Investing In Montreal Real Estate With Crypto: A Growing Trend – Canadian rental platform has added Bitcoin as a form of payment, allowing renters to pay rent in cryptocurrency.

You’ve probably heard about it on the news, read about it online, and maybe some of your friends have invested in it. But chances are, most Canadians aren’t aware that they can actually pay their rent with Bitcoin.

Investing In Montreal Real Estate With Crypto: A Growing Trend

Investing In Montreal Real Estate With Crypto: A Growing Trend

As of Wednesday, Canadian rental platform has added bitcoin as a form of payment, allowing renters to pay their rent in cryptocurrency while landlords receive fiat currency. gold

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The Vancouver-based startup says it has always evolved to meet the needs of its community, and offering bitcoin as a form of payment for renters will allow the company to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency world and the rental industry, which has been. typically slower to adopt new technologies.

“People want more choice,” said Fouad Arafa, Director of Research and Development at “We give the people a choice.

Is bitcoin. Long answer, short, it’s a cryptocurrency that eliminates central banking and uses cryptographic methods to handle funds. No third party is involved, so buyers and sellers can transact directly.

The Bitcoin payment process is very similar to paying your rent with credit cards or UnionPay with and can be done online or through an app. The innovative payment process works the same, with nominal fees including a 0.5% processing fee, which is much lower than your typical credit card fee.

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However, to enable cryptocurrency payment, both the tenant and the landlord must use the platform.

Every month when a tenant receives a payment request, they can go to and pay in Bitcoin. There are two options on the platform: pay directly through Coinbase or scan a QR code that contains a unique payment request address, then they can pay with a cryptocurrency wallet of their choice.

When a tenant pays in Bitcoin, it is transferred and later deposited as CAD into the landlord’s bank account. With this new feature, landlords can appeal to a wider range of potential tenants.

Investing In Montreal Real Estate With Crypto: A Growing Trend

“For those who envision a world with fully decentralized financial systems, this is a rental without borders,” the startup said in a statement.

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The startup says it’s also supporting newcomers by helping them secure a home in Canada before they arrive, and hopes this new feature will break down barriers to allow people to fully embrace cryptocurrency by using it to pay rent; the basics of life for over four million Canadian renters. says the new bitcoin payment option is also much more affordable than the traditional wire transfer method, thus easing the financial hurdles that come with renting your first Canadian home.

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Shape Properties and Arcadis IBI Group have also submitted an alternative proposal for a 61-storey tower with a six-storey office podium.

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To commemorate National Housing Day, let’s take a look at the current state of Canada’s housing market with our latest articles.

Agents say they see couples reaching out to other couples and seniors renting out bedrooms in their homes because of affordability issues.

This home at 15365 Victoria Drive is just a short walk from the famous and historic White Rock Pier and offers stunning views of Boundary Bay.

Investing In Montreal Real Estate With Crypto: A Growing Trend

The advocacy group Ontario Place For All has filed an application in the Ontario Divisional Court seeking an injunction that would stop construction on West Island, including a private spa and water park building.

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As part of the Autumn Fiscal Update, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced a package of new housing measures specifically targeting affordable housing.

The Cornerstone, located at 909 5th Avenue SW, was one of the first projects announced as part of the Calgary Office Conversion Incentive.

The new home price index was flat between September and October, but fell year-on-year as higher interest rates continued to weigh on the market.

Local agents say inventory is flooding the market, real estate leases are taking a long time and conditions are tilting in renters’ favor for the first time in years.

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Etoile Gold is slated for purchase at Springer Avenue and Douglas Road in Burnaby, next to Millennium Development’s two existing Etoile towers.

Canada’s consumer price index rose 3.1% year over year in October, largely driven by lower gas prices.

Five of the largest projects that have recently come up for sale or are in the pipeline in Vancouver are all located in Burnaby’s Metrotown neighborhood.

