“tech Titans: Stem Degree Programs And Opportunities In The United States” – Tech Titans The Tech Titans Awards were launched in 2001 by Tech Titans, North Texas’ largest technology support organization. The prestigious annual competition recognizes outstanding technology companies and individuals in the North Texas region who have contributed over the past year to the local, as well as the technology industry as a whole. The Tech Titans Gala Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers who organize the awards ceremony each year, and judges are drawn from a variety of tech backgrounds, leaders in the DFW area and past winners.

This award honors a North Texas technology visionary for outstanding leadership in helping, sustaining and developing the technology industry and/or technology adoption in North Texas; more than ten years and reaches far beyond the company / individual organization.

“tech Titans: Stem Degree Programs And Opportunities In The United States”

Moore serves as president of the Americas Region, and President and CEO of Fujitsu North America, the management company of the Fujitsu business unit operating in North America. He is a US employee and former Malcom Baldridge Examiner. He has held many positions in manufacturing, development, sales and marketing, and general management. Moore joined Fujitsu in 1997 from AT&T Corporation where he worked in development, quality assurance, and sales for AT&T’s Network Systems (formerly Western Electric).

Large, Creative Ai Models Will Transform Lives And Labour Markets

This award recognizes the CEO or Group President of a technology company in North Texas with revenues in excess of $200 million.

At DZS, Vogt brings an entrepreneurial, results-oriented culture to drive disruptive innovation, align with corporate clients and capture market share. After joining, Vogt immediately led a major transformation of the company to take advantage of what he described as a “once-in-a-century development era,” defined by technologies such as 5G/6G, artificial intelligence security, machine learning, IoT, gaming. , metaverse and other related megatrends.

This award honors an individual employed by a North Texas technology company for outstanding achievements in community service to the North Texas region.

Danyel built on her successful sports and fitness technology platform, POWERHANDZ, to create POWER for BAWA, whose mission is to provide sports and education programs for youth in underserved communities. This program is designed to help children develop into athletes or simply create a strong moral foundation to carry on to growth on a physical and human level. In addition, Danyel has launched community programs including POWER TO VOTE which is dedicated to increasing voter registration in under-enrolled communities and SHE NE WHY, a program that focuses on eliminating inequality for women in sports and entertainment by connecting them with partners.

Factbox: Tech Firms, Wall Street Titans Lead Job Cuts In Corporate America

This award recognizes a company for outstanding innovation and development through recent technology or potential technology development or approach in the North Texas technology industry with revenues of more than $200 million.

Brinker International, a fast food company, has a history of adopting many technologies to maintain a multi-billion dollar company that has been around for centuries. As the disease worsened, the company quickly developed four new technologies. A robot called “Rita” helps with food delivery, transportation and food processing and is currently in 62 locations. Brinker is also currently testing drone and rover deliveries to multiple locations such as college campus. The IT team developed a Manual Ordering System for all Chili’s restaurants which resulted in better customer service and more tips for servers.

This award recognizes the Chief Information or Technology Officer of a company or Chief Scientific Officer of a company with revenues of more than $200 million for exceptional technology leadership that has advanced the development or deployment of new technology that creates value for the company.

Gordon has been at the forefront of key technical proposals to expand access to AT&T’s 5G and Fiber networks. Under Gordon’s technical leadership, his team has led the way in deploying 5G+ over mmWave in multiple locations, facilities, campuses and urban areas. This has resulted in faster network speeds and benefits in the areas where the most important points are needed on the network. Gordon believes that transparency is the key ingredient to his team’s success. His employees have a voice and everyone makes an impact.

Addressing Cisos Ai Anxieties Through Resilience

This award recognizes a company for outstanding innovation and exceptional achievement through recent technology or potential success in the North Texas technology industry with revenues of at least $2 million but no more than $200 million. .

