How To Tell What Hat Size You Are – To find the perfect Panama Jack® hat in your size, measure the circumference around your head above your ears where the hat is expected to sit. You can then use our hat size chart below to determine the best fit. If your measurement is in between sizes, choose the next larger size. Looser is always better, as we can provide tape to reduce the size of the hat to help ensure a perfect fit.

A few of our hats are marked “one size fits most”. These hats generally have elastic sweatbands to accommodate a variety of sizes.

How To Tell What Hat Size You Are

How To Tell What Hat Size You Are

If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-840-5225 and we’ll be happy to help you with your helmet repair questions.

Choosing The Correct Hat Size For The Perfect Fit

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Made of polyester and nylon mesh, this hat features a crushable/packable crown, a soft inner sweatband, an adjustable chin strap, and a 3″ floppy brim for superior UPF protection. 50+ UVA/UVB. Maybe you’re looking to replace your favorite but failing cowboy hat. Maybe you’re looking to upgrade that cool Western look with a memorable and comfortable hat. So what’s a cowboy or cowboy looking for? the most suitable hat. in the right size?

Hats that are too big can fly in the slightest wind. Hats that are too small can irritate the skin on your forehead and can even cause headaches—the last thing you need when you’re at work or out enjoying a date night with your sweetheart.

Proflex .::. Size Chart

So how do you find a cowboy hat with the right size and fit? This infographic and guide walks you through how to measure your head, how to change measurements to choose the right hat size, and how to choose a new Western hat.

First, we’ll need a few supplies to get the numbers. You should know the size of the head that you will put on the helmet. So go ahead and grab:

You have your tape measure, and you have your head or a cow’s head that needs a new hat. It’s time to test.

How To Tell What Hat Size You Are

Check out this chart to find your perfect hat size. If you’re not sure, come visit us—we’ll help you try on several sizes and styles to find the perfect fit.

New Era Hat Styles The Ultimate New Era Style Guide

If you’re between hat sizes, don’t worry – choose the next larger size. So say your head is over 22 ⅝ inches long, but not quite 23? Go ahead and choose a 23-inch, or size 7 ¼ (Large.) You want a more comfortable hat, and there’s nothing comfortable about a cowhide or cowhide hat that rubs your skin raw or is too tight to give you a headache . It is easier to adjust a hat that is a little too big than one that is too small.

You have the number and you got all your size. So why not pick up your new cowboy hat? Hang in there, mate—to decide on the right cowboy hat style, think about where you’ll be wearing this hat. Where you’re going with your new hat should influence the material you choose so that the fit is always perfect. A working cowboy should have a hat that won’t shrink or stretch, and a cowboy may need a fancy hat to match his new boots and shirt for a casual night on the town.

When you look at our cowboy hats at Stages West, you start to notice something: Some of our hats are marked 2X, 4X, or even higher. What does that X mean? That X tells you that the hats are made of the highest quality, thickest fabric—or like our straw hats, the softest weaves and smallest fibers. This shows helmets designed to last you longer than the average helmet.

The higher the X, the more durable and soft to the touch. A working cowboy wants to find a top X hat to withstand the weather or whatever he may face.

Bondi Reversible Bucket Hat

Straw hats are perfect for the summer months or if you work in high temperatures. Leaves, sisal, palm leaf, and other leafy hats allow sweat to evaporate and that means you feel cooler. For X-rated straw hats, the higher the X factor, the more durable the hat is. The downside of straw hats, however, is that they don’t like to be packed, left in the backseat of a car for too long, or get wet. Unless the straw hat is made of palm leaves, then try to wear the straw only in light rain. The lower X caps may not hold up to rough use.

Felt/felt fleece hats were specially designed for rainy days or areas that get a lot of rain. These are also great options for winter, along with wool cowboy hats.

Wool hats are probably best used in dry weather without much rain or humidity and are not recommended in wet conditions—unless, of course, your wool hat has been pre-treated with a waterproofing agent. Cotton is definitely a good choice for keeping you warm, too.

How To Tell What Hat Size You Are

Leather or suede cowboy hats are the go-to hats for water resistance and are very durable. The downside is that they cannot breathe in the summer and can be very hot.

Hat Size Reducers By Klyngtsk 24 Pcs Eva Foam

Ultimately, the choice of Western hat material is all about the cowboy—and Stages West carries all the styles you love. Use this easy guide to find your hat size to fit you perfectly, and explore our blog for more ideas for everything from boots to Western wear. We recommend that all our customers have their head size professionally measured in our London store or take this measurement yourself. at home. Please do not just order your Herbert Johnson hat in the size you are used to wearing from other brands, as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of other brands’ hat sizes. Please always make sure you order the correct size by following the instructions below.

For a hat, simply wrap a strap or flexible measuring tape around your head above your ear and in the middle of your forehead, going all the way around your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. Measure your head where you want the hat to sit on your head. Always measure in centimeters as converting between different measuring systems can often lead to inaccuracies. If your measurement in cm falls between sizes, round to the nearest half centimeter. It may help to do this in a mirror or have a friend help you get it right. It is advisable to repeat this process to ensure that your testing method is giving accurate results. Follow our guide Shown above or click here to download it for more information : How to Lead.

For the perfect fit, we recommend ordering your hat in the nearest half size and then send your order reference number along with your full head measurement to 2 decimal places to and we’ll prepare yours . hat to fit. If you are not sure what size to order, please contact us via the above email for advice.

CURRENT – Please be aware that from June 2023, we will be offering a reduced main range of standard hat styles and sizes. All sizes from 57cm – 61cm only will be available to pre-order on our website. Please order the best size available from our website or contact our team to be added to our waiting list for other styles/sizes/felt options as they become available. Thank you. You Had Me At Siring

For hats in our Traditional Collection including top hats, bowler hats and riding hats, please visit our Traditional Collection page or contact for more information. Part of finding the right hat is finding the right size and fit. In this article, we’ll discuss four basic questions to make sure you get the right fit.

Hats are measured by the inner circumference under the crown of the hat (sweat) + often measured in centimeters. This is the case with all Gigi Pip styles including fedoras, boater hats, gamblers + hats. Although hats can be sized based on their measurement, it is common for women to choose hat sizes based on the average size of women’s head (57 cm) + then adjust down to fit if necessary.

Hat sizes for women are intuitive. The average size of women’s head is about 57cm. If you’re not sure about your hat size, the Gigi Pip small/medium hat would be a great place to start. Small/medium cap size is made to fit 57cm + adjustable to 55cm. If you know you have a slightly larger head go with the 59cm size. As far as Gigi Pip sizes go this is a medium/large, made to fit a head size of 59cm + then adjustable.

How To Tell What Hat Size You Are


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