What Do You Need To Play Hockey – The NHL/NHLPA FIRST SHIFT program is designed to provide the best experience for hockey beginners. We want families to experience the game to its fullest, understand why so many Canadians love the sport and fuel the desire to continue participating. We want to eliminate threats related to hardware requirements and/or game rules, eliminate potential security concerns, and above all, provide an unforgettable and fun experience.

We believe that hockey only has to offer children, their families and our community. We designed NHL/NHLPA FIRST SHIFT as part of hockey by offering a SAFE, SAFE, SECURE and most importantly INSANE program! We can’t wait to help your kids fall in love with hockey.

What Do You Need To Play Hockey

What Do You Need To Play Hockey

The purpose of the transition is to offer families the opportunity to continue playing hockey. After the first 6 weeks on the ice, families have the opportunity to participate in a Minor Hockey Association program. Details vary from location to location and program to program, but the parameters of each offer fall within the NHL/NHLPA first round. Hockey Canada’s on-ice curriculum is progressing; goes from learning to playing, via the basics of skating and hockey skills, to a 3-on-3 game environment.

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The NHL/NHLPA First Shift is a program designed to make it easier for kids and their families to play hockey in a fun and friendly environment. The welcome session begins with information and activities to build children’s confidence so that they and their parents can feel more comfortable in the hockey environment. There are 6 sessions, once a week, on the same day and time, so parents can plan accordingly. Skating sessions are fun and children learn skating and basic hockey skills in a playful way.

NHL/NHLPA Season 1 kicks off with a welcome event that is our opportunity to welcome you to our hockey community. We introduce the children and parents to the program leaders and local teachers, provide an overview of the 6-week program and provide important information about the efficiency and maintenance of the equipment and show how to dress. After a 15-minute discussion, each child sits alone with the tools they collect and take home, ready to begin the first session!

All skaters are on the ice at the same time. However, a coach to skater ratio of 1:4 divides participants into subgroups based on age and level of skating experience.

The NHL/NHLPA First Shift program has been split into two phases at the request of the Minor Hockey Association. The limit will be 45 or 30 skaters, depending on what the team chooses.

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The ratio of instructors to skaters is 1:4, allowing instructors to create small groups in each session and focus on the individual.

Your son or daughter will have a lot of fun! In addition, the participants move at their own pace, through basic skills and hockey skills. The program consists of six sessions, giving children the opportunity to build confidence and improve, giving them the opportunity to achieve success.

Our goal is to create a path forward for every child who participates in the NHL/NHLPA First Shift, with programs that are accessible, affordable and fun. Your local minor hockey team is invited to submit a relocation program with similar program parameters in terms of program duration, event availability and cost. Information about the transfer program will be available during the program. You can ask your program manager about registering with the Minor Hockey Association.

What Do You Need To Play Hockey

NHL/NHLPA First Shift is open to children aged 6 to 10* who have never participated in minor hockey in Canada or in the NHL/NHLPA First Shift program.

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Your child does not need any materials to participate. Each participant will be an expert during our welcome session and will take home all the tools ready to begin the NHL/NHLPA First Shift program.

How do I know if there is a program near me and how can I register?

To find out if there is a program near you, check this and click LOCATIONS. Please contact your local program manager and simply click REGISTER.

The NHL/NHLPA First Shift Program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. However, we understand the challenge parents face when trying to monitor their children’s activities. That is why we try to recruit young people for the program as long as your (son)/daughter (daughter) is between 6 and 10 years old and has not previously registered to play hockey.

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The $299 registration fee covers the 6-week program, player insurance, and head-to-toe Bauer hockey gear.

You will receive an invitation from your local minor hockey team to the NHL/NHLPA First Draft Welcome Event, usually two weeks before your child’s first ice event. At the Welcome Party, your child will be completely fine and will take home all the equipment needed to play hockey.

During the NHL/NHLPA First Shift Welcome event, we’ll be providing great information on wearing and maintaining your gear, including a “how to put it on” demonstration. After the information session, your child will know enough about each instrument to adapt to it. Make sure your child is fit from head to toe and brings home all the gear they need to prepare for their first NHL/NHLPA event on the ice.

What Do You Need To Play Hockey

Will I receive updates on what children are learning within six weeks?

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YES. Your local minor hockey team sends out a weekly newsletter with information about the program goals for the event, what your child learned, highlights, and a few photos that caught my attention.

The Community Program Manager is your best resource for questions. You can also send an email to [email protected]. The neck and mouth guard is a device that is not at the level of mites and splashes, but is recommended. The sooner your player becomes familiar with these security features, the better off he or she will be.

New hockey parents, don’t let equipment requirements get in the way of your player’s registration. Please feel free to contact the coaches or hockey director if you need assistance in obtaining the above equipment.

BRAJHA offers goalkeeper pads, chest protectors and goal sticks for young players who want to learn the goalkeeping position. All players at the mild level are encouraged to play at least one match in goal.

What’s The Difference In Goalie Skates Vs Player Skates?

(Note) Protective equipment is not required in all age groups. However, unless otherwise required by law, USAHockey strongly recommends that players and officials of all ages wear an appropriate mouthpiece, HECC-approved helmet and approved face mask for all games and activities.

(a) Each player is responsible for wearing protective equipment during matches, warm-ups and all training. Such equipment must include gloves, shin guards, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin guards or floor hockey pants, protective cups, shin guards and head protection equipment required by the USA Hockey Rules. It is recommended that all protective equipment is specifically designed for ice hockey.

(Note) Players, including officials, who violate this rule will not be allowed to participate in the game until such equipment is repaired or removed.

What Do You Need To Play Hockey

(Note) The HECC certificate has an expiration date on the sticker and any limit that has exceeded the expiration date is no longer considered valid. Without an official sticker and valid certification, a player is not allowed to wear a helmet.

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All players on the field and in the penalty area must wear a protective helmet/mask while on the field. For violation of this rule, after warning from the referee, a severe equipment violation penalty will be imposed on the offending player.

(d) All players, including referees, in all age categories below Senior, must wear an HECC approved face mask and a chin guard to accompany the face mask.

(Note) Helmets and masks modified but not permitted by Rule 304(c) are considered illegal equipment and may not be used in any game. Masks where the chin guard or other modifications have been removed from the original production specifications.)

(e) In all competitions, except seniors, if a player’s shirt/mask is removed during play, play will be stopped immediately by the referee(s). Players will remain off the ice and cannot participate in the game until the back screen is complete.

Women’s Hockey Recruiting Guidelines

A minor delay of play will be imposed on the attacking goalkeeper or player who interrupts play by removing his helmet/mask during play.

In all age groups, a player, other than the defensive player, whose helmet/visor becomes detached from his head during play, may not resume play until his helmet/visor has been replaced. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a small fine for equipment violations.

(f) All players, including goalkeepers, aged 12 and under (youth girls), including youth aged 18 and under (including high school) and girls aged 19 and under. Under 10 years old, the group must wear a colored mouth (not transparent) and cover the rest. The teeth of a jaw, usually the upper jaw. In all classifications, it is strongly recommended that all athletes wear an implanted oral form.

What Do You Need To Play Hockey

For the first violation of this rule, the team will

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