Aligned’s new Delta3 cooling technology is at the heart of its support for waterproof data centers. This new data center cooling technology leads the way in sustainable joint financing, seamless data center design and joint strategic collaboration. Aligned is committed to creating sustainable energy-efficient facilities that minimize their environmental impact.

This award recognizes the CEO of a technology company headquartered in North Texas with revenues of at least $2 million but not more than $200 million.

Srii is a visionary in the use of data analysis in charge management. She pushed Chargeback Gurus to break new ground in terms of analyzing chargeback data, using that data to improve chargeback representation, and giving customers more access to more information and statistics than ever before. Under her leadership, Chargeback Gurus developed a system that combines machine data and human experience to help merchants solve chargeback problems effectively, recovering more than $1.5 billion for its customers. She prioritizes creating and maintaining an inclusive work environment by making informed hiring decisions, encouraging and motivating employees, and monitoring employee feedback.

Animation & Games

This award recognizes the Chief Information Officer or Chief Information Officer or Chief Scientific Officer of a company with revenues of at least $2 million but not more than $200 million for exceptional technical leadership that has advanced the development or deployment of a new technology that creates value for the company. .

Dr. Clark created HEWMEN®, a new type of artificial intelligence platform that offers a seamless marriage of human intelligence with machine learning. HEWMEN is a crowd computing platform that combines human perception and unstructured problem-solving skills with robust computing power using a volunteer grid that is integrated into interactive entertainment. Dr. Clark has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas Arlington and has extensive experience conducting various complex projects such as the Department of Defense research for cutting edge game platform technology.

Photo with Robert Atkins, CEO, BALANCED Media | Technology (far left) and award sponsor Dr. Richard Benson, President of UT Dallas (far right)

This award honors the CEO of a technology company headquartered in North Texas with revenues of less than $2 million.

Community College Of Beaver County

Spark Biomedical, Inc is a medical device developer and world leader in neurostimulation. Its first product, the Sparrow Recovery System is an FDA-cleared, non-prescription, wearable drug for opioid withdrawal relief. In the first year of sales, Sparrow Therapy received more than 40 behavioral health centers, successfully treated hundreds of patients across the country and received a payment code from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ( CMS). A new program launched in 2023 will support people who cannot afford opioid withdrawal treatment by donating Sparrow Therapy to veterans and other organizations.

This award honors an individual or company for outstanding leadership in competing, assisting, promoting or enhancing technology industry activities in North Texas.

CEO Robyn Brown committed to technology to build Bold Idea, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help students explore computer science and other STEM skills through learning and mentorship from industry professionals. ideaSpark Coding Clubs provide an equitable opportunity to learn computer science through interactive activities led by volunteers from Dallas-area organizations. Brown believes that support from a volunteer advisor, in person or virtual, can have a significant impact on a student’s ability to develop self-efficacy and self-employment in an art or engineering career.

This award recognizes the pioneering achievements of an individual, group or organization responsible for creating ideas, processes or products that have advanced the discipline.

Stem Courses: Relevance Of Stem Courses Increasing Amid Tech Layoffs

For over 20 years, Mark has been a leader in the telecommunications industry. The technology Mark developed with other Ericsson inventors enabled mobile devices to measure and report radio channel conditions for networks using multi-input multiple antenna (MIMO) systems to enable efficient use of spectrum with higher information value. Mark’s contributions to multi-antenna technology will move the cellular industry forward for better preparation for continuous streaming of video content. Mark’s strong commitment to improving communication in complex technologies is a game changer for the future of the communication ecosystem.

This award recognizes a North Texas high school (grades 9-12) math or science teacher for developing and implementing an innovative teaching strategy or program that encourages student interest in further education and/or career pursuits in STEM .

Mr. Chuang has the gift of not only exposing students to some of the rigorous teaching high school can offer, but he does so in a way that relies on developing relationships with his students. He encourages students to learn by trial and error and uses an online method called WebAssign to assign homework problems and feedback to his students. LabQuest is a powerful tool where students can access and download information for assessment.

This award is recognized by an accredited educational institution

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