How To Tell What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need – Comfort and safety. Of all the things we can tell you about buying a crash helmet, getting the fit and size of your helmet right is the most important. A helmet with the wrong head size or the wrong internal shape of the helmet will cause you no end of pain and won’t protect you properly when it matters.

Four out of ten people who come to see us in person have a helmet that clearly doesn’t fit. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you’re not one of them.

How To Tell What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need

How To Tell What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need

To find the perfect helmet for you, it’s always best to try a range of different brands and styles. But before you get started, you should narrow it down by figuring out roughly what helmet size you are and what type of motorcycle helmet best suits your riding needs.

Ls2 Ff353j Rapid Mini Plain Helmet

When initially trying on motorcycle helmets, make sure you take the time to check the fit for safety, and remember that the correct helmet ‘fits’, meaning the helmet should start with a snug fit, then become more comfortable as the padding adjusts. must be. to your head

So if you’ve never had a helmet before, you’ll first measure your head for the helmet with a tape measure. When measuring for a motorcycle helmet, take a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the widest point of your head. Usually it is above the ears.

It gives you a measurement in centimeters that corresponds to the brand’s helmet size guide or chart. If that measurement shows you are “between hat sizes,” start with a smaller size and go up a size, if the smaller size is too snug. Here are the motorcycle helmet size charts we come up with:

With a few exceptions, all motorcycle helmet manufacturers work to a similar motorcycle helmet size chart or helmet size guide, which is this:

Ask Rideapart: My New Helmet Doesn’t Fit Right. What Do I Do?

Not all collapsible helmets are available in all sizes shown above. Generally, a motorcycle helmet style is available in at least a size range between X-Small and X-Large. If your head is big, we have good news below!

But, if you have a big head, there are specific helmet styles that have a great range of sizes 3XL or 4XL.

AGV offers small-medium and large-medium sizes in some of its crash helmet designs: meaning there are 2 size options to choose from for heads with a circumference between 56cms and 59cms.

How To Tell What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need

If you previously owned a motorcycle helmet from brand X and you want to purchase a new helmet from brand Y, explain that              crash helmet sizes do not translate seamlessly between helmet brands. They are similar, but they are not the same. Although the measured circumference is very similar, it is not least because motorcycle helmets vary between brands.

Shoei Helmet Sizing Chart

So, if you’re looking for your first helmet, be sure to refer to the motorcycle helmet size chart above to get a starting shot at the right size, and don’t assume you’ll be the same if you switch between brands. The size of all of them.

Figuring out what size to start with is a good starting point, but not the answer. That measurement doesn’t tell you the size of your forehead at all, for example. And it doesn’t really talk about whether you have more of an oval head or a round head.

Most helmets are designed for the average oval-shaped head, so if that doesn’t apply to your head shape, try a range of helmet styles from different brands.

Do the following checks to make sure your motorcycle helmet is not only the right size, but also the right fit.

How To Strap A Motorcycle Helmet Properly

Once you have your heart set on a helmet and you think you know your size, you can put it on and check that the helmet fits as desired. If the helmet is not immediately tight or too loose, keep it on for ten minutes. That’s because the helmet fits and feels fine for a minute or so, but starts to feel uncomfortable after driving. If it gives you a problem, you can try the next size up.

For the helmet to be secure, it needs to fit tightly in three places. Those pressure points are your cheeks (cheekbones or jawbones) and the upper back of your head. A safety-fitting helmet is fitted in these places so the helmet sits securely, protecting you in case of an accident, and doesn’t move while you ride.

If your helmet is too tight or too loose in these places, you may not have found the right motorcycle helmet size for you. No matter what size helmet you try, if the helmet does not seat securely in these 3 positions, then the helmet is not suitable for your head shape and you are better off trying a different brand or style.

How To Tell What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need

There is such a thing as too tight. First, look in the mirror: if you look like a hamster and start biting the inside of your cheeks when you close your jaw, that helmet is too tight. Omdhatu Open Face Motorbike Motorcycle Helmet Dot/ece Approved Moto Jet Helmet Three Quarters Or 3/4 Helmet For Adult Men Women (color

It is normal for the lining of the inside of the cheek to be pressed between the open jaws. It is not uncommon to bite the lining of the inside of the cheek when you close your jaw. The inner line of the cheek should come off when the teeth close.

Similarly, if you notice really strong impression marks or indentations after wearing the helmet for five minutes, it’s likely that the helmet will become uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time. These marks will usually appear across the forehead, but also on the temples and other parts of the head.

If the helmet doesn’t give you serious discomfort but still feels a little tight, remember that any new helmet will ‘bed in’ after about 15-20 hours of riding.

There is also such a thing as too loose. This can be easily tested by taking the helmet, holding your neck still, and having someone else move the helmet up and down and from left to right. If the helmet slides too easily over the skin instead of moving the skin, it is too loose.

Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmets You Should Know

Or, if the helmet cheek pad separates from your cheek when turning the helmet left and right, it may be the correct size but the wrong shape of the helmet inside. Or, it could be the wrong size. For that you need an expert opinion to fix it quickly.

Motorcycle helmets are made of four main parts: hard outer shell, EPS liner, chin strap and comfort lining.

The hard outer shell is the first point of impact in a crash. Its main function is to dissipate energy across its surface by breaking away from the point of impact in a controlled manner. Therefore, a fallen helmet needs to be replaced. Hairline fracture prevents wide dispersion of impact force. The shell prevents any object from penetrating the helmet. For it to work as it should, your head should not move separately inside the helmet, but should move with the helmet during a crash.

How To Tell What Size Motorcycle Helmet You Need

The EPS liner then absorbs the impact energy by crushing it with the dissipated energy. A large area of ​​EPS filler absorbs impact more easily; Effectively EPS padding protects your skull and brain. Premium motorcycle helmets have different density EPS padding layers to better control that process.

How To Choose A Motorcycle Helmet

The chinstrap (when fitted properly) ensures that the helmet stays on your head. The comfort pad ensures that the helmet stays in place in the event of a crash and prevents your skull from bouncing into the helmet shell.

Essentially, if your helmet is too loose or too snug, it won’t fit properly. Follow step 3 to install your helmet. Once you do, your helmet will catch on your cheeks and the back of your head, but it won’t be uncomfortable or create pressure depressions on the skin.

Few of the riders we personally meet in the shop have poorly mounted bikes, big or small, but poorly mounted. Often the question is whether you can do anything about it.

This is difficult to correct after the fact and it is best that you leave it to experience. We help you buy the right size helmet and the right helmet the first time. That’s what we do!

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Comfort and Safety: Wearing a helmet that is too tight can cause discomfort and headaches, while wearing one that is too loose can compromise your safety in an accident.

Leave the helmet on for a while to make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable. Then choose your color and travel safe, secure

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