What Size Riding Helmet Do I Need – Blinking accidents happen, and a properly fitting helmet or helmet should always be there to protect your head.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about riding helmets, including how to measure one, how to fit it, and what to check.

What Size Riding Helmet Do I Need

What Size Riding Helmet Do I Need

By the end of the piece, you’ll know you need to find the perfect riding helmet for you.

How To Measure Your Head For A Horse Riding Helmet

You should never ride a horse without a helmet, especially if you are not very familiar with these animals.

A riding helmet or helmet protects your head in the event of an accident. You can’t think it won’t happen because it happens to the best of us, even professionals.

Protecting your head can save the lives of millions of riders. Think of it as the equivalent of wearing a seat belt in a car – it’s a must.

A soft cloth measuring tape is needed to get the correct measurement for a riding helmet. This will get the exact width of your head because it doesn’t have the rigidity of a normal measuring tape.

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This should be roughly above your eyebrows, around the bump on the back of your head, and above your ears.

Get a measurement in centimeters (centimeters) and repeat the measurement process several times to make sure it is accurate.

If possible, get a friend or family member to help you. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure to use a mirror so you know you’re measuring the right spot.

What Size Riding Helmet Do I Need

The following measurements and sizes are specific to Charles Owen riding helmets. These are very specific in size, so accuracy is key.

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These are much easier to adapt and adjust with a few simple changes, so we won’t go into the details of these.

If you don’t know which size to go for because your size is between two options. If you can, try using both hats to see which one fits best. If you don’t get a perfect fit from one manufacturer, you may want to try another brand.

A riding helmet must fit properly or it won’t give you the protection you need. A properly fitting hat “locks” to your head – this refers to the feeling of the hat fitting and covering the back of your head.

When you realize this, you can rest easy knowing it’s safe, and you can get out (and out) of the saddle safely.

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A riding helmet is a critical piece of equipment to wear while riding, and you need to make sure it fits your head.

You should now know what you need to measure yourself for a riding helmet that fits, so get out there and get one!

Master the art of horse handling with this comprehensive guide. Learn step-by-step instructions on how to keep your horse safe.

What Size Riding Helmet Do I Need

Dive into the world of different horse clamps to find out what they mean and what might be best for your horse. Bible Clips, Hunters Clips, Irish Clips, Full Clips, Apron Clips. What they all mean and when to use them

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In order to prevent injury and stress to the horse, it is important to choose the correct size option. Learn how to measure a horse. Although helmets cannot prevent all injuries, motorcycle riders are less likely to suffer serious head injuries if they wear a properly fitting helmet with ASTM/SEI certification. Each helmet exceeds current ASTM equestrian helmet safety standards verified by Troxel SEI.

The Troxel Children’s Helmet Guide will help walk you through the process of choosing the helmet that’s best for your young rider.

Use a measuring tape to measure the child’s head one inch above the forehead. Or use a ruler to measure and then lay out and measure the length of the length.

Now that you’ve measured your size, you can look at different hat styles. Most Troxel helmet styles come in XS and S sizes to suit younger riders. You can view the full selection of available styles and check the model’s size information to see if the model has the right size for your young rider.

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The most popular tri-purpose riding helmet for kids is Spirit, Family and Sport 2.0 helmet models.

Soul offers deeper full coverage for incredible comfort and safety. The DialFit™ system makes quick adjustments to comfort as small heads grow or hair styles change. XS size is specially designed for young riders. The Spirit’s inner shape fits long and round heads with a FlipFold™ tab on the removable and washable hood band.

Spirit Size: XS (6 ¼ – 6 ½), S (6 ½ – 6 ⅞), M (7 – 7 ⅜), L (7 ⅜ – 7 ¾)

What Size Riding Helmet Do I Need

Go wild! The Dynasty™ cap combines trendy graphics with a super low-profile design. Featuring large vents and the DialFit™ comfort system, this helmet provides unmatched comfort for riders. Dynasty fashion designs make the riding hat a fashion statement.

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Dynasty Size: XS (6 ¼ – 6 ½), S (6 ⅝ – 7), M (7 – 7 ¼), L (7 ¼ – 7 ⅜)

The popular sports cap has been improved with the 2.0 update, including a firmer injection molded shell, new fabric tips and a sleeker integrated look. Now available from XS to XL, this hat has improved fit and vents for more airflow, offering comfort and performance at a premium price.

Size: XS (6 ¼ – 6 ½), S (6 ⅝ – 6 ⅞), M (7 – 7 ¼), L (7 ¼ – 7 ½), XL (7 ⅝ – 7 ⅞)

Achieving the proper fit of the helmet is essential for the helmet to do its job. Don’t buy thinking “they’ll grow into it.” Now buy a hat that fits, not loose.

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A bicycle helmet just doesn’t cut it for horseback riding. Riding helmets are specially designed and tested for falls from horses, and you need to ensure proper protection. Bike helmet test simulations are thrown on the ground like pavement, but riding helmets pass the test and are guaranteed to protect you if your head hits the edge of a rock, fence or barrel. Riding helmets also cover a larger area of ​​your head than bicycle helmets and have straps to ensure they stay in place on the horse and in case you fall.

In fact, injury risk is more closely related to distance over the ground than to speed. Falls of just over two feet can cause serious injury.

You can spend $500 on a helmet, but it won’t be any safer. As long as it’s ASTM/SEI certified, you’re buying a certified protective helmet. Spending more money might get you a different panel, fan trim, or materials, but it doesn’t translate to more protection.

What Size Riding Helmet Do I Need

Your hat should fit you – not your friend. Even if your head looks the same size, the head shape will be different. You don’t even know if the borrowed hat has been properly cared for.

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You should replace your helmet if you fall. Even if you can’t see the damage, if you fall on the same part of the helmet again, you won’t get the protection you need. Even if your helmet never gets hit, it’s a good idea to replace it at least every five years (or sooner if you ride regularly) because the helmet material can handle all the sweat, heat, dust, and bumps. Rain.

Warning: This conversion chart is a guide only and does not guarantee hat fit. Some people may have their own head shape. Some hats fit different head shapes better than others. Wearing a helmet is an important safety measure for horseback riding because the purpose of a helmet is to protect your head in the event of an accident. Head injuries are the leading cause of death in equestrian accidents. Wearing a riding helmet that fits you can significantly reduce the likelihood of head injury.

Additionally, while a comfortable hat may not help your ride, an ill-fitting one can negatively affect your performance. If the hat is too tight, it can be uncomfortable and distracting. A hat that’s too loose can blur your vision if it slips in front of your eyes. So having a helmet is important for both safety and security.

Whether it’s your first time buying a riding helmet or you’re looking to replace a broken riding helmet, follow these tips and get the right one.

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