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Of course, some people may disagree, but I feel pretty confident in saying that most people consider their head a relatively important part of their physical structure. Damages the head. Harms the body. If you are behind the handlebars, wear a special ATV helmet. It’s a pretty simple concept.

What Size Atv Helmet Do I Need

What Size Atv Helmet Do I Need

And again with the potential debate, no one knows this better than those who ride ATVs. Although not without risks – e.g. spinning out of control into a firmly planted Douglas fir or the edge of a mountain – riding an ATV is not inherently dangerous. In fact, Adventure Al Gore’s Internet reference to “the world’s deadliest and most dangerous sports” didn’t even list ATV riding in the top 10, instead chronicling activities such as bull riding, climbing very large mountains, BASE jumping, gymnastics, and, Surprise…Surprise!, boxing.

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And yes, helmets too. Just ask my feller/sawyer friend, who has decades of experience

The chainsaw kicks up and back into his forehead. Luckily the pole was stopped by his protective headgear, but not before a HUGE chunk was carved from the reinforced edge. Or ask the seriously injured motorcyclist who was helped by our fire department, a man who would undoubtedly have died had it not been for his now badly injured

For this review, I used two categories – Priority 1 (P1) and Priority 2 (P2) – when evaluating each helmet.

Priority 1 included first and foremost the safety rating/certification of the device, be it DOT, Snell, or preferably both. Also in P1 were comfort and weight, ventilation features and visibility.

Mtr Mtr X7b Size Xxl Matt Black/blue/orange

In the P2 category I emphasized the availability of parts, appearance/graphics and last but not least the price. Why not a longer scale than the price? In my humble opinion, buying an ATV helmet is not about breaking the dollar to protect your overall health and well-being. i.e. your safety. After all, you just paid $7,500 for a new one

Just getting into the ATV club, gearing up and looking for a good helmet that won’t break the bank? With the O’Neal 5 SRS (Series) Warhawk, you get a well-built, well-designed helmet with plenty of safety rating approvals from a long-time trusted player with over five decades of experience in the motocross and mountain bike (MTB) industry. Combine this with a very reasonable price tag and

Enough bells ‘n whistles to keep most people interested and you have a clear winner in anyone’s playbook.

What Size Atv Helmet Do I Need

Yes, the Warhawk looks like something an Avenger might put on, which might turn off some of the more “mature” riders. Still, IMHO, it looks pretty damn cool, not to mention he’s light, well ventilated, comfortable and certainly tough enough. And I like that you can rip the liner out and wash it, which greatly reduces the potential odor factor of the helmet.

Xxxl Atv Helmet

Let’s get the price issue out of the way first, shall we? Duck hunters have their own $1,100 waders and $6 per shot. Fishermen? A Daiwa Steez baitcasting reel will set you back around $700. Let’s not forget the $1,000 custom swims. Hell, it’s wearable enough, I’d dare you to throw it! My point is this: None of these items are 1) held on your head and 2) are not likely to save your life. Bell’s Moto-9 Flex, on the other hand, does. The decision, if you drive, is yours.

This helmet is literally technology come to life. At the heart of the Moto-9 Flex is a three-layer liner designed to protect in three very different types of impact – low, medium and high speed. This innovative design also includes what Bell calls a “slip zone” that allows the liners to rotate/move somewhat independently, reducing energy transfer if the helmet is hit by an angle. Safety is still Priority One with the Flex, as evidenced by Bell’s added hardware for the airbag-assisted helmet removal system and pull-out cheek pads that allow emergency personnel to easily remove the helmet if needed.

Unless you have the knack of dropping in an outhouse and coming out with a new straw hat, you’re not going to buy a Porsche 911—okay, a ’65 El Camino, white on black, 396—for $14. If you’re looking for everything under the sun in terms of helmet features, technology and Cool Factor, it’s going to pay off for you. Such is the case with G-MAX’s MX-46 Solid; i.e. you spend $100 and get $100, give/take, in helmet value. But it’s a good SOLID (Get it?) helmet with a DOT safety rating and enough gingerbread to keep most first-year riders happy. And protected, which is the whole reason behind the helmet, eh?

