How To Know What Size Generator For My House – A solar generator is a very convenient and versatile power source. You can use one to access power on the go or as a backup energy source for your home. Before you buy one, you might be asking yourself, what size solar generator do I need?

This is indeed an important question. Buying the right size solar generator will ensure you have an optimal power source without paying more for one than you have to.

How To Know What Size Generator For My House

How To Know What Size Generator For My House

But perhaps the real question you should be asking is, what size power station do I need for my solar generator?

How To Calculate What Size Generator You Need

This is because a “solar generator” can technically refer to a solar cell solution that combines two (or more) components. A solar generator consists of:

In this article, we’ll help you figure out which size power station is best suited for your solar generator goals. Keep reading to learn how to calculate the right power plant size, along with other information about solar generators, so you can make the best choice.

How big are power plants? Power plants are usually sized in watts (W). This is a measure of power used to calculate the rate of energy transfer. But what you really need to know is that the higher the wattage of a power plant, the more power it can give you on a single charge.

That said, there are different wattages to be aware of when deciding on a power plant. Continuous power

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The first measurement is usually called continuous power. This is the amount of power that a power plant can deliver consistently.

The second measurement is usually called peak power. This is the maximum amount of power that a power plant can provide in a short burst.

Here is an example. Keep that in mind when you turn on your air conditioner. It needs a fast power supply to get started. It’s peak power. But the amount of current needed to continuously operate the AC unit is generally lower. It is constant power.

How To Know What Size Generator For My House

Some appliances, such as refrigerators, need an amperage of 3-7 times their normal power requirement to start. Keep in mind that your power station must handle this peak power requirement to power the appliance. So if you’re looking for a solar generator to power a refrigerator, just meeting the continuous power requirements isn’t enough.

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Continuous power will likely be the most effective number for you to consider. It’s what tells you how much power you get from a single charge of your power plant under normal conditions.

Sells power plants to meet a wide range of energy consumption needs. Our products range from 167Wh capacity to as high as 2,060Wh capacity.

To find out which product offers the right power capacity for you, you need to perform the following calculations:

The first part of choosing the right power plant for your needs is to understand what those needs are. This means choosing the specific devices you want to power with your solar generator and setting a rough estimate of how long you want its power plant to provide that power.

Generac Power Systems

Tip: Be sure to only select devices that you can connect to your power station. For example, things like water heaters are often plugged into your home. So chances are you wouldn’t be able to run one with a power station. (Unless you also connect that device to your home.)

Once you know what you want to drive, it’s time to figure out how much energy you need to do it.

The starting point for calculating this is to find out how many watts your devices need to run. This number is often listed somewhere on the device itself. But if you only see a measurement for amps, you can multiply that number by the item’s voltage to convert to watts.

How To Know What Size Generator For My House

Next, you need to choose how many hours you want to be able to use each of your devices. Then multiply the number of hours you have chosen by the wattage for each item. This gives you the total watt hours you need to power each device.

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You want to run two 60 watt bulbs for two hours each. To find the total amount of watt-hours of power you need:

Then divide your answer by 0.85 to account for a constant 85% power consumption when the device is in charge.

This results in you needing a power plant that can provide at least about 564 watt hours to reach your goal of being able to power two 60 watt light bulbs for 2 hours each.

You must perform the calculation shown in the previous step for each item you wish to power with your solar generator.

Whole House Generator Cost — By Size, Type & Brand

Then simply add up all the answers to get the total number of watt hours you need the power plant to provide and meet the goals you have for it.

For example, let’s say you need 400 watt-hours to power your lights, 300 to charge your phone, and 300 to charge your laptop. Your total watt-hour requirement would be 1,000 (400 + 300 + 300).

At this stage, you have all the information you need to choose the right portable power plant.

How To Know What Size Generator For My House

Simply take your answer from step 3 and compare it to the power offered by each power station you are looking at. Just make sure you choose a power plant that has a higher output than your total watt hour requirement calculated in step 3.

Solved! How Big Of A Generator Do I Need?

Note that unless you buy a large solar generator (like the Solar Generator 1500 with a 1,534 Wh capacity portable power station), you probably won’t be able to power most appliances in your house for several hours with a solar-powered generator.

If you find that the answer you got in step 3 is higher than almost any power plant you’re looking at, you may need to go back and reevaluate what you really need to power it. If you can get down to just the essentials, you’ll find a solar generator that works for you without breaking your budget to buy it.

Running out of power can never be fun. That is why different sizes and capacities of solar generators have been designed. Whether you’re looking for a backup solution for the home or a powerhouse for your outdoor adventure, an impressive product line offers every scenario.

When you’re on an outdoor adventure, the last thing you want to worry about is running out of power. One-day outdoor adventures such as backpacking, hiking, fishing, etc. require a portable power solution. The Explorer 240, 300 and 500 are compact enough to be packed as essential equipment during such trips.

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With its impressive 240Wh battery capacity, the Solar Generator 240 easily charges small devices such as laptops and smartphones, ensuring you stay charged to enjoy every moment. The slightly larger power solutions Explorer 300 and Solar Generator 500 have a battery capacity of 293Wh and 518Wh respectively.

Since these solar generators are lightweight and portable, they are highly preferred for short trips with moderate power requirements.

Note: The power shown in the table may vary depending on the model and type of appliance you are using.

How To Know What Size Generator For My House

Whether you’re heading out on a car camping trip, pitching a tent in the wilderness, or immersing yourself in the buzzing atmosphere of a music festival, having a reliable and portable power solution is essential.

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The Solar Generator 500 is a truly portable solution that can keep your small devices charged for 1-2 days, ensuring you stay connected and powered throughout your adventure. Whether you rely on your smartphone to capture breathtaking moments, illuminate your campsite with lights or amplify the atmosphere with speakers, the Solar Generator 500 is the perfect choice.

For those looking for even more power during their camping trips, the Solar Generator 1000 is designed to take things to the next level. With a battery capacity of 1002Wh and a power boost of 2000W, it can charge not only small devices but also CPAP and coolers that require a little more power.

Note! The wattage specified in the table may vary depending on the model and type of appliance you use.

The Solar Generator 500 or 1000 Pro sounds like the perfect choice if you want to make your off-grid experience more convenient. While the Solar Generator 500, with a battery capacity of 518Wh, can charge most van appliances, the Solar Generator 1000 Pro is highly recommended to keep most devices charged.

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The Solar Generator 1000 Pro can charge most outdoor devices in your van, and the flat top allows you to save space. You can stack items over the solar generator and enjoy extra space. If you are a beginner and do not have a custom electrical system like 12V or 24V in your van, it is better to look for batteries like Solar Generator 1000 Pro or 1500 Pro and use it as a complete system.

Campers often find it difficult to choose a power solution that takes up less space and provides stable electricity to all devices.

Solar Generator 1000 Pro is one of the reliable choices for campers, all thanks to its compact nature

How To Know What Size Generator For My House

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