Investing In Montreal Real Estate With Crypto: A Growing Trend

“All aspects of Toronto’s history are important, and Yonge Street’s history should be remembered for what it was, not just what we wish it had been.”

Housing Investors Are Heading For The Exits As Rates Rise

The more property your parents own, the more likely you are to own a home yourself, a new report from StatCan has found.

The resale market is “losing momentum” not only due to rising interest rates, but also exacerbated affordability issues and a “less buoyant” labor market.

It’s time to say “Hello” to real estate agent Paul Johnston of Right at Home Realty, an 18-year veteran of the Toronto market where he sells unique townhomes. Linda Akkoyan, also known as “Crypto Lia,” explained it in simple terms in an interview with the MTL blog.

Akkoyan has been in the crypto game since 2016 and spends his days reading, networking, investing and trading. From defining crypto to explaining how millennials can invest and crypto exchanges, this Montreal influencer with over 34K followers on Instagram made it easy to understand this trendy digital money.

Moody’s Says Montreal Is The Only Canadian Housing Market That Is Forecast For A Correction Next Year ( 5.91% In 2022 And 7.21% In 2023 ). Thoughts ?

You can read our interview with him below. Note that Crypto Lia’s answers are based on her personal knowledge and beliefs and do not serve as financial advice.

They are created in many ways. each coin has rules or a consensus protocol that governs these transactions and the circulation of the coin. So technically, users have wallets instead of bank accounts.

Cryptocurrency offers an opportunity unlike any other financial instrument of the past, as it is not tied to a financial institution or state.

Investing In Montreal Real Estate With Crypto: A Growing Trend

It is important for us now to take advantage of that opportunity. It’s so accessible to us, so it’s great that we’re getting into it today.

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I believe in Bitcoin the most. You don’t need to own a whole bitcoin, you can own fractions of it. It’s always good to dollar average when buying Bitcoin, which means investing a fixed amount regularly.

But then you have altcoins, which are all the rest, and there are over 10,000 altcoins in the market.

You have Ethereum, which is one of the biggest and has created a huge network of projects. You have VeChain integrated into the logistics and supply chain. Then you have Cardano, Stellar and many more.

Many of these coins have very strong technology behind them and will rise greatly in pricing. Coins are attached to the development team, the community. they are just like any other business.

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But don’t underestimate the power of communicating and interacting with people in space; it was important to me.

Download a wallet, enter an exchange. Coinbase,, and Binance are, I’d say, the three exchanges that Montrealers can use (they’re also across Canada). For beginners I find is good, it is very easy to use.

It is always important to stay vigilant as there are many scams in the crypto space. So, you should be careful when it comes to opening emails. For example, you may receive an email from and it’s not them.

Investing In Montreal Real Estate With Crypto: A Growing Trend

And beware of the people on Instagram. There are many fake accounts going around saying:

Major Canadian Real Estate Developer Ray Junior Courtemanche Will Now Accept Crypto!

The crypto space is amazing, there are so many possibilities and it is secure. But you should always be careful who you deal with.

Whatever you want to do, it’s important to do it within the framework of the exchange. Be careful of all the scams out there because there are a lot of them.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media. Deutsche poised to take $350m loss on blighted FiDi office building In bidding war for Signature loans, Sitzer/Bernett ruling could spark overseas model. , “run to the bottom” BHS broker joins Elliman’s Holly Parker team

Canadian developer Ray Junior Courtmanche, a former professional race car driver, says the “time was right” to embrace cryptocurrencies for a housing project near Montreal. He can do more research next time.

Montreal Is Canada’s Next Hot Housing Market

Kurtmansch revealed last week that he had teamed up with Dello, a Montreal fintech company, to handle crypto payments for units at the SKYBLÜ Condos, 30 miles north of the city. His announcement comes after the crypto market has lost nearly $2 trillion in value since November, costing nearly 1,700 crypto exchange employees their jobs in June alone.

“I was just waiting

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