What Do U Need To Apply For A Passport – A friend of mine had applied for a job before the pandemic and hadn’t gotten a single interview.

I thought I’d figure out the solution to his problem in just five minutes (I was pretty good at applying for jobs online), but it turns out he was already doing everything “right.”

What Do U Need To Apply For A Passport

What Do U Need To Apply For A Passport

His resume listed one quantified list after another. The formatting looked good. He tailored his cover letters to the position descriptions. His online presence is superb; he owns the first page of Google results for his name. And LinkedIn rated his profile as an “All-Star.” Oh yes, he also has a paid job.

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And I’m thinking, “Just a few years ago he was applying through job boards and land interviews more than 60% of the time, so what’s changed?”

Turns out, A LOT. And I would never have known if it weren’t for my friend who had stumped me with his seemingly simple dilemma. I’m amazed at how out of touch I was with the modern job search, which is why I needed to write this post.

I created this article to demystify the modern recruiting process and help qualified candidates understand how to apply for jobs online. So, if you’re ready to get through the initial resume screening process and interview, and ultimately get the opportunity you deserve, read on.

The world has changed in many ways since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, including how we work and apply for jobs, especially for young people.

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According to a 2020 study by the Economic Policy Institute, unemployment among workers aged 16 to 24 rose from 8.4% in 2019 to nearly 25% in 2020.

Yet even before the world turned upside down, the weakest job postings received an insane amount of applications. Consensus appears to average around 250 applications per job posting.

But seriously, they don’t, not in a parameter-driven world, where companies are obsessed with automating everything to get things done as fast as possible, even at the expense of quality.

What Do U Need To Apply For A Passport

While there are a variety of modern recruiting tools for every stage of the hiring process, the one that will impact you the most is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

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Your application is virtually guaranteed to pass through an ATS every time you apply for a job online, since at least 98% of Fortune 500 companies use one.

TLDR: ATS helps recruiters/hiring managers collect, sort and organize large numbers of applications. And if you don’t know much about how these systems work, you’ll have a hard time putting your application in the hands of a real human being.

Instead of manually reviewing each resume, recruiters and hiring managers use an ATS search for resumes based on keywords, or have the system filter or automatically classify candidates.

In many cases, recruiters rely on technology to first pass resumes, meaning you can be removed from consideration by an algorithm without ever being reviewed by a real person.

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Although there are hundreds of ATSs on the market, most of them list the same features. Understanding them is key to getting an interview, so here are the most important ones that will determine whether a human will ever see your resume.

The system will analyze the information from your resume and compare it to the job description, looking for specific keywords, then provide a score from 0 to 100, or one to 10, which tells recruiters how qualified a candidate is for said job, based on the criteria set by the hiring manager.

For example, job ads that ask for your location are likely using that information as a filter that will change your overall qualification score. If a job advert is looking for someone with management experience, they will look for words like “manager” or “team leader”.

What Do U Need To Apply For A Passport

Many ATSs will automatically create a complete and extremely detailed profile of you based on your fingerprint and other “public” information. All they need is your email address to populate any available content about you online.

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According to Workable, aggregating public candidate information is a way to “humanize” the process and they list it as a must-have feature for today’s ATS. Here’s how they describe it:

While I appreciate the idea of ​​humanizing these rather cold automated systems, I’m not sure I agree with that assessment. Such tools can lead to unconscious bias, which can pose even more obstacles for job candidates.

Many recruiting tools even go so far as to make predictions about candidates based on information that emerges about them online.

When aggregating information about you, many ATSs use what’s called “resume analytics” – this is how an ATS extracts and organizes your resume into “structured data”, so they can do things like automatically rank/scoring you.

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These tools must be able to scan and read the text on your resume, which means that if you send your resume as a PDF or use creative typography that is difficult for these systems to read, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. The ATS may not be able to read your data well, which will be garbled when handed over to a human or skipped altogether.

Here’s a good thing about ATS: Even if you get passed over for a role, the system will likely store your resume in their database. This allows potential employers to access your resume in case they have another role to fill that matches your profile.

ATS allows hiring managers to search by any keyword, and often with Boolean search, which connects keywords using AND, OR, NOT, and NEAR.

What Do U Need To Apply For A Passport

For example, they might be able to search for something like “Graphic designer AND web developer NEAR Orlando, Florida.”

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Some tools will even allow job managers to filter candidates based on factors like how often you’ve changed jobs, how old your profile is, or whether you were referred or recommended by someone already working within their organization.

Filters can include the job seeker’s location, the source of the application, the age of your profile, and whether or not you are a referenced employee.

An important step you can take in the right direction is to include keywords in your resume that you suspect are relevant to the jobs you want. This will help you stand out when employers use an ATS.

I’ll cover other resume and job tips a little later in this article, but for now let’s look at some other (non-technical) aspects of the recruiting world that may be keeping you from getting a job.

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In an ideal world, all hiring managers would follow the rules when searching for candidates. But in reality, there are some (often shady or even downright illegal) things that recruiters can do that affect your likelihood of getting a job.

If a recruiter sees your resume and is interested in interviewing you, she may contact you right away for more information. But there’s a chance they’ll first do something a little sneaky (and potentially illegal) on social media channels like LinkedIn.

This is why it’s important to cultivate connections on LinkedIn when looking for a job and gather as many positive recommendations on your profile as possible. You want to make sure that anyone a recruiter contacts has great things to say about you, and if you’ve cut ties with a former employer for any reason, it’s probably wise to remove them as a link on the platform.

What Do U Need To Apply For A Passport

Recruiters may use LinkedIn to initially find potential candidates, but you can almost guarantee that once they’re seriously considering you for a job, the next step will be to turn to Google.

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They enter your name or email address into the search engine and look for blog posts you’ve written, your images, and anything else that might be posted online.

This is why it’s so important to monitor your search results when you’re being considered for a job – more on that later in this article.

Often, when hiring managers are trying to fit someone into a role, they have a preconceived image of who exactly they want to hire. And whether they admit it or not, the “characteristics” they look for in a candidate can be highly discriminatory.

Many people make unfair assumptions about a person based on their appearance, and that includes hiring managers. Even if your job has nothing to do with your physical abilities, you are still very likely to face discrimination based on your body type.

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Applying for jobs online can reduce this problem somewhat: Without meeting you in person first, it will be harder for hiring managers to draw an unfair conclusion about you based on your body type.

But with most job applications online, you will still be asked to interview in person or via video call. And when that happens, they may make judgments based on your appearance.

Many job seekers may face discrimination based on race or ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation, even though this is largely illegal.

What Do U Need To Apply For A Passport

A 2021 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that applicants with typically Black names were 2.1% less likely to be contacted by a prospective employee than

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