How To Figure Shingles For A Roof – If you are repairing or replacing a roof, it is important to know how much roofing material will be required to complete the job. Different shingles have different measurements. Shingles usually come in three bundles per square. This handy guide discusses how many shingles are in a package, how many shingles you need depending on the type of shingles you use, and how many shingles you need per square foot.

There are 15 to 29 shingles in a bundle. Typically, a package covers 33 square feet. Packages usually weigh the same regardless of the number of shingles because they are designed to be carried by one person.

How To Figure Shingles For A Roof

How To Figure Shingles For A Roof

Roofs are measured in roof squares, each representing 100 square feet of roof. Since a package offers about 33 square feet of shingles, you will need approximately three packages per square foot. To find out how many square feet your roof has, you can divide the total square feet of your roof by 100. Remember that the square footage of your roof is not the same as the square footage of the house, it is about 50% to 60%. % more on a single story home after factoring in the garage. You also need to consider the waste factor, which typically ranges from 10% to 20% on most roofs. Roofing waste is material that overlaps or is cut off during installation.

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Once you’ve determined the square footage of the roof you need to cover, you can figure out the number of kits you need by dividing the total square footage by 33.

You will need one to two shingles per square foot, depending on the type and size of shingle you choose. As mentioned, a package will cover about 33 square feet of roof, regardless of type, so the question is not how many shingles you need (since they come in different sizes), but how many bundles of shingles you need. Simply take the total square footage and divide by 33 to get that answer, then add a waste factor of between 10% and 20% of your roof size.

The slope of your roof affects the number of shingle bundles you need. Homes with steeper roofs have more roof to cover, so make sure you measure the roof correctly to know the actual square footage.

The pitch or pitch of a roof is measured by the rise in feet of the roof over the roof legs. Most home pitches fall between 3/12 and 12/12. These numbers help you find the roof slope multiplier, which then allows you to find the total area by multiplying it by the area your roof covers.

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To save some time and brainpower, you can refer to the table of common roofing multipliers below.

So even though you get, say, fewer architectural shingles in a bundle than standard shingles, those architectural shingles take up more space, so the square footage is about the same.

It’s a good idea to include a few extra packages when ordering for your roofing project for a variety of reasons. Complex roofs especially require additional flashings to be cut to fit complex roof edges and corners.

How To Figure Shingles For A Roof

Additional covers will come in handy for repairs down the road when your roof is exposed to high winds and precipitation. An extra pack or two also helps keep your property compliant should you need an extra touch of roofing on your lot.

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“If you choose to store extra shingles, store them in a flat area out of direct sunlight,” says Amy Feller, a member of the Expert Review Board and owner of Roofer Chicks in New Braunfels, Texas. “Shender will dry out and become brittle over time. This will help your buzzer last longer. You should keep a few extra especially if you have ordered an unusual color or type of shingle, sometimes shingle production is discontinued.”

It’s best to hire a professional roofer to handle any shingle replacement work, although homeowners with extensive roofing experience can handle it themselves.

The shingle will be installed on your roof before any other material, so it’s important that you have the right amount. You will need at least one square of siding for each roof on your home. You also have to consider some waste with the substrate. Each row must overlap the previous one, so it requires 5% to 10% more than the square meter.

Of course, you’ll want your shingles to stay in place. This is where nails are a necessity. Each shingle should receive at least four nails. You can determine how many nails you need by multiplying the number of shingles needed (which you calculated earlier) by four.

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Some dimensional shingles have a higher wind rating if you use six nails, so you should check the manufacturer’s specifications before ordering.

However, if you live in an area prone to inclement weather, it’s helpful to go ahead and select six nails per shingle. You would use the same formula, substituting six nails for four.

Amy Feller was born and raised in Marshalltown, Iowa. While attending Iowa State, her brother Scott started a roofing crew during the summer, and Amy went to work for him on the crew, eventually becoming a crew foreman. In 2016, Ami branched out on her own and opened Feller Roofing of New Braunfels, which was renamed Roofer Chicks in 2021. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home improvement, home improvement and DIY. Tried, true, trusted home advice

How To Figure Shingles For A Roof

How to measure a roof for shingles. Don’t spend more than you need to, or spend a shingle at the end of the program.

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Learning how to measure a roof for shingles is important for any DIY who wants to tackle roofing, as this information is essential to ensure you have the right amount of shingles needed to complete the project. A roof square meter, roof square meter, or shingle calculator can help. However, if you don’t know how to measure your roof, the measurements you enter into the roofing shingles calculator can be incorrect, causing you to buy too many shingles or not nearly enough.

The best method to get accurate roof measurements is to go up to the roof with a tape measure, notepad, and pencil to measure each plane by hand before calculating the square footage, roof squares, and number of shingles required for the job. . Just be sure to take the proper safety precautions and follow these steps to learn how to measure a roof for shingles.

Don’t go up on the roof without taking some time to draw a top view of the roof in your notebook so that the measurements can be recorded in the correct dimensions of the roof. Each area of ​​the roof is a separate plane, which means that when you draw these areas, they must be represented by clear, distinct 2D shapes, like a rectangle or a square.

Your outline does not need to be drawn to scale, it is simply a basic image of your roof to help you label the length and width of each plane as you measure. Don’t worry about adding perspective to the drawing to account for the slope of the roof; just draw the roof as it will appear from above.

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Safety is the most important concern when it comes to working at heights. Before you begin, be sure to place the ladder on level ground with its base extending at least 3 feet (or 0.91 meters) from the edge of the roof. This will provide a stable footing for you to climb up. In addition, a second person is needed to keep the ladder off the ground and will also be responsible for calling an ambulance in the event of an emergency.

To avoid any slips, trips or falls that could result in injury or death, the use of fall arrest equipment such as seat belts, shock absorbing lanyards and braided lifelines is recommended. When climbing a ladder, keep your notebook, pencil and tape in your pocket to ensure you always have at least three points of contact. It is also recommended to wear closed-toed footwear with good grip, which will help improve traction on the roof.

Walk up to the top of the roof to get an idea of ​​the layout, and be sure to point the sketch at the top of the notebook to your current position. This will help ensure that you are labeling each aircraft accurately. Select the first section of roof to be measured and place your tape measure along the length of the plane. Write down the first measurement in the appropriate place in your notebook, then place the tape across the width of the plane to find the appropriate measurement.

How To Figure Shingles For A Roof

If you are measuring from the top of the roof (perpendicular to the roof), you will need to plant your feet on one side of the roof and insert the tape measure to the bottom edge. Measure from edge to edge

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