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Most of us women wear a bra every day, but did you know that around 70% of us wear the wrong bra size? Wearing the wrong bra size causes all sorts of problems, not to mention the fact that it can be really uncomfortable!

How To Tell What Bra Size U Are

How To Tell What Bra Size U Are

That’s why we’ve created this simple bra fitting guide, so you can learn how to measure your bra size with confidence and say goodbye to ill-fitting bras.

What Sports Bra Size Am I?

Pull the measuring tape AS TIGHT AS POSSIBLE and get as close to your ribcage as possible. Don’t worry, the bra won’t be as tight, but this method ensures the best fit. We’re looking for the smallest measurement you can get at the moment and sometimes it’s easier if a friend or partner does it as they can pull more.

When measuring around the back and over the chest, hold the tape measure gently against you, not tight, not loose. Please think about your body shape… Do you have a slim back or a fleshy back? If you are fleshy in the back, the measurement could indicate a larger bust than you because part of that measurement is from your back and not just your bust. If so, you may need to go down a cup size. . Write down the two numbers, under bust and over bust and check them in the grid below

Just follow the simple steps below and check out our bra size chart to see which size is right for you.

Now that you know exactly how to measure your band size and cup size, why not give it a try? We recommend that you take your bust measurement every few months to ensure that you are always wearing the right size for you.

You’d Think That When A Brand Gives You A Bra Size Based On Your Exact Measurements It Would Fit Pretty Good. At Least I Got A Laugh Out Of Trying Something New! :

Looking for a new comfortable bra? You are in the right place! We’ve used our own proprietary technology to create a smoothing bra with No Dig underwire, so you can look great and feel even better. Shop our collection now to experience the #1 difference for yourself! I’m about to get as girly as this blog has ever been, guys, so fellas? Yes, you – I know you’re out there! Yeah, look, unless you’re a guy who likes to read about women’s tits and lingerie, you might want to skip this one. Although I promise to throw in a fun geeky bra every now and then, just to keep it interesting:

Ok, so the other night I was following a rabbit trail of web links, as you do, and I came across this fascinating Reddit forum about bras. And when I say “fascinating”, I mean I stayed up until 3am reading, because holy WOW how did I not know this stuff before?

You know how you always hear that something like 90% of women wear the wrong bra size? I’ve heard that too, but never thought much of it. Sure, my bra straps were constantly falling off and the wires were always hitting my sides and I was convinced I was just a mutant shape for most of my life, but IT WAS ABOUT 10% OF WHAT I GOT. It’s SHORT. No?

How To Tell What Bra Size U Are

Did you know that a bra’s cup size changes with its band size? So is a 34D cup a fraction of the size of a 40D cup? This seems blindingly obvious now, but I promise you I HAD NO IDEA. I think I’ve just been programmed from my Barbie days that D = huge boobs, so I’ve never bothered to think beyond that.

How I Finally Found The Right Bra Size (& My 4 Go To Retailers)

There is something called “sister sizes” or bra sizes that contain equal amounts of mass. For example, a 34D is about equal to a 36C, in terms of the amount of boobage mass they will hold. Here’s a handy visual guide to the sisters’ sizes, plus other bust-to-waist ratios:

It took me a solid five minutes of looking at that chart to make sense of it, but once you get it, it’s great information to have, especially if you’re in between band sizes like I am.

If you bend your waist to fit using the “copy and punch” method, you can get at least one cup bigger instantly. (Click that link for some awesome NSFW before and after photos.) I tried this, and I can assure you: it totally works.

In general, there are two types of breast shapes: full at the top and full at the bottom. If you’re on the bottom like me, you may have been tricked into thinking a bra cup size was too big for you, simply because it opened at the top like this:

How To Find Your Bra Size: The Easy Guide

NOT THAT MUCH. Some bras are made simply to fit women on top, while others fit all or both shapes. Head over to Bras I Hate for the full post explaining both ways, plus lots of helpful pictures like that.

A lot of underarm creases and folds are actually breast tissue pushed up by an ill-fitting bra. Ditto for back folds. So a well-fitting bra could actually eliminate some or all of the arm and back creases. (Great example in the third set of photos here).

The vast majority of women wear bras that are too big in the band size and too small (by a lot) in the cup size.

How To Tell What Bra Size U Are

So after reading this excellent and easy guide to measuring myself, I decided to measure myself. (It’s just two measurements, easy to use.) So I plugged the numbers into the linked bra calculator and did a quadruple shot. Then I went back and measured myself again because there was NO WAY I was the size I claimed to be. Then I did the numbers manually, using the chart from the same post. Same results.

Are You Wearing The Right Bra Size? Find Out With Our Six Tips!

After the third measurement and calculation, I finally gave up and decided to go bra shopping. The proof is in the pudding, right? (Or in this case, the stuffing?)

Over the last few years I have been increasing my band size, even though my weight has stayed the same. I could tell something wasn’t right, with the cables hitting me and the gore* floating around my chest, but since I’ve never had much in the land department, I figured the band size was all I could do. to increase So I went from a 36B to all 38B.

[ *Third technician! That’s the bridge between the bowls at the front. See? I told you I learned stuff!]

Today I brought home 4 new bras that fit me almost perfectly. They are much more comfortable than my 38Bs and look a million times better too. Guess what size they are?

Why 9 Bra Sizes All Fit

34 FREAKING D guys. And on some of them the cups are a little small, but YOU try to find a 34DD at Ross or Marshall. (The calculator tried to tell me I need a DDD, but since I’d have to order them online, I think I’ll start with these and reevaluate in a few months. According to the forum, I might need a larger cup size. due to migration anyway of the tissue).

How did I go from a 38B to a 34D? Simple. I put the bra on, folded the waist and adjusted until everything was in front and in place. Then I stood up and looked at my new found surface.

Believe it or not, I was actually adjusting every time I wore my bras before, but not with the “scoop & swoop” waist bending method. That part is totally key. It turns out that gravity is a powerful ally!

How To Tell What Bra Size U Are

You’re probably thinking that I can’t breathe in my new bras, or that they’re tight enough to make a Victorian lady gasp. No! They’re comfortable, sure, but I can easily fit several fingers under the band. I’m actually exactly 35 inches, so I have to put the 34 on the last hook, but it’s good! See, another thing I learned: You should always buy bras that fit on the *last* hook, so you have room to tighten them as they stretch over time. Again, that seems so obvious now, so why wasn’t I doing it before?

Signs You Need A New Bra

(Due to the size of the sisters, I also picked up two 36C bras. They only fit on the tighter hooks, so they won’t last as long as the 34Ds, but they’re great for now.)

Another benefit of the smaller bands: There’s not as much weight on my shoulder straps. I’m hoping that means the straps don’t fall off as much, though only time will tell.

Ok ladies, now it’s your turn – measure yourself using this post as a guide. DO IT Do it now!! Then try on the bra size that the calculator or chart in the post tells you.

When you first try on the new size

B Bras: Equivalents Bra Cup Sizes, Boobs And Breast Size


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