How To Tell Rim Size On Tire – The overall width of a tire is measured from the inside sidewall to the outside sidewall when mounted and inflated (this includes protective ribs/trimming).

The section width of a tire is measured from sidewall to sidewall when installed and inflated but not loaded (excluding protective ribs/trimming).

How To Tell Rim Size On Tire

How To Tell Rim Size On Tire

Tread width is the distance measured from the outer edge to the inner edge of the tread.

How Do I Measure Wheel Bolt Pattern?

Rim width is the distance between the outer rim flange and the inner rim flange where the tire bead sits.

The free radius is the distance from the centerline of the wheel axle to the outer tread of an unloaded, properly inflated tire.

The dead load radius refers to the distance from the centerline of the wheel axle to the tread contact surface. The tire is measured after being mounted on the measuring rim, inflated to the test pressure and placed under the specified load.

The overall diameter of a tire is the distance between the tread surfaces of the tire, measured at its widest point with the tire installed and no load applied.

All About Bicycle Tire Sizes

Sectional height is the measurement of the vertical distance between a tire’s bead seat and the outer tread surface when mounted and inflated but with no load on the tire. You’ll never be lost when it comes to choosing the right tires again! I’m going to give you easy-to-follow tips on how to read and understand your tire size, what it means, and when it’s time to replace it that most riders care about.

Tires are an everyday part of motorcycles. I think some riders may know the tire size markings, but many riders don’t know their meaning and keep looking for them when changing tires. I’ll show you how to read the information from the markings on the tire sidewall.

The first thing you should know is the tire size so that you can choose the right size for your motorcycle. Tire size is marked on the sidewall of the tire. In addition to the size, various information such as the tire manufacturer’s name, speed index, production date, etc. are also marked on the tire sidewall.

How To Tell Rim Size On Tire

Tire size markings are expressed in various ways such as metric and imperial, but their expression methods are standardized around the world and there is no significant difference between manufacturers. A common location for the code is in the same order as the manufacturer’s name and brand name engraved on the sidewall of the tire. In fact, the dimensions highlighted in light blue are important when choosing tires. (tire width, aspect ratio, rim size)

Explaining Wheel Sizes: What To Know About Your Rims

This indicates the cross-sectional width of the tire. In some cases, unit dimensions are expressed in millimeters or inches, depending on the tire.

This is the rim size of the wheel that fits the tire and can also be considered the internal size of the tire. Measurements are expressed in inches.

If you can remember at least these three points, you can choose the best tires for your motorcycle!

・The radial structure is marked “R”, and the tires with a maximum speed exceeding 270 km/h are marked “ZR”.

How To Read Tire Size

・Tires marked with “B” indicate a belted bias structure in which the bias structure is reinforced by belts. Belt-offset construction is suitable for heavy-duty vehicles due to its enhanced tread stiffness.

This is an indicator of the tire’s maximum load capacity. Hereinafter referred to as load index.

This is an indication of the tire’s ability to travel to its maximum speed. Hereinafter referred to as the speed index, also known as the speed range.

How To Tell Rim Size On Tire

Under normal circumstances, the replacement time of tires is about once every 3 years from the date of production. This is risky because even if grooves are retained on a tire that has been in production for many years, the tire will not perform as well as it did as the rubber will harden, leading to major accidents such as falls.

What’s My Tire Size?

The manufacturing week of the year engraved on the sidewall of a tire is a common sight around the world. Tires produced before 2000 are marked with a 3-digit number, and tires produced after 2000 are marked with a 4-digit number. The last 2 digits shown below are the year of manufacture and the first 2 digits are the week of manufacture.

Also, be aware that when a tire runs out of grooves, it can be dangerous even if the tire has not aged by the year indicated on the tire. If tread wear indicators appear, it is recommended to replace the tires as soon as possible.

Other factors you should be wary of include tires that are worn only in the center, tires with edges that tend to be used for sports, and tires that are cracked or punctured.

Different features reset by the manufacturer! DIY! How to Remove and Restore a Motorcycle Handlebar Switch Box Housing There can be several different variations of the letter that begins with the tire size. The following are the most common: Bolt On Spare Trailer Tire On Rim 20575d15 15 In. 5 Lug Wheel Gray Grey Modular

The first three digits of the tire size represent the width of the tire. This number is in millimeters.

The second two-digit number represents the height of the tire. The number read is a percentage of the width. For example, if a tire has a width of 245 and an aspect ratio of 45, that means its height is 110.25 mm (45% of 245).

There may be several different letters after the aspect ratio. This letter tells us how tires are made. The following are the most common:

How To Tell Rim Size On Tire

The third number in the tire size represents the diameter of the rim (or “wheel” as it is sometimes called). This number is read in inches.

Understanding Tire Size Ratings

The load index in the tire size gives you an idea of ​​the load capacity of the tire. This number corresponds to a specific pound. The table below summarizes this.

The speed rating letter in the tire size lets you know the maximum speed the tire is designed to handle. This letter corresponds to a specific km/h or mph, as shown in the table below.

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How To Measure Wheel Rims

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How To Tell Rim Size On Tire

One way to determine your vehicle’s rim size is to look at the alphanumeric tire size code in the owner’s manual, driver’s door jamb, or inside the glove box door. Look for codes like P215/65 R15 95H. In this example, R15 tells you that your vehicle originally came with 15-inch wheels. Rim size and tire size are closely related – if you have 15-inch rims, you need 15-inch tires.

Rim Ringz Protector For All

If you already have tires on your vehicle, you can also find the number on the sidewall of the tire. It’s generally safe to say that the rim size will continue to fit your car. Our tire size guide can help you understand how to read your tire size.

If you currently have tires, you don’t need to measure the rims. Just look up the tire size code and go from there. If you only have a blank rim that you need to measure, you can find the size somewhere along the rear spoke along with the factory number or engraved on the inside of the barrel.

Use a tape measure to measure the distance from one bead seat area to the other on one side of the rim.

There may be 4, 5, 6 or 8 bolt holes. Most passenger cars use a 5-bolt pattern, but double-check to be sure.

How To Measure Bike Wheel Size: A Complete Guide

It’s always a good idea to discuss your plans with a professional before making a commitment. The tire experts at Firestone Complete Auto Care can help you understand the pros and cons of changing rim sizes and help you choose a new set of tires.

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