How To Know What Size Sunglasses You Need – They are designed to be worn over your prescription glasses. In order to achieve the perfect fit, it’s important to find the right size that fits over your glasses. Just put on your glasses and then enter your measurements. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

Vistana Luxe Fitovers are designed to be worn over your prescription glasses. In order to achieve the perfect fit, it’s important to find the right size that fits over your glasses. Just put on your glasses and then enter your measurements. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

How To Know What Size Sunglasses You Need

How To Know What Size Sunglasses You Need

Measurements should be in millimeters. Entering in inches or centimeters will cause a sizing error.

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Our three-step process will help you find the right clip-on. First, you choose a general shape for your recipe frame. Next, you choose the exact size and shape that fits your frame. Once you’ve got your clip in size, you can choose your frame color and lens preferences. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

Printable size guides are available for all our fitting glasses and clip on glasses. Each size guide is a downloadable PDF document. Click to open the document on the size guide image you want.

FITOVERS: Place your glasses face down on full-frame images regardless of size. If your glasses fit within the red guidelines, this size will fit your prescription glasses. If the width or height of your glasses goes outside the red box, you should try the next larger size.

CLIP-ONS: First identify the shape (oval, round, rectangle or square) that most closely matches the shape of your prescription frame. Then print the page(s) that contain the actual size of that shape. Then place your glasses on the full size pictures of each of the shapes collection to find the right size for your glasses shape. It is important that the shape of the clips matches the shape of your glasses so that the clips fit properly.

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IMPORTANT: The size guide MUST be printed 100% true to size, otherwise they will not give an accurate advice on what size your glasses will fit. It is important that you set your print settings with the scaling option turned off. This ensures that the document is printed at full size. Each size guide includes the full size of a standard credit card to ensure that the document is printed 100% correctly. Sunglasses come in many shapes, colors and styles. This can make it difficult to find the right sunglasses. To find the perfect pair of sunglasses, it’s important to keep the size and shape of your face in mind.

If you already have sunglasses, you can get the size of one of the temples. Each pair of sunglasses has a set of temple numbers. Take Ray-Ban Justin Sunglasses: RB4165-622 / T3-54-16-145 as an example. (RB4165) is the model code of the sunglasses and the second part (622 / T3) is the color code. Next is the width of the lens and the width of the bridge, which in the case above is 54mm and 16mm. The final code of 145 is the length of the temple. 3P is divided into two meanings. number three is the transmission of light. It means how much light the sunglasses block. P stands for polarized. If the code is no longer legible, don’t panic, because you can easily measure the dimensions of the sunglasses with a tape measure!

If you don’t have sunglasses yet and still want one, there are two ways to determine which sunglasses you need:

How To Know What Size Sunglasses You Need

Sunglasses that are too big or too small have many problems. If the sunglasses are too big, they fall off your head when you move or they don’t fully protect your eyes. If the sunglasses are too small, the radiation may reach the eyes and damage the nose and ears.

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The lens of the sunglasses includes the width and height of the lens. The lens diameter represents the widest measured area on the horizontal axis. The length of the lens represents the highest point of the sunglasses. The size of the sunglasses often exceeds the width of the lens.

The bridge of the nose is the distance between the two sunglasses. Do you have a narrow nose, or are your eyes close together? Then sunglasses with a 14 to 19 millimeter nose bridge are the right choice. It is better to choose a nose bridge of 19 to 22 millimeters if your nose is wide.

The length of the temple is measured from the hinge to the end behind the ear, including the curve. The standard sizes of the temples are 140, 145 and 150 millimeters.

Like clothing, the same goes for sunglasses; not all face shapes are the same, and not all face shapes fit the same model of sunglasses. But how do you choose the right stylish sunglasses for your face shape? Note the shape of your face and the features that appear on your face. A pair of matching sunglasses is what decides your cool look! Also pay attention to your eyebrows, because did you know that your eyebrows should be higher than your sunglasses? Your eyebrows define 80% of your facial expression!

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A round face shape can wear many different types of sunglasses in addition to round sunglasses. Sunglasses with an oval or rectangular model are ideal for enhancing the contours of your face, as they create balance. If you want to invest in an iconic look, you can invest in a pair of cat-eye sunglasses!

A square face shape is perfect for sunglasses with curves and soft lines. They give your face a soft look and emphasize the cheekbones. Do not go for angular or square frames, as these emphasize the straight lines of the face.

People with a rectangular face will notice that the forehead, cheekbones and cheekbones are almost evenly spaced. Square or angular frames will soften the contours of the face. Never go for a small frame, as they increase the face. But extreme sunglasses will look great!

How To Know What Size Sunglasses You Need

If you have an oval face, you will notice that the forehead and chin are smaller than the cheeks. An oval face shape can wear many different models of sunglasses, because the face is symmetrical. Rectangular glasses create characteristic contours, but a slim or bold model will undoubtedly steal the show!

How To Identify Prescription Sunglasses

A diamond-shaped face usually has wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin. Sunglasses with oval lenses or rounded corners are ideal. Even sunglasses with high and wide frames fit very well. This is often seen in sunglasses with square or hexagonal lenses.

If you have a heart-shaped face, your forehead and cheekbones are broad and end in a narrow chin. Frame the face with stylish sunglasses. Choose round sunglasses, or aviator sunglasses, as they flatter the chin without emphasizing the forehead.

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Size matters, at least when it comes to buying the right glasses. Not sure what size you need?

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If you’re not sure how to measure your face shape, or find the right glasses and sunglasses for your look, read our sunglasses guide!

Before you write down the numbers, you need to know where to find the measurements for your glasses. So take a closer look at the temples (“arms”) of your glasses.

It would be best to use old glasses or glasses that fit your face perfectly. Alternatively, try on a pair from a friend and see if they fit you.

How To Know What Size Sunglasses You Need

If you look closely at the temples, you will see the numbers already indicated, which will help you find the right size for your new glasses.

Glasses Size Guide

However, remember that all glasses are different and fit may depend on the manufacturer.

If you can’t find any numbers or specifications on your old sunglasses or glasses, don’t panic. It’s a chance to use your modeling skills.

Take a ruler or measuring tape and carefully measure the size of the glasses, according to the table below.

Because we don’t want to confuse you with too many numbers in our online store, we mark our glasses as S (small), M (medium) or L (large), depending on the diameter of the lens.

How To Measure Sunglasses: Step By Step Guide

Once you have the right measurements, go to our glasses or sunglasses section and find your favorite pair.

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