Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo – On May 18, 2019, I finally walked and pierced my septum. I had been thinking about getting my nose pierced for years and felt it was a great decision. As someone who travels a lot, I didn’t want to deal with aftercare while in a foreign country, but May seemed like a good time since there weren’t many events. Before piercing the septum, I did some research and read a lot of posts about this particular ring, but I felt there were a lot of aspects that hadn’t been covered yet.

The worst and most painful thing about a septal puncture is the scissor device used as a template to guide the needle in. These metal devices get stuck a lot and are quite painful. A real nose needle is painful.

Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo

Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo

Depending on whether the piercer wants to conceal the piercing, they usually choose a hoop, such as a barbell or a horseshoe, and then align the device with their nose before inserting the needle. It contains a plastic straw to fill the hole. . When this is done, the plastic shell is removed and replaced with a ring.

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You will cry during this. There’s something about your nasal nerves that makes you want to cry. As soon as the metal device was inserted it began to tear, what I was not prepared for was the amount of blood. To be honest, there wasn’t much blood when I got my ears pierced, but my nose did bleed a lot. After putting the ring on and cleaning it, everything was pretty numb and pretty.

While your septum piercing is healing, your breathing will be most affected. Immediately after the piercing, the nose and nostrils may swell, restricting the passage of the airways. This is only temporary and in no way completely interferes with breathing. Since the piercing itself closes your nose, your breathing will be slightly restricted, but unless you have a large, heavy piercing on the tip of your nose, you won’t notice and it won’t have any effect. Role in daily life after piercing.

The septum piercing itself takes a long time to heal, taking 6 to 8 months to fully heal, but the ring can be replaced after 6 to 8 weeks. The pain and swelling usually go away after about 3 weeks.

During this period of treatment, you should wash your nose frequently, especially in the early stages of recovery. This seems to be one of two things. Fill a small cup with warm salt water, place it on the nose and blow bubbles for 1 minute or press a cotton swab dipped in warm salt water in the nose for about 1 minute. Not only will this remove blood and mucus from your nose and clean your piercing, but it will also help the healing process go smoothly.

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It is very important not to move your ring too much during the first few weeks after healing. Removing the ring not only causes bleeding and pain in the nose, but also hurts the healing time. The loop will move off-center on its own, but should be left alone. If you have to move it, it’s important to take care first. This is because it softens and removes dry debris around the nasal cavity, making it easier to move. Otherwise, bleeding may occur and the healing process may be impaired.

A septum piercing is a piercing in the center of the face. It hangs from your nose so it will catch on things. Clothes bites were more common than pillow bites, but both were equally painful. Especially when you start getting piercings, your brain starts thinking that you should get them out of your nose. I’ve had my septum pierced for about 4 months now and had it suddenly removed the other day and it caused quite a bit of pain through my nose.

A pierced septum can be caused by many things, especially if you like to sleep on pillows or kiss other people, but this pain goes away after a while. Even after 4 months I still get it or sometimes it hurts even after my nose is closed. After 6 months I feel no pain at all.

Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo

A stuffy nose can lead to a long recovery period. If you blow your nose a lot like me, chances are your nose hurts. This may not be as bad as the original pain, but it is still there and worth considering. I don’t have any allergies that cause a runny nose, but sometimes it hurts a lot when I pinch the tip of my nose. I started learning how to blow my nose more gently and I took more time to blow my nose. The result is a cleaner piercing and less pain. If you have a stuffy or runny nose, there is a good chance that you will get a bump on your ring finger. The rings placed in your nose can be easily cleaned by cleaning them aftercare or washing with solution after removing the piercing.

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Thanks to careful follow-up care to keep my nose clean, I did not get an infection. A coppery taste in the mouth is often a sign of an infection, which I haven’t experienced yet, but it doesn’t sound too pretty.

There are many reasons why you might want to hide your septum piercing. By the time I graduated, I was fully grown, with no parents, no job to worry about, and nothing to brag about. I said I wouldn’t hide my septum piercings, so I showed off a bigger ring. If you intend to hide your septum piercing, you should let your piercer know before choosing a ring. This will help you get tips on which rings are easy to fit. If you reverse the piercing to hide the septum piercing, the bull ring piercing will be located inside your nose. Although it can be a little painful when your nose is newly pierced, it doesn’t affect the healing time if you only do it 2-3 times a day. Before turning the ring, make sure that no dirt has accumulated around the ring. Before inverting the ring, you can also wet a washcloth and gently place it in your nose to loosen it.

Yesterday I changed the ring for the first time. I swapped out my traditional horseshoe ring for a crown ring. As you can see, a horseshoe ring is slightly larger than a semicircle and has two balls or spikes on either side. Some can be hidden by putting it on your nose, but I couldn’t because, as mentioned above, I chose the long one. To insert the horseshoe ring into the septum piercing, remove one of the balls and push it in. Plain and simple.

I switched to a crown ring which is almost like a badge clip and is a bit trickier to put on. I had a hard time getting the ring loose when removing the horseshoe ring, but once it was done it was possible. You can easily remove the ring. From there I took the end of the new ring and slowly moved it up and down the nose until it stayed in the hole. I took on the challenge of gently pushing it in and then cutting it out. Unlike horseshoe rings, which can be closed outside the nose, crowns must be placed inside the nose. This leads to a lot of nose pushing and moving the ring to awkward places, hoping it doesn’t end up in the skin.

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But once you put the crown ring on, you’re good to go. And since you don’t have to change your septum piercing that often, it will probably stay the same. I am very happy with my ring and love the proportions of my face. This piercing is literally my favorite body modification right now. After making my decision and taking the time to make sure my piercing healed, I am very happy with the results.

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