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If you’re not sure how to check your face shape or how to find glasses and sunglasses that complement your eyes, read our guide!

How To Know What Size Glasses You Need

How To Know What Size Glasses You Need

Before writing down any number, you need to know where to find the lens size. Therefore, take a closer look at the temples (‘arms’) of your glasses if possible.

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You can use old glasses or sunglasses that fit your face well. If you don’t have any, try a pair on a friend to see if it fits you.

If you look closely at the inscriptions on the frame, you will see numbers that will help you find the right size for your new glasses.

Just keep in mind that every glass is different and the fit may vary depending on the manufacturer.

If you can’t find the number or specification on your old sunglasses or glasses, don’t worry. That just means it’s time to put your scouting skills to the test.

How To Find Your Glasses Size: A Step By Step Guide

Take a ruler or tape measure and carefully measure the size of the cup, following the diagram below.

Since the large size can be a little confusing, the sunglasses in the online store are labeled S (small), M (medium) or L (large), e.g. depending on the width of the hole.

Here’s another way to use your trusted credit card. Did you know that a small part of a credit card is about the width of a half size glasseslens? With our large selection of Readers in many beautiful colors and shapes, it has never been easier to buy reading glasses online. But how do you make sure the frames fit?

How To Know What Size Glasses You Need

We have created a guide for you, which can help you find the right frame size.

Eyeglasses Frame Size Chart: Choosing The Right Frame Size

An easy way to determine what type of frame you are using is to look at your current glasses or sunglasses. Please note that it may vary depending on the manufacturer, but most of the time you can find some information about the model name and center code inside the temple. You will also see some numbers that show the size of your frame.

18: This describes the width of the nose bridge, which is the distance between the glasses measured across your nose.

140: This describes the length of God’s palace. There are usually 3 standard lengths – 135, 140 or 145.

If you add the diameter of my eyes and the width of the nose (50+18) you will get 68. You can also wear glasses in size 48 [] 20 – 140, which together add up to 68 (48). +20=68). The number 68 defines the cup size and this number is important to calculate when you want to find your center size. If your glasses fit well and comfortably, you can use the size of your current glasses to find the right pair of readers in our webshop.

Which Eyeglasses Are Right For You? A Guide To Find The Perfect Pair

However, if you don’t have a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses, you can take a look at our readers style guide, where you can read more about a pair of reading glasses that we believe are will suit you and your face. size. Our temples are made with spring rings, which make the frame adjustable to the size of the head, so they are comfortable to wear whether you have a small, medium or wide head.

Pupil distance (PD) is the distance measured between the pupils of the eye, and indicates the center of your eyes, to ensure that your correction is in front of your pupils. In other words, your PD is used to determine where you are looking through the lenses of your glasses to ensure that you are using your glasses to get the best possible vision. The average PD for an adult is usually 62 mm.

All our readers are made with 62 mm CD. With a reading glass, the PD/CD can vary (as explained above) by a few millimeters depending on the power you use. This means that you can safely use our reading glasses if you have a PD between 55-69 mm. It can be difficult to identify your PD, unless you already know the size of your PD from a previous visit to your eye doctor. If you experience headaches while wearing reading glasses, it’s always a good idea to have your PD measured by an optometrist to make sure your reading glasses are right for you. In a mirror designer, glasses are screened by type and shape to create a selection list. Size is another key factor when deciding on frames and getting the right fit will ensure that the frames you choose look and fit well.

How To Know What Size Glasses You Need

Depending on the brand and model of the frame, you will be asked to ‘Select your bridge size’ when ordering online. This will be in the form: hole width (mm) X bed width (mm).

Sizes & Face Shape Guide

If you have existing glasses, check your current frame size by looking for the printed sizes (usually found on the arm or leg).

By calculating the center width, which will be approx. (2x Lens width) + width, you get an indication of whether the frame will be too wide or too narrow. A tolerance of 1cm is allowed either way. Remember, the sizes don’t have to be exactly the same, but the closer they are to your current ‘favorite’ glasses, the more your new ones will look like your face.

If you have any questions about the center size please contact us on + 44 (0) 800 731 8118 or email: [email protected]

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Find Your Fit

Since we know that buying glasses is not something we always do, so it must be done properly, to get relief for a long time. You must have what you are looking for without any hassle.

It is very important that you know your frame size when looking for glasses in the online business because you may not get 100% correct if you have not provided correct information. Let us guide you through the image description, so that you can have an idea about your next or first frame size, so that you can get what your eyes want.

We will now guide you to buy the right display for yourself if you have been buying for a long time but you do not know the size, or you are a first time buyer and have no knowledge about this.

How To Know What Size Glasses You Need

The most important rule when it comes to choosing the size of your frame is that it should not be too small or too big when you put it on your face. A weight that will make you feel heavier and heavier, will not make you feel good.

Petite Eyeglasses For Small Faces

Another disadvantage of such large frames is that they make your eyes look smaller than before. To check if you’re wearing the right size frame, make sure you can’t look down or up and to the side of the frame without looking at that area. Also, lenses should protect around 80 to 90% of your field of vision.

A bridge of the nose is important because although the frame looks very good, it also helps a person to see clearly & better. The distance between the two eye aids reduces stress on the eyes, helps by lowering the nasal area, and does not cause too much pressure on the inner eye area.

These things are really important since such ill-fitting glasses often cause many issues like marks around the nose and eyes and create headaches and stress in your eyes.

One of the main concerns when choosing the right frames is the perfect frame design, which helps one see clearly. It means that the lenses are directly in front of your eyes, which helps you see better, without stressing your eye area.

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Well, this is really true because heavy frames become the cause of headaches or problems in your eyes. There is a greater chance that the frame will come out of the nose if the load is heavier. But we are not saying that you should buy soft plastic ones since they are small. We carry frames made of titanium which is still light and strong if compared to other types of frames.

A stress-free process if you already have a freestyle that suits you 100%


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