How To Tell What Size Boxing Gloves You Need – How do you know you’re using the right size or weight of boxing gloves? If you ask most brands they will usually tell you that it all depends on either your weight or the size of your hands, but is this always the case? Should you use gloves of the same weight for both fitness work, such as pads or a heavy bag like you would use in sparring?

Usually when you see a pair of gloves they will be marked with a certain weight – for example ’16oz’. This is the weight in ounces.

How To Tell What Size Boxing Gloves You Need

How To Tell What Size Boxing Gloves You Need

, not the total weight. So, for example, on a 16oz pair of gloves, each hand will weigh as close to 16oz as possible.

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If you want to know more about why gloves are measured by weight, read our article What does ‘oz’ mean on boxing gloves? Explanation of glove sizes.

There really isn’t a clear cut way to measure it as it depends on the type of training you’re using them for. Many fighters actually own several pairs of boxing gloves for different activities. Most manufacturers only make gloves between 10oz and 16oz, but it is also possible to get 8oz boxing gloves, as well as 18oz and above, however these larger sizes are often professionally made to order. We have created a handy table to help you know what gloves you will need.

Please keep in mind that different glove brands have different fits, so it is always best to check the fit of the glove before purchasing. You can check out our collection of boxing gloves reviews to help you choose what to choose.

*Please note that this is not a definitive answer, but rather a guide. Different gyms or competitions will often have their own designs or rules. Pairing a close-fitting glove with the right weight can help give boxers the knockout quality they’re looking for in training gear. Master the ring with this Pro Tips sizing guide.

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Packing a gym punch starts with packing the right gear in your bag. For boxers, quality gloves can help keep their hands comfortable and protected during training. Like other protective equipment, boxing gloves work best when they are the right size. There are also different styles of boxing gloves, from general trainers to those specialized for fight nights.

When you understand how to find the right size boxing gloves and how to determine which style of boxing gloves is right for you, you will be closer to incorporating a heavyweight swing into your boxing regimen. So go the distance with quality boxing gear and find the right gloves with these important tips.

Boxing gloves are best if they fit your hand well. To help fighters better identify which gloves they should train or fight with, glove sizes are shown in ounces. These can range from 6oz. youth gloves up to 20 oz. heavy gloves. To figure out which size is best for you, you’ll need three measurements: your height, your weight, and the circumference of your dominant hand.

How To Tell What Size Boxing Gloves You Need

While height and weight are fairly easy to determine with a scale and tape measure, measuring arm circumference can be a little less obvious. To get an effective reading, use a tape measure and measure around your open dominant hand just below the knuckles. Your tape should touch in the middle of your palm to get a clear number.

Boxing Gloves 16oz (adult Sparring/training)

BONUS TIP: If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string to wrap around your hand and mark it. Take the marked string and measure it using a ruler or tape measure.

When it comes to measuring for an absolutely perfect fit, hand circumference will be a better size indicator as opposed to height and weight which are better described as a guide. A good comparison would be to compare the fit of a tailored suit to a t-shirt off the rack. Both will fit, but a suit is much more suited to your specific measurements, while a t-shirt is a bit more general.

Once you have these three data points in your corner, your next decision should be determining what style of glove you need.

Despite all looking the same, boxing gloves can be specialized for different tasks. There are three types of training boxing gloves and two styles of competition gloves. Each design has a unique quality that best suits its intended use.

What Size Boxing Gloves For Men?

As the name suggests, bag gloves are designed to be used when training heavy bags, speed bags or mats. Baggy gloves are designed with less padding on the knuckles than other boxing glove models. While it may seem counterintuitive to have a product with less padding, bag gloves are constructed this way to allow fighters to feel their punches and get used to the impact. If an awkward punch is thrown or a fighter’s form is broken, they should feel it in their glove and adjust accordingly.

Training gloves are a great all-around option for boxers who are new to the sport. Made with enough padding, these gloves can be used for both bag work and sparring, but don’t necessarily specialize in either. Training gloves can be a great introductory glove with enough support for both beginners and experienced fighters.

Unlike training gloves, sparring gloves are built exclusively for sparring and have extra padding to protect not only you, but also your sparring partner. The sparring gloves will be the same size as the tennis shoes but may be slightly heavier due to the extra padding.

How To Tell What Size Boxing Gloves You Need

Competition level gloves are designed with combat in mind. With less padding on the knuckles, these gloves are made to make your opponent feel your punches. There are two levels of competitive boxing gloves: amateur and professional. Each is sized by weight division, with amateur gloves being more regulated due to the stricter rules at this level. A good way to typically identify amateur gloves is a red or blue color scheme complete with white knuckle overlays for easier judging by judges.

Guide To Muay Thai Glove Sizes ‹ Fight Supplies

Be sure to read the following size charts to get a general idea of ​​how your measurements will correspond to a specific glove size. Keep in mind that some sizes will vary slightly by brand, so check the size chart for a specific manufacturer’s brand before purchasing to make sure you get the absolute right fit.

Overcome your training woes and arm yourself with quality boxing gloves. Hang in there and continue to find the right gear size with these tips for boxing pros.

Accelerate your rewards and earn 2 points for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases with your ScoreRewards credit card. Learn More When you search for boxing gloves online, you may be surprised to find that not all gloves are standard. Not only are there different types of gloves, but also different sizes. It can be difficult to figure out what size we need, so I decided to come to the rescue with this post. Let’s talk about what size gloves you need for which situation.

There are two reasons why you want to use different glove sizes. One is that all people come in different sizes. Whether you weigh 130 pounds or 250 pounds, you’ll want to resize your gloves accordingly. Next will depend on what your goals are for using the gloves. Based on the activity and what you want to achieve, your glove size will vary.

Boxing Gloves Size Chart And Guide For Beginners Glove Sizes

Depending on your actual size and the size of your hand, you will require a certain size of gloves to use. For that we have a handy chart borrowed from Title Boxing.

Here you will see a clear breakdown of glove sizes by weight for different scenarios. Now that’s an ideal scenario if you follow the rules. However, if you step inside a boxing gym, you will quickly realize that the rules and regulations are not always strictly followed.

Depending on the activity, you’ll want to vary the size of the gloves you use. Some of this will depend on your size and sometimes it doesn’t matter. Here is a breakdown of each exercise and the recommended glove size for each.

How To Tell What Size Boxing Gloves You Need

If you wrestle, then the recommended glove size is 16 oz if you are under 150 lbs and 18 0z if you are over 150 lbs. There are several reasons.

Or 16 Oz Gloves For Heavy Bag?

First, it will help reduce the likelihood of any injuries. It can be hand injuries or things like cuts and bruises that can ruin your chances of being able to compete come fight time. The bigger the better. When I competed I was around 145 and still used 18 0z gloves for sparring.

The second reason you want to use larger gloves is that it helps with conditioning. Keeping your hands up with heavier gloves and throwing punches with heavier gloves is like isolated gravity training for your hands.

If you want to condition and lighten, then anything 16 oz and up is recommended. This will give you enough padding

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