof designs will have valleys, all pitched roofs have at least one ridgeline, and many roofs have ridges. These need to be accomplished with capping, which in some cases can be cut from shingles on site, but more likely will be capped with shingles made specifically for the purpose.

The following ranges of ridge and ridge tiles are available. Their relative coverage in linear feet is shown.

Roofers who are storing shingles for future jobs may find it useful to know how many shingle bundles can fit on a pallet. The answer varies depending on the specific product. Here’s a handy chart showing how much of each product can fit on a standard pallet.

How Much Does A Shingle Roof Cost? (2023 Guide)

One final shingle calculation best left to an experienced roofing estimator is how much shingle waste is likely to be generated. While there are some industry rules of thumb (for example, smaller roofs tend to have a higher waste factor than larger roofs), it is difficult to accurately predict the percentage of shingles wasted.

However, you can consider around 10% to 15% as a general range. When the roof is complete, the quantity of strapping ordered may have been perfectly calculated and no

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