Things To Know Before Selling On Etsy – As a leading marketplace with over 96.5 million active users, Etsy is certainly not a panacea. However, its house rules must ensure a safe and compliant environment for visitors, which is largely emphasized by Etsy’s zero-tolerance policy for prohibited items.

Therefore, it is important for sellers to thoroughly understand Etsy’s policies. This is critical for new, experienced, and multi-channel marketers alike.

Things To Know Before Selling On Etsy

Things To Know Before Selling On Etsy

With great traffic, Etsy is definitely a goldmine for e-sellers as long as you follow all the rules. The following article provides an explanation of many prohibited categories on Etsy and examples of what to avoid.

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It has 8 sections on what you can’t sell according to the latest Etsy shop rules. These rooms have been banned due to the risk they pose to the Etsy community. Although not everything is banned everywhere in the world, they can still incite hatred, violence, violence, etc.

Alcohol, drugs, medications, prescription drugs, and even tobacco are not acceptable on Etsy. Talking more about reasons, these are subject to certain legal restrictions. Not to mention, items in the room are considered controlled substances under certain circumstances.

Other Etsy selling rules also prohibit any items that claim to have intoxicating or medicinal effects. The rules don’t limit certain categories, but simply don’t align with Etsy’s spirit and core values.

While alcohol is among the items banned from AT, the opposite is true for eBay and Amazon. However, you can sell wine and beer on Amazon. Additionally, if you sell on eBay, you can only list alcoholic beverages on your store as long as you have a seller account.

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Etsy’s second prohibited section covers dangerous goods, recalled goods, and firearms. But what can’t you sell on Etsy?

For hazardous items, Etsy’s Seller Policy restricts e-sellers by listing explosives (fireworks, flames), explosives (special information), flammable materials, gases, radioactive materials, toxic materials, and lithium-ion batteries (single and disassembled). does

Things To Know Before Selling On Etsy

Hazardous items are prohibited items on Etsy because they can pose serious health risks in some cases. Also check product safety requirements for cleaning products and cosmetics.

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Additionally, Etsy’s Seller Terms and Conditions prohibit item returns. Anything recalled by the government or its manufacturers is not allowed to be sold on the Etsy marketplace.

In other cases, Etsy’s prohibited items include products that pose a harm or safety risk to users. In particular, products that present electrical, choking, or choking hazards may not be sold on Etsy.

Not surprisingly, marketplaces including Etsy, Amazon and eBay have banned firearms. Guns (real or pretend), pistols, knives, etc. may not appear in the shopping list. Things you can sell more of are:

Among the items banned on Etsy are products that incite hatred and resentment. These issues can be related to ethics, race, religion, ethnicity and politics. In this case, music, artwork and even movies can be taboo subjects.

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In other words, Etsy’s crowdfunding rules disallow the sale of items that identify or promote hate groups, whether historical or modern. Obvious examples of hate groups are the KKK (Ku Kux Clan – American White Supremacist), Nazis or neo-Nazis, and Holocaust denial agendas.

Additionally, you may not sell offensive or controversial items on Etsy because they are racially or religiously offensive to protected groups. Otherwise, be selective even when voting against violence or hate groups. They are not banned but can be restricted.

Finally, e-commerce is profitable for promoting religious goods. In general, they are not subject to any restrictions when inspired by common religions. (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc.).

Things To Know Before Selling On Etsy

Of course, religious crafts or jewelry are not the main categories of Etsy, but they still have potential. If you have problems selling such products, check the reviews of the best selling platforms now!

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You can find more information about Etsy’s selling rules on the official website. Remember that the mentioned can never be ruled out.

Speaking of additional Etsy prohibited items related to legal issues, the online marketplace strictly prohibits the following:

Etsy Seller Rules strives to be a safe trading environment for users. Therefore, prohibited items on Etsy are those that encourage, encourage, or encourage violence and self-harm and human suffering.

All listed items meet ACT’s strict exclusions. In fact, things like this can be a serious threat to the Etsy community. Although violent content may contribute to parts of historical, educational and artistic narratives, attacking others or glorifying subjects is not permitted.

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When entering an international marketplace, Etsy sellers and buyers must comply with local laws and regulations. Official Etsy items are not banned because of the word “international”. This is due to complex laws in each country.

However, sellers and buyers are not allowed to trade all products listed in Etsy’s Prohibited General Items section. For other prohibited items, you may need to check whether the destination country allows them or requires additional documentation with the purchase.

Also, remember that you are not banned or prohibited if you sell products that refer to or evoke the area. But they don’t have to come from authorized areas. You can sell international products like books, music, movies or photos…

Things To Know Before Selling On Etsy

Finally, new sellers on Etsy should pay attention to selling fees, especially deposits and currency conversions. You can find more information about Etsy’s latest policies in our article on Etsy seller fees.

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Because this marketplace is a creatively inspired space, Etsy places limits and restrictions on nude and mature content. The biggest reason is the dissonance between such classes and brand messages and values.

Obscenity or related material is expressly prohibited on Etsy. Of course, people clearly interpret pornographic images in context. Therefore, Etsy’s seller policy prohibits images or displays of sexually explicit material.

Retailers cannot display non-consensual sex, intimacy or prostitution even in their stores. On the other hand, mature content faces limitation, not exclusion. This is as long as you understand EC listing tools well and list your products correctly. Adding videos to Etsy listings is a must-see when it comes to this category.

“Can you sell live animals on Etsy?” Do a hot search on the internet. In general, animal products and human remains aren’t exactly prohibited items on Etsy. However, strict rules must be followed by the Etsy Seller Rules. You cannot sell any of the following for animal products:

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Consultation with CITES is required if you sell any products associated with this category. At the same time, you have no restrictions or prohibitions if you sell these products:

Finding Etsy competitors and alternatives can help you sell more because of the different house rules. However, remember to comply with the rules set for each.

With so many banned items, is it worth selling on Etsy anymore? Our answer is yes. The market still has a lot of potential for handmade and craft sellers. Additionally, sellers on Etsy have no limits on creativity, as long as the items being sold don’t violate any house rules.

Things To Know Before Selling On Etsy

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I started selling digital products through my Paper People store. I think this is a good way to proceed for several reasons, including this one.

These are all great things and I’m so excited to get my feet wet with digital products because I can focus on learning how Etsy works without worrying about doing anything after the sale. Etsy controls the integrity of all digital files.

Okay, okay, now I’m a little addicted to Etsy. I love selling on Etsy and when I have a physical product I can sell, I open a second

Things To Know Before Selling On Etsy

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