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How To Tell What Size Sports Bra You Need

How To Tell What Size Sports Bra You Need

What size sports bra? Is it different from a normal bra size? This blog post will help you find the perfect sports bra size!

Picking The Appropriate Sports Bra: Prioritising Comfort And Performance

Confess. You hate shopping for bras, right? Well, you are not alone. It’s so hard to find the right size and every supplier has their own size…it’s a jungle! Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic sports bra size calculator, but we can promise you that we’ll help you find the right one!

So, how do you choose the right sports bra size? First of all, you will need a tape measure.

We also offer styles with an adjustable back, so you can choose how tight the bra should fit on your chest!

Sizing: True to size, but may feel tight on first use – due to its high support.

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This padded sports bra offers a comfortable fit and all the support you need. The pads are also removable! This gives you a great option if you prefer unlined bras! It also makes washing easier and the pads keep their shape longer if they are removed and washed in a separate laundry bag. The bra is very breathable and keeps you dry. It’s made from the same smooth fabric as our favorite leggings. 100% opaque.

This is a very popular model that is perfect for small to medium sized cups. If you have a larger cup, this model may be a bit tight. Always measure before buying.

This black sports bra has soft padding for a comfortable fit that lets you move in any direction. This is perhaps our most popular model for those with a larger cup size.

How To Tell What Size Sports Bra You Need

The open back gives you good support for any type of training. The bra is very breathable and keeps you dry. It’s made from the same smooth fabric as our favorite leggings, and the design of the bra should go with everything.

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A comfortable, form-fitting sports bra, it really is possible! This sports bra has a built-in bra with removable pads to make sure you get the right support. We feel like wearing this all day!

This is a very popular model that is perfect for small to medium sized cups. If you have a larger cup, this model is a good choice for yoga or weightlifting. Always measure before buying.

Taking off your sports bra after a hard workout can be difficult, but it’s always easy with the Lux Zip Bra! This sports bra is a simple yet essential sports bra. Put on the bra by opening and closing the zipper in the front. This sports bra is the perfect choice if you’ve injured your arm or shoulder, or just want a hassle-free alternative to a sports bra.

This bra has medium support and has removable pads. This is also a popular model for those with a larger cup size. Always measure before buying.

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Oh… Yes, it’s real! Simply the most stylish sports bra. In this pair, we’ve combined our best molding material for good support and the perfect degree of compression. Complete the look by adding the Swift Tights to the Swift Sports Bra! Always measure before buying.

A great sports bra for any type of workout. The half zipper in the front combined with the back closure makes for great personalization options! If you zip it up it gives you more support and the back closure allows you to choose how tight you want the bra to be!

The Icon bra also has thick shoulder straps for good weight distribution. Say goodbye to shoulder straps that dig into your shoulders! This bra can be paired with Icon tights or any other tights.

How To Tell What Size Sports Bra You Need

This bra features a tie-dye pattern and medium support. The unique design is both pleasing and functional. The fabric is super soft and we know a lot of women actually use this sports bra for everyday use – not just as a sports bra! Use the back closure for a custom fit.

Sports Bra Fit And Care Guide

With the Shimmer bra, you’ll be the center of attention at the gym or at a party. The Shimmer Bra has a beautiful play of color that will glow fantastic colors in the right lighting. A sports bra creates the feeling of a second skin that will fit like a glove. The sparkling bra offers medium support and comes with removable pads. The Shimmer Bra comes in black and pink. Complete the look with sparkly tights! Every woman knows how difficult it is to find the right bra or sports bra. Shopping for bras online can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Fortunately, there are some reliable tips and tricks that will take the stress out of you and help you never wear an ill-fitting bra again.

With a tape measure and some free time, you can try on an abra from the comfort of your home. Take the stress out of shopping for sports bras and make finding the right sports bra an easy and exciting discovery.

The first thing to note is that pull-up calculators change with each website you visit. While most companies follow alphabetical scales, some have their own unique sizing methods. For example, ENELL, a company that specializes in bras for women with larger breasts, uses a digital sizing chart.

Likewise, international scales can also be different. Depending on the country or region of the world in which you live, cup sizes and corresponding labels may vary. However, don’t worry about these differences just yet. With your bra sizes, you won’t have to worry about these differences and can easily convert these letter deviations.

What Sports Bra Size Am I?

With your trusty tape measure, you’re ready to go. When it comes to bra sizing, there are three things to consider: band size, bust size, and cup size. These three numbers are the key to finding the perfect bra size.

As our bodies change over time, so will these measurements. This is completely normal! Women often feel pressured to be a certain size or look a certain way, but we are all different. No matter your size, you will always be beautiful.

Also, understanding how your bra works can enhance that beauty. Here, the bra strap is 90% of the support of your bra. Making sure you have the right strap size is an important first step in getting the right bra.

How To Tell What Size Sports Bra You Need

This fabric strap should lie perfectly flat across the body. If it rises when you move, it’s too big. Also, if you feel like the bandage is digging into your skin throughout the day or leaving marks when you take it off, it’s too tight. By finding this balance, you achieve maximum support and comfort.

Kinetic Adjustable Sports Bra

Likewise, bra cups should securely support the breasts without gaps or overflow. Improperly fitting cups can not only affect the quality of your bra, but also make your outfit.

First, wrap the tape measure around your chest just below the breast with the opening in the front so you can read it. When pressing the tape measure against your body, make sure it lies flat and not too loose or too tight.

This number is the size of your group. For example, if it measures 38 inches, your strap size is 38.

Then wrap the tape under your armpits and around the fullest part of your chest. Make sure your elbows are close to you.

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At this stage, a little math comes into play. To determine your cup size, you need to subtract your strap size from your bust size.

If the difference is one inch or less, your cup size will be A cup, if the difference is more than one inch or up to two inches, your cup size will be B, and so on and so forth.

In our example, if the strap size is 38 and the bust size is 41, the resulting cup size will be 41-38 = 3 = C cup.

How To Tell What Size Sports Bra You Need

Now that you know how to measure your bra size, you’re well on your way to finding the right bra for you.

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If you get your bra size right, you’ll never have to wear an ill-fitting bra again. The right bra will help you not only look great, but also feel fantastic. Like a second skin, the right bra will comfortably support your breasts, lift your breasts and accentuate your beautiful body.

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