How To Figure Out What Size Curtains You Need – There are many things to think about when choosing window treatments for your interior design project While the color and pattern of your curtains are certainly important and play a big role in the feel of your space, the size and placement of the curtain panels is just as important. Below I’ve outlined some of the biggest mistakes we see homeowners make with their screens and ideas for easily fixing those mistakes.

Curtains look best when they are floor length Although some pants look too cut in the leg, that’s not the same for your window treatment If you are using ready-made curtain panels and they are not the exact length you need, purchase longer panels and place them at the correct height. You don’t need a workroom to hem them, your local tailor can do the job There are three floor length options:

How To Figure Out What Size Curtains You Need

How To Figure Out What Size Curtains You Need

Floating is the easiest to maintain, breaking down and puddling requires some fluffing and arranging each time the screen is moved. You should only go with curtains, if there is something under the window that does not allow the length of the floor, for example, a heat source. Usually, when we have that situation with our clients’ homes, we recommend using a Roman shade, which brings color and pattern to the room but can fit within the window frame.

Missprint Curtains Little Trees Charcoal Made To Measure Curtains Any Size

A curtain without enough fullness feels incomplete even if you’re on a budget and can afford half of the fabric you need. When the curtains are closed, you want to make sure they have some waves in them to give the appearance of fullness. Measure the width of your window and multiply it by 2 or 2.5 to calculate the appropriate width for the panels with the appropriate fullness.

The curtain rod should completely cover the window frame and then extend to the window trim on both sides. Being wider than the window with the curtain rod makes the window appear wider When the curtains are opened, the panels can be stacked in front of the wall instead of in front of the window, allowing more natural light into your room.

Hanging curtain rods over the window gives the height of the window and the room itself Best practice is to hang curtain rods midway from the window to the ceiling

For most of our interior design projects, we specify custom window treatments There are two main reasons we usually go the custom route with our clients, the first is the size of the window and the second is that our clients have hired us to build a custom home for them. Not only can we customize the size with custom window treatments but we have an unlimited choice of fabric and decorative trim and many options for pleat styles, allowing us to create something truly unique.

How To Make Windows Look Bigger With Curtains And Shades

Custom window treatments may not be the perfect fit for every project Sometimes you need value-driven solutions or a solution with a quick turnaround for your window treatments Although you have fewer fabric options with ready-made panels, there are still many beautiful choices available and some have additional details like tassels or edge banding that give them a more custom feel. A round-up of some of our favorite off the shelf curtain panels If you can’t find a panel that’s the right height you need, purchase panels that are taller and head them off locally. Remember, most of these listings are for single panels, not pairs, so make sure you order enough panels for your project. The first step to choosing a new screen is to measure it This way, you can see if your windows are more suitable for our ready made screens or if our Made to Measure express or designed for you services are a good fit.

Our step-by-step guide shows you how to take measurements quickly and accurately, or use our virtual appointment service to get help and advice from an appraiser.

As an alternative to window treatments that we will fit, book a home visit where one of our specialists will come to your home and measure the window for you.

How To Figure Out What Size Curtains You Need

We offer virtual and in-home appointments where you can speak to one of our estimators who will provide a combination of practical measurements, design and technical advice.

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Browse over 2,000 fabrics and if you want to see how the color will look in your home, just request 5 free samples. Create your product selection and partnership at Herbert Parkinson (our exclusive textile factory in Lancashire). Quality screens and blinds for your measurements

Simply visit your nearest store or alternatively book an in-home appointment and we will design soft furnishings for your home. Our designs for curtains and roman blinds are available in 4-10 weeks and you get access to over 4,000 fabrics across 20 brands with a wide range of patterns and color choices. If you need any help, our experts will be happy to help you with your project

We have a wide selection of fabrics that can be purchased online by the metre You can request 5 free samples which will arrive within 5 days We have more brands to choose from with thousands of fabrics in store

Defined by heading: This is the top of the screen where it joins your track or pole

What Size Of Curtains Should You Use For A Sliding Glass Door

Our ready-made curtains are only available in eyelet and pencil pleat heading styles, while our made-to-measure express curtains are available in a variety of heading styles:

Creates large, even folds for a contemporary look Suitable for use with curtain poles only The standard diameter of eyepieces is 40 mm.

For more headwear choices and fulfillment options just visit your nearest store or book an in-home appointment and we’ll custom design just for you.

How To Figure Out What Size Curtains You Need

Our ready-made lines come in a choice, while our made-to-measure express screens are available in a variety of line styles:

Fabric Calculations For Curtains And Blinds

Our 100% cotton standard line is an exceptional value, with the quality and drape of a natural fabric. Comes in two color options

Designed to block light and prevent fabric from fading in sunlight for a better night’s sleep. Comes in two color options Remember that no blackout line blocks 100% of light

For more line choices just visit your nearest store or book an in-home appointment and we’ll custom design just for you.

Available as part of our designed for you service we offer a range of decorative details for your windows and coordinating products such as cushions to complete any room. Window Curtain Panels Set Of 2, Thistle Design Dandelion Rod Pocket Curtains Drapes For Living Room Kitchen Bathroom, Washable Window Treatment Valances, 42x63inch, Gray

Available in a variety of heading styles, we have a specially selected range of 30 specially designed voice, head and net screens.

A valance is a piece of fabric that covers the curtain pole and track

Pelmets are decorative boards that can be made straight or into the shape of your choice Pelmets are used to cover tracks and create a striking window feature

How To Figure Out What Size Curtains You Need

Measure the total width of the track or pole (excluding finials) – don’t measure the window unless it’s wall-to-wall. Crystal Emotion Window Curtains Vanlance Rod Pocket Curtain Drapery For Living Room Kitchen Bathroom, Wild Marble, Soft&washable Small Window Treatment Valances, Abstract, 1 Panel, 54x18inch

Before measuring the length, decide whether you want your curtains to fall to the ceiling, below the ceiling, or to the floor. We recommend:

Pencil pleat curtains: Measure from the eye – the small metal ring at the bottom of each curtain ring This will protect the pole or ring from being obscured by the screen

Eyelet curtain: Use a pole with less than 10 cm of bracket projection to allow the deep “S” shaped wave to glide freely through the wall without obstruction.

If you have decided that you are designed for curtains and know what style and fabric you want, you can book a free appointment with us to visit your home so that we can accurately measure for you and fit the home. Can quote

Guide: How To Choose The Right Curtain Lengths

If you spend £1,000 or more on your furniture, you can extend the value of your purchase interest-free (representing 0% APR subject to terms and conditions).

Step 1 If your screens include parts or half-widths, place them on the outside edge of the window.

Step 2. Note the three drawn cords on the leading edge of the screen Pull the three cords at the outer edge of the curtain at the same time and gather the curtain to the desired width.

How To Figure Out What Size Curtains You Need

Step 3. Close the cord and neatly wind any excess cord to the provided cord. Do not cut off the excess cord as the pleats will need to come out to dry your screen

Measuring Windows For New Curtains

Step 1. For pencil pleat curtains, insert the heading tape hook into the top row of the pocket to hang the curtain under the pole or track. Insert the hook into the bottom row of the pocket for heading to cover the track

Step 2. Insert a hook into each end of the tape, then

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