What Type Of Fishing Rod For Bass – If you’ve read anything of mine over the years, I hope you’ve picked up on my concerted efforts to avoid product splashes. I think there is a lot of hyperbole these days and I do my best to provide honest and down-to-earth feedback on all the products I test. I typed these two sentences for a very specific reason, because I’m going to brag a little about this stick. With all the products we test each year, it’s fairly rare that I’m legitimately surprised by anything. I guess it’s just the law of averages.

For the past few months I have been testing the St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Spinning Rod and is one of the best spinning rods I have ever laid my hands on. I have had the opportunity to test rods in every possible price range and this particular rod is an absolutely beautiful creation. I know this might make some people roll their eyes, but you can ask my colleagues and fishing friends… I have been raving about this rod since my first time fishing with it.

What Type Of Fishing Rod For Bass

What Type Of Fishing Rod For Bass

Bear with me for a minute or two while I highlight my favorite aspects of this rod. This is one you definitely want to keep an eye on.

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For the stick of St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Spinning Rod is a lot of complicated and extensive design terms and processes. I’ve been thinking for a few minutes about how to go about all this terminology and to be completely honest with you, I don’t want to get lost in it all. While important to some, I think it’s most important to spend your time discussing real-world applications and my experiences with them.

If you want to delve into the technical details, click this link and you’ll learn all about it.

During testing I was incredibly impressed with the balance of this rod. Before I put the reel on it, I immediately told my wife that it was one of the lightest rods I had ever held in my hands; Having tested hundreds of rods in my career, that’s saying something. I was honestly shocked when I first put this stick in my hands.

When I put the reel on it, it remained extremely light and most importantly, beautifully balanced. I have fished a wide variety of baits on this rod such as shaky heads, ned rigs, finesse jerkbaits and weightless worms and have been thoroughly impressed with each use. It is comfortable to fish with all day and you will not notice any unnecessary fatigue after a long day of bass fishing.

Bass Fishing Skipping Rod

I can recall very few rods being this sensitive during my testing. You can feel every movement of your lure and, perhaps most importantly, very subtle changes in bottom composition. When the air pressure gets high and the bass fishing gets tough, this rod has been my go-to choice as it allows me to quickly feel the most subtle bites, giving me time to quickly set the hook and get the bass on the rod. a boat.

If I fish a little deeper, I can easily feel when the mud covered bottom turns into a small bed of clams or even a small hatch. As I’m sure you know, these small irregularities can make a huge difference and hold a lot of bass. If you’re not using a sensitive rod, you’ll likely be fishing over them.

Not only does this multi-colored cork scheme look pretty cool, but it’s also super soft and feels great in your hands. After a few months of hard testing, it seems to resist stains quite well, which can be a problem with lower quality cork handles. I also liked that it doesn’t stain your white t-shirts. This may seem a little strange to some, but if you have a good day of fishing with a lot of hooks, the back end of many low-quality rods with a cork grip will stain your bright shirts and be difficult to get out. I haven’t had that problem with this rod and I don’t expect it to be a problem at all.

What Type Of Fishing Rod For Bass

I am sure that the people of St. Croix understands line guide spacing more than I do, so I won’t pretend to be some kind of smartass about this. But I do know that a lot of spinning rods I’ve tested have line guides that are too close together in my opinion, which has made line management a big problem. On a hard cast, the line would hit the blank, resulting in terrible casting distance, and in many cases, it would wrap around the actual leader, causing terrible line twist after a few hours.

Custom Drop Shot Spinning Rod

St. The Croix Legend Tournament Bass Spinning Rod gave me some very impressive casts in terms of both distance and accuracy. Whether you want to skip a weightless wacky rig under a boat dock or bomb a small jerkbait on a windy day, you’ll see next to zero strike with this rod and excellent distance. All told, this is one of the best spinning rods I’ve tried in my career.

I’ve never been a gear snob because I totally understand what it’s like to fish with inferior gear for bass. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I have done just that for decades. I also understand how hard we all work to support our families, pay our bills, and put gas in our trucks.

If you can spare a little money and buy one of these rods, I’m pretty sure it will stay in your lineup for many years to come. Like I said, I rarely brag about products in front of people and this line of sticks was a very rare exception. I’m afraid it might have spoiled me, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Guys ask me all the time how many rods and reels I have. The short answer is too many. There’s probably an “Anonymous Anglers” group somewhere for guys like me. I want to try the latest bass fishing toys. Even before I did

Try these toys and report on them so you know which toys to play with. I had the nerve to go to a tackle shop and there was a new bass fishing rod that I developed an insatiable appetite for.

Bonafide Boss Bass Fishing Rod

The next question that usually follows after admitting my fetish for featherweight fishing combos is “how many rod and reel combos should I buy?”

Six. Yes, it’s an exact science. Okay, maybe nothing in fishing is exact, but in bass fishing I think the six will get most guys where they need to be in their competitive nature, whether it’s against bass or other bass anglers in their club. Of course, I can have six rods stuffed into Rod Gloves jammed into one rod tube in my Ranger rod cabinet and another 20 jammed into other tubes.

But more often than not, I start piling rods on my deck when I’m not sure what the fish are doing, and I’ve started to realize that in about 90 percent of situations I’ll only pull 4, 5, or 6 rods out. . These are Ozark fishing impoundments in the highlands with clear water, such as Beaver Lake or Table Rock Lake. This was fishing in the Tennessee River such as Guntersville, Kentucky and Pickwick lakes. It was a muddy grass fishery like Lake Dardanelle on the Arkansas River, or a clean grass fishery up north like Champlain in New York.

What Type Of Fishing Rod For Bass

I never seem to use more than about 6 bars when trying to figure out the bass. And almost everything after that is some kind of duplicate or derivative of those six bars.

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So grab your favorite six rods and see how close they come to this bass fishing rod set.

With these six combinations, you can catch bass with different patterns, in different weather conditions, seasons, types of fishing and situations. Basically it gives you a strong mix of contact baits (worm, jig, shaker) and reaction baits (topwater, jerkbait, crankbait and spinnerbaits).

Obviously, after 25 years of tackle shopping, I’ve accumulated a lot of duplicates, which is nice because when I find a bass on the crankbait bite, I can set up four crankbait rods and give them several different looks.

But when you first go bass fishing, you only need one or two specific reaction lures and cycle them around until you figure out what the bass want. Then when you start to find that they are on a certain type of reaction bait or a certain type of contact bait, you can put duplicate rods into play.

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But when I started, six rods served me well for several years. And even now I’ve had several trips where there were four to six rods on board when I was


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