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Makeup usually refers to products like lipstick, eyeshadow and powder that many women wear to enhance their natural beauty. When it comes to applying makeup, the most important thing is to find a look that works for you and makes you feel confident.

What Kind Of Makeup Do I Need

What Kind Of Makeup Do I Need

Everyone has different skin tones, facial features and personal preferences, so no answer to this question can work for everyone. In this article, we provide some general tips that can help you find the right eye makeup that suits you.

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For someone with oily skin, we recommend you choose an oil-free makeup product for a perfect finish that won’t clog your pores. If you have dry skin, you can choose products that moisturize.

If you have prominent eyes, focus on emphasizing them with eye makeup. If you have full lips, be sure to use a lip color that will make them stand out. If you are a person with attractive brows make sure to emphasize them in the show.

Before you start experimenting with makeup, it is important to determine your face shape. This will determine which makeup method will work best for you. Common face shapes include oval, round, heart and oblong.

Do you have a square face? Soaps and detergents can make it round. Want to add details to the circle? Bronzer will take care of that.

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People with a square face shape can also achieve a beautiful look with products like foundation, blush and highlighter.

Make sure you use makeup products that complement your skin tone. Choose a foundation and cleanser that matches your skin tone. If you have dark skin, be sure to avoid the purple colors that make your skin look embarrassing, instead, fix the metallic tone that will to improve skin tone and brighten your eyes.

Finally, try different products and see what works best for you. You may be surprised by the results!

What Kind Of Makeup Do I Need

In general, the best makeup for your face is the makeup that makes you feel confident and comfortable. You are precious. Take the time to find the right products and look that works for you, and you’ll be able to find the perfect makeup look.

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Fan Brush Concealer Brush Flat Eye Shadow Brush Eye Shadow Crease Brush Eyeliner Brush Brush Brow Brush Mascara Wands Lip Brush.

Makeup brushes are like stacking pieces; Every time you see one, you want to buy it, whether you want it or not. But, they can be expensive and, frankly, confusing. If you’ve accumulated enough makeup brushes (and know how to use each one properly), we’ll consider that maturity. However, most of us could use a few tips on which brushes are important and how to actually use each one.

According to New York-based makeup artist Kristine Cruz, using the wrong brush can completely ruin your look. “Makeup brushes are made to fit certain parts of the face,” she said. “So if you choose one that’s too big or the wrong shape, it won’t put the product where you want it or put it in the right way.”

What Kind Of Makeup Do I Need

We caught up with Cruz, along with Sephora Beauty Director, Helen Phillips Dagdag, to learn all about the different types of makeup brushes, and which ones should be in our collection.

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The powder you choose will depend on the type of powder you’re actually using (setting powder versus setting powder), and within that, the type of process (translucent versus pressed). “If you’re using a powder foundation where you don’t want to get coverage, I’d go for a soft, fluffy brush,” says Phillips. “This will prevent you from applying too much powder, which can sometimes make a gray or white cast look too matte.” Depending on the size, you can also get away with applying blush or bronzer to this type of brush.

If you’re looking for full coverage, Phillips says to look for brushes with larger bristles. For soft coverage, use a light colored brush.

Shy grass is smaller than gray grass and has a dome shape with long, soft bristles. The blush you choose, however, depends on how you apply your blush (on the apples versus around the cheekbones) and the effect you want (a light wash of color and high coverage). “If you want to wash out the color, go for a brush that’s bigger than you’re used to – I love this one from the Sephora collection because you can use it to create a light movement from the apples of your cheeks to the back in your ears. That’s perfect,” Phillips explains.

Blending brushes can be intimidating (as can personalization), but having the right one will make a difference in your blending. Phillips recommends using one that’s smaller than a brow brush but larger than an eye brush, and playing around with the ends of the bristles to see what feels right for you. For a more focused application, choose an angled contour brush with soft, stiff bristles, as this will allow you to apply product with less fallout. FYI: The brow should fit well below your cheekbones, almost doing the contour work for you.

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For a perfect shave, Phillips recommends starting at the tragus of your ear and gently brushing along the edges of your lips (this is where your line should be). Then, apply to the inside of your cheeks to find the most hollow area (this is where it will appear with the deepest tone) and blend, blend, blend!

Unlike contour brushes, bronzer brushes are meant to be used where you want to add all the contours to (think: part of the forehead, on the cheekbones, and around the chin). This one from Morphe is a winner – its base is applied on both sides and the bristles are ultra-feathery, allowing for easy access to sunlight.

A special brush is used – you guessed it – to put on a show. They usually look like a large crease brush with coarse bristles that can be pulled out or come a little closer to the tip. The shape and softness lends itself well to blending and diffused highlights for soft lighting but can also be used for setting eyeshadow under the eyes.

What Kind Of Makeup Do I Need

Of all the brush styles that come and go, Kabuki brushes are the ones that have stayed the same because of their versatility. You’ll recognize the Kabuki brush by its smooth surface and soft, dense bristles, which work well for applying powder and bronzer, and blend smoothly. Phillips touts Kabuki brushes for their versatility – this technique can give you natural, air-brushed coverage.

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Between angled, flat and curved brushes, you have a choice when it comes to applying your foundation. A flat foundation brush like this one from Bobbi Brown is popular for applying liquid or cream formulas, but if you’re looking for something that will give you more coverage, go for a larger brush that has synthetic bristles.

Grass stippling is a dream for those with breakouts—where the soft texture won’t irritate the skin, it’s able to gently work foundation over any texture to achieve maximum coverage.

Duo-fibre brushes are every multi-tasker’s dream. They take out the foundation and give it an airy finish, mix cream blushes and bronzers, and can gently spread the highlighting powder around the face. This one from Il Makiage has two sets of bristles placed in sequence to create a glossy effect and buildable coverage.

Trash, but we’d be doing you a disservice by not talking about the beauty benefits of sponges. For one, it applies foundation safely, especially if your skin is dry. “If you have a lot of texture because of the skin, I recommend using a warm sponge again – it will push the foundation into the skin and not scrub anything else,” says Phillips. say. (PS: Don’t forget to give your sponges – along with other brushes – a good wash a few times a week to avoid causing bacteria that cause clogs).

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Fan brushes are not only fun to look at, they perform two main functions for your makeup routine: applying a beautiful highlight.


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