How To Measure Your Roof For New Shingles – How to measure a roof A step-by-step guide to measuring roof square and pitch so you can estimate shingle value and roof replacement costs Talk to us Reliable roof measurements make projects run smoothly and stay on budget. Whether you’re a contractor training a new employee or a homeowner budgeting for a new roof, use this guide to accurately measure and calculate the square footage of any roof.

STEP 1 Measure the square footage of the roof First, you will need to determine the total square footage of the roof Measure the length and width of each roof (include the middle of the sleeping area), record on the roof diagram Note the number of chimneys, skylights or other obstructions Repeat. The height and width of the square footage of each area (if it’s a triangle, divide by 2) Add the square footage of each area to get the total square footage of your roof Step 2 Find the pitch factor of the roof High roofs require more construction materials. The pitch measures the rise of the roof, improving the accuracy of the measurement. Measure the number of inches the roof rises vertically for every 12 inches of horizontal roof height (use a pitch app or ruler/level method) Record as a fraction with running increments (eg 4/12); the higher you go, the higher the roof pitch Use the online roof pitch multiplier chart to find out how high the roof is (a 4/12 pitch has a pitch factor of 1.054) Step 3 Calculate Roof Squares A roof square is an area of -10 x 10 equals 100 square feet of roof. Calculation: Multiply the total square footage of the roof (Step 1) by the height of the roof (Step 2). Example: 2, 134.0 ft² x 1.054 = 2, 249.24 ft² Divide the sum of the square footage by 100. Example: 2, 249.24 ft² / 100 = 22.4924, or 22.5 square meters of the roof Use the number of square meters of the roof needed to get the prices you off the roof and save time. uses smartphone photos of any home to create an interactive 3D model with accurate exterior measurements (roof, sides, trim, etc.). Use the 3D model to see different materials and colors in the home. Try it for a day – the first place for experts is with us, and it’s free for homeowners! Download the Roofing Materials App The purpose of calculating accurate roof measurements is to ensure that you are ordering the right amount of roofing material – whether it’s shingle, metal, or any other type of roof. Here are some common roofing materials and considerations. Shingles are sold in bundles. Depending on the type and product, it may take a different number of piles to make a square roof. When comparing shingle costs, remember to base the price on squares and not bundles. Metal Roofing Metal roofing is great for homes in snowy regions. It is usually sold by the sheet or panel. To determine the number of sheets or panels needed to cover the roof, divide the width of the roof by the width of the sheet or panel. Other Roofing Materials The basic roof square footage explained above will help estimate the cost of other building materials. Make sure you include the cost of leak barriers, deck protection, drip edge, rake edge, ridges, hip and ridge caps, etc. Frequently Asked Questions Why is it important to get accurate roof measurements? Accurate roof measurements help outside home improvement professionals and homeowners more accurately estimate the amount of materials needed and the cost of the job. With accurate estimates, contractors won’t have to buy more equipment mid-job (or figure out what to do with unused equipment) – saving time and money for both professionals and homeowners. Is there another way to measure my roof manually? Yes! The app will do all the hard work for you. Download the app, take photos of the home, and in hours, not days, we’ll deliver accurate measurements to contractors and share an interactive 3D home model with homeowners and contractors. No ladders, no climbing on the roof, no tape measures, no math formulas needed. Why should I use to measure my roof? it saves hours of roofing professionals taking measurements on the job site and calculating quotes in the office, and it will save homeowners time to start planning their project. 3D modeling to scale allows professionals and homeowners to collaborate on project design and visualize the project before it is built. Accurate measurements eliminate manual data entry or calculations and the need for re-weighing. What are some benefits of using it? it makes cooperation possible. All team members (sales, manufacturing, installation, etc.) and the homeowner can be on the same page when it comes to a home exterior project. Resources can be allocated satisfactorily and work can be completed on time and on budget. How does this work? Simply capture exterior photos of any home through the app and we’ll use our patented technology to calculate square footage and linear measurements for roofs, sides, windows, trim and more. We will also create an interactive 3D model to help homeowners and professionals design projects together. But it’s more than just roofing calculations and 3D modeling. Professionals use the platform to estimate jobs, create proposals and contracts, and order directly from suppliers.

How To Measure Your Roof For New Shingles

How To Measure Your Roof For New Shingles

Your first job is free making home improvement easier, faster and more engaging for homeowners and professionals.

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We will send you a link to download our app. The 1-week free trial is only valid for construction professionals who have not previously registered. So you’ve decided to re-shingle your roof, call the contractor and everything seems fine until the contractor comes down and you hear. an unfamiliar word, “roofing square”

“What?” Are you wondering, do you really wonder what the person who hired you just said to you, did he mean a square foot, a panel, something else entirely? Don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s a question we at Rennison Roofing get all the time!

A roofing square is a measurement, but it has nothing to do with square feet, meters, yards, or miles. A roofing square is commonly used by roofing companies and is approximately equal to 100 square meters. This ratio does not change whether it is a square of shingles or a square of tile. This is because roofing squares are used to make calculating the cost of materials and labor easier than if you had to use square feet or yards.

The method of measuring the square footage of a roof is used only within the roofing and construction industries. Although you can use self-estimation to try to calculate the cost of remodeling your home, such tasks are usually left to an experienced roofing contractor. However, even if you are confident in your ability to determine the right amount of ingredients, there are still a few steps you should take before you try.

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Ok so there are a few things you should do before you try to scale your roof up.

Make sure you’re secure – Before you start trying to take any kind of measurement it’s important to get a ladder that’s in good repair, and make sure it’s secure so there’s no risk of falling when climbing up to the roof. When you’re on the roof, it’s important to wear shoes with good traction such as work boots.

Measure twice, order once- One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to measure, anything really, is that they don’t measure carefully. This is especially important in the case of roofing materials, where incorrect measurements can significantly increase your costs.

How To Measure Your Roof For New Shingles

Calculate the square footage- Once you are able to measure the length and width of your roof without falling, all that is left to do before calculating the amount of square footage you need is to determine the square footage of your roof. To do this simply multiply the length by the width, and voila, you have the square footage of your roof!

Important Parts Of Your Roof

Calculate the square footage of the roof to the number of square feet – This is probably the easiest part of the simple process divide the square footage by 100, for example, if you had 1000 square feet of roofing needed, you would need ten squares of roofing material. You can usually add more to make sure you have enough for any surprises.

This is both the hardest and most dangerous part of scaling your roof. We don’t really recommend that you do this yourself, but instead call professionals like us. But if you have to, please make sure you follow the next steps exactly.

Well, you now know what square footage is and how to measure it. Just remember that if you have any doubts about your abilities, it is always strongly recommended that you leave these things to the professionals. This may include the complexity of the structure, inaccessibility, weather conditions, and more. One of the most important factors in determining how much material is needed will affect the overall cost of the project. For this purpose, professional roofers and contractors use a

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