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In the big, big world of forex trading, there are bound to be those who do better than others. People who you might call Forex trading royalty. These are people who have become rich through their exemplary investment acumen and risk management. For any Forex trader, these are people to look up to, learn from, and simply aspire to. The question is, who are these people and how did they end up where they are? What are their stories and how did those stories shape who they become?

Top 10 Best Forex Traders In The World

Top 10 Best Forex Traders In The World

To understand this, you need to take a closer look at these people. So let’s take a look at the most successful Forex traders in the world, where they came from and how they got to where they are. If we spend enough time looking at them, we can even figure out some of the things they did and how they did it that helped them get to where they are. This can be especially important for you if you want to learn how to become a successful forex trader yourself, after all, learning by example is one of the best ways to learn.

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This question has probably crossed your mind at one point or another. Well, I’ll be honest with you – not really. Not unless you are very good at what you do and don’t know when to act. As with everything, the statistics of Forex traders are as you would expect – very few extremely successful bankrupts and very few extremely unsuccessful ones. You have to be somewhere in the middle, if you’re here, maybe average or a little more successful. We all know the goal for every trader is to be the best. That’s why we’re going to do this case study today: we want to see what sets them apart. Perhaps we can learn from them how to become a successful Forex trader.

If you spend enough time practicing, learning and trying, you can achieve a level you can be proud of. However, it takes a lot of time and a lot of self-control. You need to know how to manage your assets and risks, when to get into a risky situation, and when to get out of it as quickly as possible. This is what the best Forex traders in the world know how to do better than you. So, if you are a beginner trader, this is a good thing to strive for, but not something that will happen right away. Set realistic goals and slowly move towards them. You will achieve this and then you can set new goals and work towards them. Eventually, you too will have a chance to become a forex millionaire, but this can only happen if you embrace the successful lifestyle of a forex trader, which you can start by practicing your skills on forex trading websites such as which can be found by clicking the button below.

A quick note before we begin: the list below is in no particular order, other than the author’s desire to talk about certain people before others. Don’t blame us if your favorite legend isn’t in front of the others, this is just a random assortment and in no way a ranking of favorites. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the list of people who have made enough money to be considered the most successful forex traders in the world.

If you live in today’s world, you have heard the name George Soros many times. You’ve probably also heard some conspiracy theories about this man, as, at least to some, he’s the most suspicious man who ever lived. It’s no surprise that someone who is called the man who broke the Bank of England can be a bit suspect in the eyes of the uninitiated. We will talk about how he got this name a little later. First, let’s talk about who he is and where he came from, and why he’s one of the best Forex traders to watch and follow.

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George Soros’s birth name was George Schwartz. In the 1930s, his father sometimes changed the name because he did not want the Nazi Germans to single them out and hunt them down, as they did in those dark times in Nazi Germany. At that time, the man was still a boy, so this name was fixed on him for life. The family moved to Switzerland in 1946 and then to London in 1947. Here George entered the London School of Economics, graduating in 1952 with a degree in philosophy. After that, he went on to work with a bank known as Singer & Friedlander. During these years, he spent many years working in various banks and financial institutions. The stories of many successful Forex traders are similar to this: from nothing to everything.

Then, in 1969, he founded his own fund management firm, Soros Fund Management, focusing on managing hedge funds, which have generated $40 billion in revenue to date since its inception. Then, in the 1970s, he founded the Quantum Fund, through which he began trading in the foreign exchange market. For many years he sold, bought, studied, recorded, until the fateful day in 1992, when he broke the English bank. After years of observation, he realized that he could do something that would make him a lot of money. He took 10 billion British pounds and sold it. With this action, he was able to earn about one billion pounds in one day, which made him the person who made the most money in one day and also earned him the fame of the best Forex trader in the world. Until now.

Another consequence of his actions was that the GBP was forced out of the European foreign currency because the value of sterling fell well below the agreed value. That is why he is called the man who broke the Bank of England. He forced the bank to withdraw the currency from the market. It’s a pretty big deal.

Top 10 Best Forex Traders In The World

When he was growing up, he seemed like an ordinary child. Loved his sweets, enjoyed cereal and had fun playing outside until dusk. He then grew up and attended the Wharton School of Business, which is part of the University of Pennsylvania, which set him on the path to becoming one of the most famous and one of the best Forex traders in the world. Krieger’s journey there was as long as the one we discussed earlier, and yet it was no less fraught with challenges.

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After graduation, he joined Salomon Brothers and then quickly moved to Bankers Trust. While working for Bankers Trust, his reputation as a good businessman with strong financial acumen began to grow rapidly. In a short period of time, the company increased Krieger from the standard trading capital limit of $50 million to a staggering $700 million. This type of capital allowed him to do things he would not have been able to do with his previous capital when October 19th finally arrived.

The world was in a panic, financial markets were in trouble, so was the currency market. After taking a closer look at the market, Krieger realizes that the New Zealand dollar is overvalued. So he takes his capital, leverages it 400:1 and starts short selling the New Zealand dollar. After a while, his earnings at Bankers Trust were about $300 million, and he finished leaning back in his chair and smiling wryly at his earnings. True, after a year he leaves the company, because he believes that $3 million is an inappropriate bonus given his $300 million salary for the company. However, his reputation as one of the best Forex traders on the market remains.

Bruce Kovner is a humble man whose origin story is also humble. He was born in New York, in Brooklyn, and until the age of thirty-two did not do anything outstanding in terms of financial success. He took out $3,000 on a credit card and bought soybean futures. This netted him a nice $23,000 win, even though he could have gotten $40,000 if he knew when to cash out. It was then that he learned about proper risk management and how to properly manage his funds. A lesson that every top Forex trader has had to learn at one point or another.

He spent the next few years working for Commodities Corporation until he founded his own company, Caxton Corporation, and later Caxton Associates, which focused on foreign exchange and other asset diversification operations. at its peak

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