Things To Have In An Emergency Kit – Pack a lightweight “go bag” if you need to evacuate due to a wildfire or other life-threatening emergency. Photo from the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal.AP

When you’re moving out due to a wildfire or other life-threatening emergency, you can’t take everything with you. A lightweight “go bag” is not an emergency supply that you keep in your home in case you need to shelter in place for the day.

Things To Have In An Emergency Kit

Things To Have In An Emergency Kit

A go-bag contains the essentials you need — medicine to a portable phone charger — that you can take if you have to walk or use public transportation.

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“Keep your yard green, have a plan to drop off and grab valuables in one place,” says Rob Garrison, spokesman for Portland Fire and Rescue.

It’s hard to think clearly when you’re asked to leave. This makes it critical to have a duffel bag, backpack or rolling cargo bag – a “go bag” – ready to grab as you run out the door.

Collect essentials in one place. Many essentials may already be in your home, such as hygiene products, but you’ll need duplicates so you can access them quickly in an emergency.

A pair of long-sleeved cotton pants, a long-sleeved cotton shirt or jacket, a face covering, a pair of sturdy soles or boots, and safety goggles to wear before going outside.

What To Include In A First Aid Kit

Also pack a lightweight travel bag for your pet and identify a place to stay that accepts animals. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) app should list shelters open during an active disaster in your area.

Consider the color of your portable disaster kit. Some people want it to be red so it’s easy to see, while others buy a plain looking bag, duffel or rolling cargo bag that won’t draw attention to the valuables inside. Some people remove the patch to identify the bag as a disaster or first aid kit.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radar Live app provides real-time radar images and severe weather alerts.

Things To Have In An Emergency Kit

The Eton FRX3 comes with an American Red Cross emergency NOAA weather radio with USB smartphone charger, LED flashlight and red beacon ($69.99). The alert function automatically broadcasts any emergency weather warnings for your area. Charge the compact radio (6.9 inches long by 2.6 inches wide) with its solar panel, hand crank or built-in rechargeable battery.

How To Build An Eco Friendly Emergency Kit

A portable emergency radio ($49.98) with real-time NOAA weather reports and Public Emergency Alert System information can be powered by a hand crank generator, solar panel, rechargeable batteries or wall power adapter. Check out other solar powered or battery powered weather radios.

Here’s what you can do now to prevent smoke from entering your home and staining the air and furnishings.

If it is safe to stay inside your home when the wildfire is too far away, have an alternate source of electricity in the form of fire, smoke, and particulate matter to arc voltage lines and trip offline.

Install weather sealing around the space and plan for you and your pet to live in a room with very few windows, preferably without a chimney, vents or other openings to the outside. If you need one, run a portable air cleaner or air conditioner in that room.

Build Your Own First Aid Kit—15 First Aid Kit Necessities

First Aid Kit: The First Aid Only store has an all-purpose first aid emergency kit for $19.50 with 299 items and a total weight of one pound. Add a pocket-sized American Red Cross Emergency First Aid Guide or download the free Red Cross Emergency App.

The American Red Cross and, which educates people on what to do to prepare for natural and man-made disasters, from earthquakes to wildfires, recommend providing every home with a basic disaster kit. That provides coverage for your family and pets for three days. There are blanks and a two-week supply if you’re hunting at home.

You already have all the critical items. Refill what you’ve used or add what you don’t have. Freshen and renew the water and food every six months.

Things To Have In An Emergency Kit

You can buy ready-made or customized emergency preparedness kits or you can make your own (here’s a checklist for when basic services or utilities fail).

Complete Guide To Emergency First Aid And First Aid Ktis

Water: If a water pipe breaks or the water supply is contaminated, you will need a gallon of water per day for drinking, eating, and cleaning. Your pet also needs a gallon of water. Portland Earthquake Kits explain how to store water safely. Containers must be certified BPA-containing plastic and designed specifically to hold potable water.

Food: According to the American Red Cross, it is recommended that you have enough non-preserved food for two weeks. Experts recommend that bland, easy-to-prepare foods, such as canned, ready-to-eat soups, should not be overly salty.

Here are tips for settling the tug-of-war between conserving water and keeping your landscape green like fire protection measures.

Portland Fire and Rescue has a safety checklist that includes making sure electrical and heating equipment are in good working order and not overheating.

Things Every Hurricane Emergency Kit Must Have

Yard fire prevention begins: ‘I don’t know what precautions will save my house, so I do what I can’

There are things big and small you can do to reduce the risk that your home and neighborhood will burn in a wildfire.

RedFora has car kits filled with roadside essentials and basic emergency items to prepare for emergencies in the event of a highway breakdown or wildfire, earthquake, flood, power outage. With every purchase, 1% is donated through Redfora Relief to a family experiencing sudden homelessness, disaster relief agencies in need of assistance or smart prevention plans.

Things To Have In An Emergency Kit

If you purchase a product or register for an account through a link on our site, we may receive compensation. By using this site, you consent to our user agreement and agree that your clicks, interactions, and personal information may be collected, recorded, and/or stored by us and our social media and other third-party partners. According to our privacy policy. Whether you’re in middle school, high school, or even college, things happen and sometimes they’re unexpected. Keeping an emergency kit in your backpack or purse can come in handy on days when accidents happen, and you can’t go home. This can help not only you, but any friend or classmate who has an emergency and needs something from your kit. You never know what can happen at school, but just in case something does happen, here are 7 things you should carry in your school emergency kit:

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It could be a very hot day or after gym class and you need something to freshen up. Carrying deodorant can be very helpful when you still have other classes to go to and you know you can’t get back home to shower yet.

If you don’t want to bring full-size deodorant, there are many stores that sell travel-sized deodorants that are smaller and can fit in different places if you don’t want to carry it.

Although everyone uses cards now, you never know when you’ll be in a situation where you can only use cash, or you don’t have your card.

Cash can come in especially handy at school when you’re hungry and need a snack from the vending machine. Although some vending machines now have card readers, they are not always guaranteed to work.

Wildfire Home Protection: Emergency

You never know who you might talk to throughout the day when you’re at school. You might talk to friends, or even have a crush and feel like you need to catch your breath a little.

Some schools/teachers don’t allow gum, if that’s the case then breath minutes work too and make sure your breath is fresh for what you’re talking about.

Baby wipes are great when you want to freshen up too and don’t have time to shower after gym class or on a hot day. Wipes can also be used for almost anything. If you are out of toilet paper you can use wipes (just don’t flush them) or if you need to remove your makeup, you can use wipes.

Things To Have In An Emergency Kit

You can also find baby wipes in travel sizes so you don’t have to carry a whole pack.

Essential Items To Include In An Emergency Kit For Your Home

You never know what might happen, your phone might die, and you might need to contact someone.

It is important to always keep your phone charged, especially at school. You or a friend may need to charge a cell phone for something important so having a charger in your emergency kit is a must!

Portable chargers also come in handy when you don’t have an outlet to use a plug-in charger. Always make sure your portable charger is charged before you leave the house so you can charge your phone when you need it.

Hair ties are important to keep in your kit because you never know when you or someone else might need them. You might be having a bad hair day, or you want to tie it up just because it’s in your way. Whatever the circumstances, hair ties are usually always there when someone needs to do something with their hair at school.

Personal First Aid Kit Checklist

Hold a small comb or brush


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