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Lamps are one of the longest lasting household items. They are easy to repair or rewire, making them instant family heirlooms. You probably have a lamp or two that you inherited from generations gone by (or one or two that you picked up at an antique store). While lamps can last forever, their lampshades do not. Over time, shades can yellow, become damaged or simply go out of style. No matter the reason, the real mystery is understanding how to choose a replacement.

How To Know What Size Lamp Shade You Need

How To Know What Size Lamp Shade You Need

When choosing a lampshade, you need to be armed with measurements. Anna Louise Carter, decorator and blogger at Designed by Dixon, says: “A general rule of thumb is that the diameter of the lampshade should be about twice the width of the widest part of the lamp base.” Carter says the shade should cover the bulb socket, and no more than one inch of the lamp’s neck should be visible. “The width of the shadow is the priority. Once you choose that, you may need to adjust the harp as needed.”

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Another detail to keep in mind is the shape of your lamp. “The shape of the shade should mimic the shape of the lamp,” says Carter. For example, a round base should have a round shade while a square base should have a square shade. “You can deviate and get creative, but do so with caution,” she explains. The most popular shade shapes include, but are not limited to, bell, drum, empire drum, and tapered square, but the list could really go on from there.

Shades come in a variety of materials: linen, silk and even metal are all commonly used. Fabric-covered, pleated shades are having a moment in design. Although these types of shades are aesthetically pleasing, the amount of light they let through is determined by their color. A dark lamp shade is not going to provide as much light as a white shade. “A dark lampshade also sets a more formal tone,” says Carter.

Lamps are used for more than just appearance. Although they are an important part of decoration, they are an even more important part of a room’s function. Besides windows or overhead lighting, lamps are how light enters, exits and circles a room. So lamp placement is key. A task lamp shade directs light downwards and is convenient for a reading chair while a table lamp with a drum shade will provide 360 ​​degrees of light. “Lamps also set a room’s atmosphere and give off a welcoming glow. If you’re hanging out together, turn on every lamp in your room,” says Carter.

When in doubt, take your lamp with you to the store and use these tips as your guide. “So much of getting the lampshade right is trial and error. It’s good to try several before you find the right one,” says Carter.

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After talking about the lowdown on the perfect lamp for your nightstand, we’ll discuss some style tips. And your bedroom should be a haven, so we’ll cover the step-by-step styling tips to help you create the perfect bedroom bedside table that looks great and ticks all the practical boxes too.

How To Know What Size Lamp Shade You Need

So why am I talking about bedside lamps? I’ll tell you the saga of the $7 lamp that can.

Conical Lamp Shade, 14 Inches, Standard Size, Natural Jute

Three years ago, my best friend and I wandered into Target on a lunchtime shopping trip. We meandered to the back of the store and there was an entire wall of clearance lamps and shades. And I’m not talking about a few, slightly discounted lamps.

It was 70%-90% off full size lamp bases with shades. My best friend and I looked at each other and said, “We’re going to need a car.” After racing back with a shopping cart, we both loaded up on lamps.

I ended up with two large 28″ gold geometric table lamps and two large linen lampshades with gold detail. The lamps were $14 and the shades were $7. I also bought two small gray lacquered table lamps with shades, which as it turns out, were not the best buy. But more on that later.

My friend also bought two table lamps with no plan in mind, but we were happy to have lamps at a huge discount. We’ll figure out what to do with them later.

Hare Friends Lampshade

Like crazy people, after clearing the back wall of lamps, we hit the next nearby Target to see if they also had a lamp discount desert. They didn’t.

There were no more lamps to buy, which is probably a good thing because the only thing worse than 4 lamps without a plan is 5+ lamps without a plan.

Although I don’t always have a plan, things usually go south when I buy without intention. Nevertheless, I often made impulse purchases. Can you relate?

How To Know What Size Lamp Shade You Need

Recently I’ve made a conscious effort to 1) not make impulse buys, 2) have a whole house plan for each room and what it needs, and 3) not waste money if it’s not exactly what with the plan doesn’t work.

Nine Types Of Lamp Shades And How To Choose

Because in the end, if I waste money on a lot of purchases I “settled” on, I won’t be able to brag when I finally find them

Now in this case the 2 golden lamps happened to work out perfectly. I needed bedside lamps and even though I didn’t know the right size or style at the time, I got lucky.

Are you dying to know what these genies look like in a bottle with a lamp? Here is the stock photo of my beloved gold lamps.

As far as I can tell, they no longer sell the big gold lamps. The small size is available online, but as I mentioned earlier, buying small lamps is just a waste.

Ikea’s Beautiful Nymö Lamp Shade

It’s one of those things like selling 84″ curtains, stores just shouldn’t do it. It’s a total disservice, but they sell it because the price point is lower and people are more likely to buy the item, but it’s never going to look good in their space because the scale is all wrong. Same thing for small table lamps.

As much as I love my gold bedside lamps, there is a problem. The lamp on my husband’s bedside table broke 2 years ago.

It is still functional, but the neck has come loose so the shade is tilted and the entire top of the lamp is limp.

How To Know What Size Lamp Shade You Need

It was already driving him crazy. He reads a lot and has asked me 1000 times to replace it and I keep saying I will fix it (because these are my beloved lamps) or get new ones.

Your Guide To Choosing The Right Lampshade

In all honesty, I was looking for new bedside lamps. In fact, I pinned hundreds of lamps and googled “blue lamps” until every ad was a blue lamp. But properly sized lamps are expensive.

I pinned a few favorites I found along the way, but they ranged from $380 to $690 PER LAMP. At this point in my life, that’s a crazy amount of money to spend on a lamp, especially when I’m upgrading from a $14 lamp.

Luckily, the Target ads were in my favor and showed me this gorgeous two-tone Threshold Dipped Ceramic Large Lamp that came in at $41 for the base. I will have to buy new shades for these lamps, but in the immediate sense they work perfectly with our traditional, classic coastal bedroom.

Now these photos are by no means professionally shot and styled. In fact, I snapped them with my phone while plugging them in and cutting off the tags. But they are a perfect choice for this environment.

White Color Conical Lamp Shade, 14 Inches, Standard Size

I am not ready to give up on the gold lamps and I will relocate them to another room,

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