Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Forex Market Waves – It offers high investment returns without much time and effort, making it a better option than day trading.

However, despite its simple execution, many people make the mistake of “buying at the top” when trying to trade with the trend.

Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Forex Market Waves

Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Forex Market Waves

In this blog, we will introduce you to a mutual trading strategy with only one indicator that can prevent traders from buying stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and other trading assets.

Understanding The 5 3 1 Trading Strategy

A trend-following trading strategy is one that trades in the same direction as the overall market, effectively riding “waves” of market momentum.

However, successfully executing this strategy is easier said than done. Many retail traders struggle to determine when a trend is over and often rely on delayed media reports that have already priced in the market.

To be profitable in trend trading, traders must learn how to read real price charts that reflect market value.

To simplify the process for traders who are new to technical analysis and charts, the indicator can be used to help make informed trading decisions.

Trend Following™ Flagship Trading Systems & Course

For example, an uptrend indicates that the market is moving up and indicates a “buying” opportunity. Conversely, a downtrend indicates that the market is moving downwards, which indicates the need to avoid buying.

The indicator also reflects signals on the charts that indicate overvalued and undervalued assets. By matching the signal with the trend, traders can determine whether it is a favorable time to buy or sell.

Still feeling confused? Don’t worry! Let’s dive into a more detailed explanation with an example to better understand how this strategy works in real life.

Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Forex Market Waves

In order to effectively trade with the trend, it is important to choose assets that have an upward trend. For example, currency pairs with a different pattern, such as AUDNZD, may be the best choice for trend trading.

Grid Trading Strategy

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First, confirm that the assets have gone up. If the price moves outside the 50 Simple Moving Average (SMA), do nothing and wait for a reversal.

Wait for the price to return to this range and confirm the reversal with the TradeDots red dot signal.

First, look for mixed signals. Examine historical price action to identify any support and resistance levels that may influence buying and selling pressure. A support level in conjunction with a red dot signal is a strong entry indicator.

Counter Trend Trading Tactics That Work

Additionally, calculate the expected risk-reward ratio. Even if the price returns to the entry zone, the future support level may be far from the current price, increasing the possibility of a significant decline.

This strategy often provides a risk-to-reward ratio of more than 1:2. If it exceeds this ratio, it may not be the right time to enter the trade.

Selling too early can lead to regret for not waiting to maximize profits, while selling too late can lead to regret for not selling earlier.

Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Forex Market Waves

Therefore, some traders believe that random selling is a better strategy than thinking and trying to predict the market ceiling.

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The basic golden rule is this: A good business is a business that makes money regardless of the size of the profit.

Sell ​​when the price breaks above the 50-day SMA, which indicates a buying momentum average. Confirm the signal with a reversal signal produced by the green dots of the TradeDots indicator, which indicate overbought conditions. This method does not require making complex decisions.

This strategy involves some technical analysis. Look at past price action to identify levels where price swings and buying pressures have occurred.

These levels are also indicated by the TradeDots indicator. When the price approaches these levels again and forms a reversal pattern, it creates a selling opportunity.

Fps Trend Strategy

Selling at a resistance level allows you to sell at a better price than accidentally selling outside the 50-day SMA. However, this strategy requires more practice and effort to be accurate.

The final exit strategy to consider is the Fibonacci method. Use “Trend Based Fib Extension” to calculate the price levels that the asset can reach.

For assets at any time, where there is no resistance and the price is consistently above the 50-day SMA, using the Fibonacci retracement method can help set a profit level.

Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Forex Market Waves

While there are many factors involved in every trade, such as risk management, timing, and derivatives, this blog provides a solid foundation for getting started with swing trading.

Trend Following: Riding Trends With Forex Signal Systems

At the same time, you should familiarize yourself with the terms of entry and exit. If you have any further questions about this swing trading guide, please contact us via email at

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Trading involves risk and it is important to do thorough research and seek professional guidance before making any investment decisions. Prospective investors are encouraged to perform their own due diligence or consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Trend trading is probably the most common way for traders to generate trading signals. Traders expect that by using a trend-following trading approach, they can execute larger winning trades by capturing long-term trend moves. In this article, I will introduce five popular and powerful ways to spot trend trading opportunities, and I will guide you through the study of different charts to improve your understanding of trend trading in general. What is trend following As the name suggests, using the trend following trading approach, traders must first identify the current trending market and then they look for trading opportunities that are profitable when the trend continues. Therefore, the first challenge is to identify a trending market, and here traders can use different trading tools and concepts that we have learned in another article: identify the direction of the trend. able to capture a long-term trend move, the profit potential can be huge. Another important aspect of trend following trading is that traders must understand that as a trend following trader, you cannot capture the entire movement of the trend. Since trend-following traders must wait for the trend to begin, by definition they cannot capture the first part of the trend. New and inexperienced traders especially make the mistake of predicting when a new trend will appear before there are actual signals of the trend’s existence. This predictive thinking can be dangerous because the trader tries to close the trade too early and then realizes unnecessary losses. Anticipating trends and being patient are important skills that trend-following traders must develop. But now let’s get into the practical part of this article and let’s explore the five trading strategies that I have chosen. The strategies in this article are by no means exhaustive, and I recommend using them as inspiration to build your own trading strategy around the concepts outlined. Also, before you move on to demo trading and finally trade real money to evaluate performance, a solid test is recommended at the beginning. Continuation Chart Patterns The classic trend continuation trading method uses chart patterns and price action concepts. Chart patterns are so-called connectors because they connect trend phases in trending markets. Trends do not move in a straight line and price usually goes back and forth. Chart patterns can often be found during corrective trend phases as the current trend pauses. A breakout from the chart pattern often indicates a continuation of the trend. In the screenshot below we can identify a downtrend (downtrend) as the price is falling. During the general trend, we can observe phases during which the downtrend stops. The first phase showed rectangular features with horizontal supports and resistance boundaries. As a trend-following trader, you want to avoid trading inside a sideways correction because the price just goes up and down. Ideally, the trader waits for the price to break below the support level before taking a trend-following trade. Currently, the price is showing a flag consolidation pattern. A flag pattern is defined by diagonal trend lines that are opposite to the current trend. The price just breaks out of the flag indicating a possible trend continuation. After the breakout, the trend continued and the trend turned lower. Moving Average Channel Although many traders believe that price action trading is superior to indicator signals, I do not deny the power of trading indicators and even some of the best traders of all time use indicators in their trading. In the following diagram I have

A Complete Guide To Trend Following Indicators

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