How To Tell What Size Golf Clubs You Need – You don’t need new gear to suit your game. Daniel Berger uses 2011 hollow back irons!

Many amateurs of varying skill levels are held back from improving their games by believing they are “not good enough” to make it to the club. They say that once their game starts to improve they will invest in professional gear, but it’s not worth it yet.

How To Tell What Size Golf Clubs You Need

How To Tell What Size Golf Clubs You Need

To set the record straight, I spoke with a professional club fitter (Tim Bryan, executive vice president of sister company True Spec) and a professional swing instructor (Todd Sones, magazine’s top 100 teacher). Although Brian is a club fitter and Sones is an instructor, both experts agreed that learning the game with ill-fitting equipment is a huge barrier to both improvement and enjoyment.

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“Some people think they have to reach a certain level to be fit, but that’s a misconception,” Soness said. “Using the wrong clubs can negatively impact your swing and lead to bad habits.”

Sones compared learning the game with the wrong clubs to learning to ride a bike with a bike that’s too small or too big. Ill-fitting equipment not only leads to poor swing development, but also makes the game more frustrating, discouraging you from even continuing the game.

“It’s really important for beginners to be in shape because we develop our swing around the equipment we use without even realizing it,” says Brian. “For example, John Daly started out using his father’s heavy clubs, so one of the reasons he developed long backhand clubs was because he didn’t have the power to hit the clubs.”

Daley apparently got it right in the end, but this anecdote shows how your swing can be greatly affected by the clubs you use early on when you’re learning the game. If the club is too short, too long, too light, too heavy, has a completely wrong lie angle, the club itself is the wrong design, or any of a number of factors are off, you can set yourself up for failure.

How To Swing A Golf Club In 6 Steps (infographic)

The game improvement irons on the left will be much more forgiving and enjoyable for beginners than the blade irons on the right.

“Sometimes people have a bad first pair of experiences and are put off the sport before they even really start, but that could be because they have clubs that aren’t right for their swing,” Sones says.

So what’s the right way to get the right clubs and improve your swing?

How To Tell What Size Golf Clubs You Need

Both Brian and Sones agree on a solution. You should consult a professional fitter or local specialist for a club base evaluation before taking lessons and changing your swing. With this expert, you should make sure your clubs are right for you, or at least in the right wheelhouse. If not, either ask your club builder to make a change or replace your clubs with other options.

Golf Irons & Iron Sets

When you receive this club consultation, listen carefully to what the expert says and take careful notes. For beginners, an expert is likely to recommend more steep, lighter shafts with less flex and more forgiving irons for the driver. For example, if you’re a beginner who has blade irons with long, super-stiff steel shafts, they probably aren’t right for your game. So, even if your swing improves significantly with the help of a top-level instructor, you’re going to struggle uphill.

You have to get the latest and greatest gear to fit. You don’t have to spend $3,000 on shiny new clubs, and you don’t even have to buy a full set.

Sones advises beginners to start with a few clubs that fit properly. For example, you might start with just a sand wedge, a wedge, a 7-iron, and an iron. It gives you some decent tools to learn with.

Once you’ve got a few clubs or a full set in the right wheelhouse for your skill level, physical size and budget, you can really start improving your swing with an experienced instructor. Take the money you saved buying used equipment to invest in lessons from a qualified teacher.

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“Your experience on the front end really affects whether you enjoy the game,” Sones says. “You should check with the club fitter as soon as you know you’re going to play the game. Then do your research. Find a good instructor. Remember, one good lesson can be worth five mediocre lessons in the long run.

Plus, once you find the right instructor, communication is huge. Talk to your teacher about equipment. Tell the instructor about the equipment you have and that you plan to get full club equipment in the future. Try contacting your club fitter with your swing instructor to create a complete, comprehensive plan.

Your swing may change after a few sessions. Your angle of attack may change, your release method may change, and you’ll (hopefully) gain some speed and power as well. Once these improvements start to take shape and your game has moved beyond the starter kit, you’re ready to go full-baggage and invest in new clubs.

How To Tell What Size Golf Clubs You Need

It concludes with recommended steps to prepare for a great game and enjoy the game for years to come.

Gold In Your Garage

2. Make appropriate changes to your current set or purchase a budget-friendly starter set (anywhere from 1 to 14 clubs)

6. Once your game and finances are ready, get a full bag and buy the right clubs for you

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As the head golf coach at Tell Me More Golf with over 50 years of coaching experience, I’m here to discuss the topic of driver length.

Have you ever thought your golf driver might be too long? Or maybe you’ve felt you could benefit from using a longer driver? I have worked with many students who are confused about conductor length. Many don’t know what driver length they should be using, and many end up using a driver that is too long or too short.

How To Tell What Size Golf Clubs You Need

In this article, we go over all the information about driver length and hopefully answer any questions or concerns you may have about this rather interesting golf topic.

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Every golfer is different. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting the right golf club length, and that is certainly the case when it comes to drivers, although there are a set of general guidelines based on player height that generally work for most. At least the chart below can point you in the right direction.

When it comes to the right driver length, you shouldn’t just consider height. Another measurement to consider is known as the wrist-to-floor measurement. This is the distance between the wrists and the ground. It can be calculated by standing straight with your arms hanging loosely at your sides. Have someone take a tape measure and measure from your wrist to the ground.

Here is a chart showing recommended driver lengths based on both height and wrist to floor. The chart shows whether your height should use a driver length longer or shorter than the standard length, based on the measurement from the wrist to the floor. All measurements are in inches.

The diagram above is only a guide. Most people with the above heights and wrists to the floor find the recommended driver lengths to be the most appropriate, but there are always players who do not meet these standards.

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This is a question I have been asked many times. My students often want to know how to measure the length of their drive shaft.

Usually they ask this because they don’t know the length of the driver they are using and want to know if they should be using a longer or shorter driver.

To measure the length of the drive shaft, lay the driver on the ground. Take a tape measure and measure from the end of the grip down the shaft until you reach the heel of the club. By doing this, you will know the length of the driver shaft.

How To Tell What Size Golf Clubs You Need

If you are a golfer between 5’5″ and 5’9″, you would typically use a driver with a shaft length of 42.5″ to 44″.

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5 year old golfers

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