Darth Vader-esque I would describe an all-black matte MX-46, which in itself is pretty cool. So tag one in the LOOKS category. The helmet has plenty of intake/exhaust ports and a handful of owner-dictated adjustments, such as an adjustable visor and customizable interior, to help customize equipment. And at just 2.8 pounds, the MX-46 is light, which in turn ups the comfort factor a bit. A more than adequate, if bare-bones, helmet for under $100. You have a winner here!

All Terrain Vehicle (atv) And Off Highway Vehicle (ohv) Safety

There is nothing fancy about the Youth Combo from Typhoon Helmets. No cutting edge technology. Neither this nor that. However, this affordable and well-designed kit offers a great way to outfit your young rider without having to sell a kidney or take out a second mortgage. That says a lot.

Single safety clearance (US/DOT) here, but that’s fine as he’s still covered by the Powers That Be. Interestingly, Typhoon is building what they call a “true” youth helmet here; not a 16-gauge autoloader in a 12-gauge frame, à la Remington’s first return to the subbore market back in The Day. Rather, this is not an overstuffed adult’s cap Frankensteined onto a child’s helmet. Weighing in at just under three pounds, it’s light and comfortable, and has all the trappings of a $300 helmet—visuals, graphics, adjustments here and there, ventilation, and serviceability—for a three-bill price tag. AND let’s not forget it’s a combo, which means your initial investment also gets you a set of goggles (Lexan lens; silicone gelled elastic strap; anti-fog/anti-scratch) and proper riding gloves, some printed with cool skeleton knuckles. All in all, here’s an “ole cap” tip for a good all-inclusive combination.

Another one from the folks at Bell Helmets. So where to start. First of all, visually the MX-9 looks… well… really REALLY cool. The lines are nice. Profile sucks. The soaring Flying Bridge Visor gets it all going. If you like looks, the MX-9 won’t disappoint.

What Size Atv Helmet Do I Need

But good looks won’t save your wrinkle if something bad happens. Design and in this case technology save the day. The MX-9 features what Bell calls “MIPS,” or the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, which allows rotation inside the helmet during a crash, rather than the helmet holding the head static. Here, a little “give” is a good thing. This MIPS technology, combined with the MX-9’s hellishly indestructible ABS/poly shell – Available in three sizes, plus additional padding for precise rider-to-rider customization – create a wonderfully secure environment on top of you.

Pyrotect Midair Race Helmet Wired Offroad

And the goodness doesn’t stop there. Accessories like a cold weather pack (helmet liner/breather warmer), custom visors, and cheek pads are available from Bell… and all, depending on the add-on, for around $225.

I’m going to use the word “obviously” here, but apparently a good if not great safety rating is one of, or perhaps the biggest, variables to consider when looking at a new ATV helmet. However, there are a handful of additional factors when making the final decision, such as…

This is definitely worth repeating. In the United States, the Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for affixing a “safety approval sticker” to all helmets. i.e. DOT sets minimum safety requirements for helmets. So you’re looking for headgear with at least a DOT rating. There are also other safety standards, such as Snell, and a helmet can be rated by two or more agencies.

It goes without saying that the best helmet on the planet won’t do you any good if you can’t afford it. When talking about your brain pan, don’t go cheap. Buy your best wallet, but shop first because there are deals out there.

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I look at the helmet like my nature boots. I’m going to wear those damn clothes for a long, LONG time to make them fit better and fit better. Same with the helmet. However, it is difficult to test ride a helmet you buy online. However, with research, it’s possible to find a pair without ever being strapped for gear. Better, understandably, to put it on just to make sure A) it fits and B) it is

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